Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Practice Test – Shamsher Khan

Welcome Aspirants!

This google Adwords fundamental test is designed to give you feel of an actual Google Adwords Advertising Fundamentals Exam with multiple-choice questions on most topics related to the fundamental of google Adwords program and features.
This test is accordance with Google AdWords syllabus and AdWords learning center upgrades and new features

  • Please take this test seriously as it can help you pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam.
  • Try to finish the test in the limited time period which is (90 minutes)
  • We have added new questions in this test.
  • This test contains multiple-choice questions. (4 options)
  • There can be a question with more than one correct answer.
  • Try to get 80% marks as in actual fundamental it is required to get 80% marks at least.

If you have any queries related to passing Adwords exam or issues using this quiz test than feel free to write to me at: [email protected]