Email Marketing Course – Live One-on-One Training

You want to learn email marketing but you don’t have the time and money to attend courses or workshops?

The internet is flooded with email marketing courses – most of them outdated and expensive.

This online 1-on-1 course teaches all the essentials of email marketing, without you having to go through thousands of pages or spend too much money. Enjoy your learning process, with lectures that are interesting and relevant. Everything you need to know about collecting subscribers for your newsletter and how to use it as a tool for increasing sales is explained in detail, including a few secrets that you won’t find in any other course.

Email Marketing continues to be an effective consumers’ communication tool in digital marketing despite the challenges of deliver-ability, inbox standout, and list member dormancy.

This online email marketing training course is designed to help become a confident email marketing expert, not just Mailchimp no, no. We will teach an advance concept of setting up our own server using Amazon SES for email marketing which is 10x cheaper than MailChimp which most of the institutes are teaching.

You will learn how email marketing works, how to send promotional emails to the mass to advertise products/services and to drive traffic from bulk email marketing & to analyze open rate, engagement rate, and conversion rate, own email marketing server setup, sending through email service providers ESP’s, email laws & policies, etc.


  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Understanding Email Marketing & Business Emails.
  • When Email Marketing is required
  • Types of Email Marketing
  • What is Permission-Based Email Marketing
  • Understanding SIngle Opt-In & Double Opt-in
  • Email Marketing for Communication / Bloggers
  • Email Marketing for Business lead Generation
  • Building Email Database & Verifying Email Data
  • Email Database Management & Segmentation
  • Designing Email Marketing Campaign
  • Types of Email Marketing Campaign
  • Example of Good and Bad Email Marketing
  • Email Campaign Optimization
  • Handling Email Marketing Campaign Response
  • CAN-SPAM Policy & Compliances
  • Email Marketing Landing Page
  • Email Marketing Etiquette
  • Guidelines to avoid 100% Delivery & avoiding Spambox
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Writing Effective Email Subject Lines
  • Working with Email Marketing Service Providers (ESP’s) such as Mailchimp & Aweber
  • Own Email Marketing Server Setup (to send unlimited mails without any restriction)
  • Understanding Email Spam & Blacklisting
  • IP Whitelisting Tools
  • Understanding SPF records, DKIM & DMARC
  • Email Marketing Automation & Best Practice
  • Campaign Metrics & Measurement
  • Email Marketing Report Creation
  • Question-Answer session to re-capture what you learned so far.

This online bulk email marketing course also explains how permission-based email marketing  &  server-based email marketing plays an integral part in digital marketing for driving traffic, nurturing leads, and communicating to your prospect online.


  • Certification: An online certificate from after course completion.
  • Course Outcome: will send bulk email using your own server & ESP’s


  • 7 Days (10 hours theory + practical)


  • Technical: Basic knowledge of Internet, Email & Website Surfing
  • Academic: Not Applicable (anyone can learn)


  • ₹11000/ $150  NOW, AFTER DISCOUNT, ₹6100 / $75 ONLY (for a limited time)

If you are looking for email marketing training online, both affordable, practical course and yet effective to help you, kick-start a rewarding career as an email marketer. Contact for Free DEMO Session  and learning online using Zoom/ Skype/Google meet anytime.

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Email Marketing Training FAQ’s

Email marketing is a method of marketing that can make new goods, promotions, and other resources aware of the consumers on your email list. Email marketing is one of the most common and successful strategies for marketing campaigns when you want to grow your brand or sell your products.

Email marketing can include emails with information about the company, or sales promotions and exclusive subscriber offers. Email marketing is the act of using email to deliver marketing messages, often to a set of individuals.

Q1: Can you have provided any Email Marketing Training reference materials?

Yes, we also provide reference material to all learners who join our Email Marketing training. We provide a set that you can download as a PDF and video so you can access this material from every device

Q2: What are you going to learn during the Email Marketing Training?

Despite the challenges of delivery-ability, inbox standout, and list member dormancy, Email Marketing continues to be an effective consumer communication tool in digital marketing. This email marketing to help you become a positive specialist in email marketing, not just mail chimp no. We would teach an advanced idea of setting up our own email marketing segment using Amazon SES, which is 10 xs cheaper than Mail Chimp, which is educated by most institutes. You can learn how email marketing works, how to deliver promotional emails to the masses to endorse products/services and push traffic from bulk email marketing & test open rate, interaction rate, and conversion rate, set up your own email marketing server, send ESP’s, email laws and policies by email service providers, etc. Some people claim that email marketing is outdated, but they couldn’t be more mistaken. Since shortly after the birth of the Internet, we have used email marketing. Since then it has grown immensely and is now an extremely valuable marketing instrument.

Q3: What is the Email Marketing Training qualification required for learning?

There is no specific knowledge required for learning this Email Marketing training. You will just need to have knowledge of email and internet & website surfing. Anyone can join this Content Marketing training.

Q4: Do you provide Email Marketing Training Certificates?

Yes, we provide an Email Marketing Training certificate after completing this course successfully.

Q5: What is the Email Marketing Training Duration?

You can complete this Email Marketing Training course within 7 days.

Q6: Can I choose an online learning time for Email Marketing Training?

Yes, you can pick your training time if you are free late at night, early in the morning, or during the day. You should take an online lesson while you are working.

Q7: What is the payment method of Email Marketing Training?

For Email Marketing training payments, you can pick any payment form. You can send money directly via bank transfer or you can use payment by credit card, say draught.

Q8: Can I ask questions later and after I finish the Email Marketing training?

Yes, by asking questions during training or after completing training, you can clear up your concerns. After finishing the course, you can contact your instructor via call, SMS or email.