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#4. Lifetime Trainer Support
#5. Globally Recognized Google Certifications


    Become a Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional

    Learn advanced digital marketing strategy & techniques, get certified & enjoy your dream job or skyrocket your business online.

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    Start from the next day of enrollment, Learn 1-to-1 @ Your time-schedule

    Course Duration

    24+ Live  1-to-1 Session,  90 Minutes each Session total 36+ Hours Live Training

    Course Fee

    34,999 INR / 500 USD Only – which you can pay in two installments

    GET 15% DISCOUNT ON THIS COURSE, ONLY PAY ₹29500 / $395 (Valid till 30th November 2021 )

    Professional Digital Marketing Training Modules

    This professional digital marketing online course modules cover the primary pillar of digital marketing and skills required for business marketing online and to get a dream job in the digital marketing industry and using freelancing and affiliate marketing skills you can start your own business online after completion of the course. All modules are updated and trending in the digital marketing field and will be taught practically on live projects.

    Digital Marketing Overview

    In this module, I will discuss what exactly digital marketing is and will be answering all your questions and myth you have regarding digital marketing, future scope, challenges & Opportunity and what are the secret features of digital marketing, why everyone should learn this skill, what are the career opportunities, work from home option and business promotion channels etc
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    Website Design/Wordpress CMS

    A website is a set of related web pages served from a single web domain. One needs to have a website to have an online presence and do online branding. These days when the world of marketing is rapidly getting swathed by digital marketing, you are actually hitting your business if you don’t have an online presence and the first step towards getting an online presence is to get a website.
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    Search Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s natural or un-paid or organic search results. SEO is needed for your website to rank well in the search engine result pages, they help the search engines to figure out what your web page is all about, how it can be useful for users and display it in the results when users search for related keywords.
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    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. It aims at creating a content that attracts attention and encourages users to share it on their social network. social media increases brand awareness for the business and improved customer service.
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    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is actually advertising over the internet wherein advertisers pay the publisher when their ad is clicked by the audience. It is also known as cost per click marketing. Basically, in PPC marketing your ads are shown on other websites and if the user clicks on it the advertiser has to pay for each click.
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    Google Web Analytics

    Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. So, Improve your Analytics skills with my practical training in in-depth google analytics skills to track your website visitor and their behavior in order to improve your website and business.
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    Lead Generation

    In marketing, lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It is actually about creating a system to increase your sales forces productivity and efficiency. It happens to be one of the most significant parts of your marketing venture as it is the process through which you identify your potential customers.
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    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where the affiliates show the ads for the businesses on their own website and get paid if the customers click on their ads and visit the website of the respective business. It is a wonderful and legit way to make money online without your own product or services just by promoting other companies products through your social media or blog you can make a source of income online.
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    E-Commerce Marketing

    E-commerce marketing is the skill, act of increasing relevant traffic & action toward a business that sells its product or service electronically. A successful e-commerce marketer needs to have expertise in Payment Gateway, Shopping Cart, Catalog & Order Management Functionality as well as strategic advertising and optimization.
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    Freelancing / Online Startup

    A freelancer is a self-employed person offering services, usually to multiple clients at a time. Operating as his own boss, a freelancer sets his own service, price, and target market of clientele. So come to learn THE Road MAP of freelancing using digital marketing so that you can become your own boss.
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    DM Strategies, Tools & Worksheets

    You are into the digital marketing world but don’t know how to start? stuck and overwhelmed with a lot of information and skill but don’t have a proper strategy to implement it properly as per your goal. Let’s learn secret tools, worksheets, and strategies from my 8+ years of trial and error.
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    Introduction of Digital Marketing

    What is marketing?
    What is Digital Marketing?
    Advantages of Digital Marketing?
    Understanding the Marketing Process
    Understanding Digital Marketing Process
    Increasing Visibility, What is visibility?, Types of visibility, Examples of visibility
    Ranking, Traffic, and Web Branding Concept
    Inbound and outbound marketing

    Website Designing without Coding (WordPress)

    Get step-by-step training on how to buy your own domain name, web hosting server, and create a fully professional business website using WordPress CMS, and implement your digital marketing.

