Content Marketing Course – Live One-on-One Training

Not sure where to start in creating a content marketing strategy.

With so many sites giving advice on terms you may not understand and strategies that run counter to your own business goals, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed.

You can get the necessary consulting and training on content marketing basics. Take this course online now and learn how to develop a strategy that develops into a successful marketing campaign for your business.

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and keep the defined audience — and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

In this content marketing training course, You will learn advance content marketing methods to achieve marketing objectives. The course covers content strategies and tactics for different businesses–B2B, B2C, enterprise and for different marketing channels – blog, email, social media, PR, etc., methods to produce engaging content promotion, generating leads/sales and monetization, and measuring results of content marketing course.

Content marketing is an ever-growing market, and companies are looking for skilled writers to create engaging blog and social media content.

The struggle to find talented content writers is real — and the shortage is only getting worse as time goes on.

Our online content marketing course that offers a systematic process to help anyone write high-quality content in just a few hours. With copywriting strategies such as topic selection, persona creation, and crafting strong headlines, this course will teach you everything you need to know about the art of persuasive writing. With CopyBlast, you’ll become a skilled writer in no time.

Content Marketing Course Modules

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Types of Content Marketing?
  • Skills & Tools Required for Content Marketing
  • Brainstorming Content Ideas
  • Different Content & Its Platform
  • Creating Valuable Content
  • What is Content Curation
  • Content Paraphrasing Technique
  • Content Promotion Channels
  • Content Marketing & Challenges
  • How to never run out of Content
  • Understanding Content that Lives alone and Dies alone
  • How Much Content You Need to Write
  • Content Types that don’t sound like Content Marketing
  • Content Writing for Brand Promotion
  • Content Writing for Lead Generation
  • Content Writing for Personal Branding
  • Press Release Writing Etiquette
  • Video Content Creation & Promotion
  • Content & Email Marketing
  • Content & Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding Content that Goes Viral
  • Re-Utilization of Your Content
  • Content Monetization Concept
  • Content Marketing: Tools of the Trade
  • Question-Answer session to re-capture everything you have learned.

Content marketing course online is no longer an option that businesses can avoid. Content Marketing skills and content marketing certification has become a key to building a network, public relations, customer engagement, and driving conversions for the brand/product.


  • Certification: A Certificate after completion of training
  • Outcome:  Can start a career as a content marketer and can market your product or service as a business owner.


  • 7 Days (10 hours theory +  practical)


  • Technical: Basic knowledge of Internet & Website Surfing
  • Academic: Not applicable (anyone can learn)


  • ₹11000 / $150   NOW, AFTER DISCOUNT, ₹6100/ $75 ONLY (for a limited time)

Anyone, keen on learning content marketing can attend this training. The course will be beneficial to digital marketers, content writers, bloggers, social media marketers, public relations officers, brand managers, search marketers. Contact for Free Trial Class schedule and admission online over Skype/Google Hangout.

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Content Marketing Training FAQ

Content marketing is a systematic approach to marketing that emphasizes producing and delivering meaningful, accurate, and consistent content to draw and maintain a specifically identified audience and eventually generate profitable consumer activity.

Content marketing performs by producing insightful and valuable information to readers that offers knowledge and meaning. Content marketing targets new buyers keeps them interested and pushes them forward down the purchase pipeline using websites, eBooks, social media messages, visuals, and videos.

Q1: Can you provide any content marketing training reference materials?

Ans: Yes, all learners attending our Content Marketing training are also provided with reference material. We have a package that can be downloaded as a PDF and video so that from any device you can access this content.

Q2: What are you going to learn during the Content Marketing Training?

In this training course in content marketing, you can master innovative techniques of content marketing to reach marketing targets. The course discusses advertising strategies and strategies for many companies-B2B, B2C, industry, and various marketing channels-blog, web, social media, PR, etc., techniques for generating engaging content promotion, generating leads/sales and monetization, and testing content marketing outcomes. To create coherent strategies, successful content management incorporates many distinct skills. In teams in which they may draw on the skills of many individuals, the best content marketers operate. It can be a struggle to decide what type of content marketing is most important to your audience, but it doesn’t have to be. The thoughts will flow as you take the time to consider your target clients and their desires. In this Content Marketing Training, you will learn how to make unique content and also know how to attract clients with your unique content.

Q3: What is the Content Marketing Training qualification required for learning?

It requires no specific knowledge for learning this Content Marketing training. You will just have to get a knowledge of the internet and website surfing. Anyone can join this Content Marketing training.

Q4: Do you provide Content Marketing Training Certificates?

Yes, we provide a Content Marketing Training certificate after completing this course successfully.

Q4: What is the Content Marketing Training Duration?

You can complete this Content Marketing Training course within 7 days.

Q5: Can I choose an online learning time for Content Marketing Training?

Yes, if you are free late at night, early in the morning, even during the day, you can select your training time. When you are working, take an online lesson.

Q6: What is the payment method of Content Marketing Training?

For Content Marketing training payments, you can pick any payment form. You can send money directly via bank transfer or you can use payment by credit card, say draught.

Q7: Can I ask questions later and after I finish the Content Marketing training?

Yes, by asking questions during training or after completing training, you can clear up your concerns. After finishing the course, you can contact your instructor via Whatsapp, call, SMS, or email.