Advanced Google Searching Course – Live 1-on-1 Online Training

You know how you can find out more about anything on Google? I mean, that is the main reason for its success, right?

Sadly, not everyone knows how to use it proficiently. As a result, many people miss out on precious knowledge that could be useful to them in their life and career.

Google Searching Training is an online course designed to teach business owners and professionals how to research faster and smarter using Google. In just a few minutes a day you’ll learn powerful strategies to boost your results and save time searching.

This Power Searching course introduces participants to the concept of searching, how Google operates, and provides them with the tools , techniques and tactics required to find what they need. Besides learning key strategies to develop search skills, participants understand what searching on Google and other Google products means, and what sorts of items you might find. The course addresses subjects such as:

Chances are, as a search engine user, you know the basics of Google Search. You may even know about some of the more advanced tricks like using Google Advanced Search, but chances are you don’t know about all of them.

You’re missing out on powerful tools that can help you find what you’re looking for and save you valuable time.

We’ll show you the practical guidelines and shortcuts that will allow you to use Google more efficiently and with less hassle.


  • Using color filtering within google image search
  • Choosing effective keywords for your google search
  • How word order and punctuation matters in the google search
  • Finding any text on a web page on the worldwide web
  • Using the information in Knowledge Graph panels, Google Instant results, Auto Suggestions, and Related Searches when they appear on SERP’s
  • Recognizing when Google search result is offering information that suggests a better/additional search
  • Using ‘define’ function to identify the meaning of words
  • How to use dictionary mode to define words that do not appear in traditional dictionaries
  • Understanding options for different media filtration in Google search
  • Refining search results by using different media types like videos and news
  • How to identify an image with search by image (finding people’s information by their photo)
  • Interpreting a search engine results page (SERP)
  • How to use the site: operator to restrict results to a domain, website, or directory
  • Finding different kinds of content efficiently across a variety of sources
  • Describe how various search operators filter results
  • How to use the site: operator within images and news results
  • Using a word you expect to appear on the target page to refine results
  • How to use the filetype: operator to find and download different kinds of documents
  • Combining various operators to refine searches results
  • Removing invasive results from the search result
  • Using quotes to search for a phrase
  • Using OR to include more than one way of expressing an idea of search
  • How to use the intext: operator to ensure the word you want is actually on the page you find in single click
  • Using the Advanced Search user interface when appropriate
  • Finding facts quickly with Shortcuts or Google search features that include weather, time, flight numbers, earthquakes, world capitals, sunrise/sunset times, movies, stock quotes, sports scores, package tracking numbers, medical conditions, and medications
  • Calculating math expressions and conversions from the search box
  • Time and Date Filters to limit results to sources published during a specific time period
  • Translating words, sentences, and pages on the web
  • Searching in any foreign languages using English
  • Verifying the credibility of the information you find on the web
  • How to avoid confirmation bias when conducting Google searches
  • Using books to verify a quote and its author
  • How to find out information about a web site, a company, or almost anything on google
  • Distinguishing between the Google products that indicate credibility and those that do not
  • Combining operators for stronger searches in google
  • Combining methods and approaches to find information efficiently on google
  • Advance search operator command with complex examples to find almost anything.

You can benefit immensely from this course material and begin using Google search like a pro upon completing this course.

Who Can Advance Search Course?

  • Especially for SEO Professional, Freelancer & Bloggers & HR
  • Students or anyone who wants to learn and earn.

Assessment of Search Skills & Certification

  • Certificate: A Certificate from our institute after the course.
  • Course Outcome: You will be able to find web like a pro searcher

Course Duration

  • 7 Days (10 hours theory + practical)


  • Technical: Basic knowledge of Internet & Website Surfing

Course Fee

INR 11000 / USD 150 only    NOW INR 6100 INR / 75$ (for a limited time only)

If you want to become a power internet search to find secrets from the internet  Contact for Free Trial Class Schedule & Admission online over Skype/Google Hangout as per your time availability.

It’s incredibly frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for on Google.

With our Google Advance Searching training, we’ll show you how to master advanced tactics and tools – including those top Google search operators that the Googlers themselves don’t even know about!

Gain visibility into the black box of Google search, and get more traffic by knowing exactly how to find exactly what you’re looking for, every time. If this interests you, continue reading below to learn more.


Q1: What are the steps in using advance search?

There are basically 2 ways you can use google advance search to find what you are looking for. 1. Use Google Search Page Advance Feature 2. Learn and Use Google Advance Search Strings to search faster anything on google.

Q2: What does an advanced Internet search allow you to do?

Most search engines on the internet have advanced search options, which are a set of filters. They assist you find the exact stuff you’re looking for by narrowing the scope of a search query to eliminate extraneous information. Web search engines like Google aren’t the only ones with advanced search filters. But in this course we will go beyong and will teach you a set of formulas and string to find anything you are looking for on google which normal user can not find.

Q3: How many filters are available in Advanced Search?

When using integrated google search page feature, there are 5 fields that allow you to run advance search. There is no upper limit on filter criteria for list views. However if you know the concept and learn the advance searching you can use thousand of different commands and filters for google search. We teach these concepts in this advance googling course.

Q4: Who is this Advance Searching Course for?

This course is for those who want to become expert in google search. People who are in data mining and data extraction in the field of marketing or business or online entrepreneurs.

Q5: How Experienced is our Trainer?

Your Google Advance Search Cours Trainer is having more than a decade of experience in Information Technology and Google search, data mining, data extraction etc.

Q6: How I can Join Google Advance Searching Course?

To join and learn advance google string and techniques. Please fill the contact form or call us on given phone number.

With this advanced course, learning how to use advanced Google search options will be easy and fun. I will teach you all that you need to know about Google search to start your career in SEO. We will utilize a variety of tools including the different types of researches that can provide the results we are looking for. Going into depth about the importance of fast loading pages and how to optimize these pages for traffic distribution is also included in this course so you can learn what it takes to rank higher on Google, even if it takes a little extra work!