    Topic Covered Include:

    What is a Website?
    Types of Website & Portals
    Requirements & Cost to Create a Website
    Understanding Domain, Server, HTTPS & Other Technicals
    Purchasing a Hosting Server & Configuring with Domain
    Features, Benefits & Showcase of WordPress
    Installing WordPress Website CMS on Server
    Understanding WordPress Themes & Plugins
    Configuring WordPress Website Settings
    WordPress for Corporate Website Vs Blog (settings)
    Theme Selection and Customization (as per your niche selection)
    Designing Service/Products Pages
    Contact us, About us, & Other Required Pages
    WordPress Photo Gallery & Multimedia Settings
    Understanding Required Legal Pages on a Website
    Chat, Popup, Contact form & Email Subscription
    How to create any kind of Website using WordPress (Tips & Advice)

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The Search Engine Optimisation module examines the various tactics for enhancing your website’s position and ranking with search engines. The module covers the key concepts and terminology used within the field of SEO and equips marketing professionals with the technical know-how, understanding, and insight to build and maintain an effective SEO strategy.

    You will learn about the range of specialist tools that are available to help common search engines find, view, and rate websites. With this in mind, you will learn about on-page optimization techniques and understand the process of effective keyword research and selection.

    At the end of this module, you will be able to monitor and manage your SEO activity by setting a baseline and regularly measuring activity against expectations. You will also be aware of data protection and privacy issues associated with SEO.

    Topics covered include:

    Key SEO Concepts
    Search Results & Positioning
    Benefits of Search Position
    Stakeholders in Search
    Mechanics of Search
    On-Page Optimisation
    The SEO Process
    Customer Insights
    Analysis & Review
    Keyword Research & Selection
    Content Updates & Layout
    Meta Tags
    SEO Site Map
    SEO Google Search Console
    Off-Page Optimisation
    Inbound Links & Link Building
    Laws & Guidelines

    Social Media Marketing (SMO/SMM)

    The first Social Media Marketing module enables you to effectively engage with customers across a diverse range of social media platforms. You will appreciate the emerging trends in the social media space and the opportunity afforded by the ‘always connected’ social consumer. You will recognize the suitability of different social platforms for your aims and objectives, and appreciate the challenges of social media.

    You will be able to select and prioritize different goals for your organization, your customers, and your products and services, as well as recognize the different social media communication styles that apply to different audiences and you will be able to configure social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google +, as well as learning about the newly emergent social platforms.   Learn how to set suitable goals for your chosen social media platforms, and create and manage your campaigns to budget and schedule.

    You will be able to accurately measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns using analytics, and be able to evaluate information about budgetary spending against baseline expectations.

    Topics covered include:

    Key Concepts

    Social Media Goals

    Setting Goals and Priorities

    Setting up Social Brand Presence

    Facebook Business Page

    Twitter Business Account

    Linkedin Company Pages

    Instagram Business Profile

    Youtube Brand Channel

    Username Strategies & Guidelines

    Available Features of All Major Platforms

    Implementing Social Media

    Social Listening

    Content Planning

    Scheduling Tools

    Facebook Paid Advertisement

    Linkedin Advertising

    Twitter Advertising

    Instagram Sponsored Ad

    Youtube Advertisement

    Understanding Engagement

    Increasing Likes & Followers

    Etiquettes, Laws & Guidelines

    Google Adwords (Pay Click Click)

    The Pay Per Click module demonstrates how to implement and manage search advertising campaigns. Lectures will cover the key concepts and terminology used within the field of PPC and will equip you with the technical understanding and skills to build and maintain an effective PPC strategy.

    You will be able to analyze current Search Marketing activity and target your campaign to key audience groups in order to enhance and improve click-through rates. You will recognize the features of strong ad copy, and develop your skills in writing compelling ads.

    Learn how to set and manage budgets for Adwords campaigns, and measure and analyze their effectiveness by exporting detailed campaign management reports in order to see how they align with established baseline expectations. You will also be aware of relevant data protection and privacy issues associated with PPC.

    Topic Covered Include:

    Key PPC Concepts
    Advantage of Pay Pay Click Ads
    Keyword Research
    Google PPC Program
    Research Tools
    Search Campaign Process
    Keyword Selection
    Ad Copy Writing
    Targeting Budgets
    Display Networks
    Ad Center
    Campaign Management
    Conversion Tracking
    Conversion Metrics
    Law & Guidelines

    Google Analytics / Web Analytics

    The Analytics module enables you to fully measure, monitor, and optimize your Digital Marketing activities.

    You will learn how to build an online reporting structure for your business, and learn about the range of specialist tools that are available to help you understand how to measure and monitor online traffic.

    You will understand the rationale and business benefits of adopting a formal analytics program, and learn how to set up accounts, profiles and permissions to apply analytics tracking across your websites.

    Discover how to align business KPIs with your analytics goal configuration, and utilize the features of Google Analytics to develop a detailed profile of your target audience’s location, demographics, technology, devices, interests, and more.

    Learn how to assess the effectiveness of your website’s technical performance and download speed, and how to measure levels of user engagement and conversion by tracking activities such as downloads, video views, purchases, and registrations, etc.

    Create and schedule customized reports and explore the real-time and intelligence reporting capabilities of Google Analytics. As with the other modules, you will also be aware of data protection and privacy issues associated with website analytics.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key Analytics Concepts
    • Goal Set-up
    • Account Set-up
    • Analytics Code
    • Analytics Profiles
    • Goal Configuration & Funnels
    • Audience
    • Dashboard
    • Technology
    • Advertising
    • Adwords Campaign
    • Traffic Sources
    • Scheduling & Delivery
    • Bounce Rate
    • Site Speed
    • Site Search
    • Events
    • Conversions
    • eCommerce
    • Reporting
    • Real-Time Reporting
    • Intelligence Reporting
    • Customized Reporting
    • Laws & Guidelines

    Lead Generation for Business

    The lead generation business is booming online right now. At its core, all a lead gen business does is generate leads for a specific business or company. These businesses may be anything from an international college or vocational school to your local chiropractor or dentist.

    Course Module Includes:

    • What is Lead Generation?
    • Lead Generation Plan & Strategy
    • Different Source of Lead Generation Analysis
    • Why Your Website is Not Generating Leads (Analysis)
    • Effective Copywriting to Increase Leads
    • Effective Landing Page Strategy
    • Creating Effective Lead Generation Campaigns
    • Free & Paid Lead Generation Campaigns Sources
    • Tools, Plugins & Landing Page Creation Tools
    • Lead Funnel & Lead Warm-Up Process
    • Leads & Contact List Management
    • Client Relationship Management Softwares
    • Webhooks & Connectors to stop Leads Leakage
    • Lead Generation & Management Automation
    • Strategy, Worksheet & Checklist for Lead Generation
    • Question-Answer to recapture everything you have learned

    Affiliate Marketing

    An affiliate marketing program is by far one of the best advertising tools available because it provides incentives for both the affiliate and the merchant. Each method has to be planned and executed in an integrated manner to achieve your strategic goals. With this vision, Affiliate marketing has grown greatly over the last couple of years because more and more webmasters are beginning to realize it is the most efficient way to handle your online advertising. It is extremely flexible and provides numerous benefits that you won’t get with any other ad program.

    Course Module covers:

    • What is Affiliate Marketing
    • Sources to Make Money Online
    • Why Affiliate is Evergreen Option
    • Requirements to Become an Affiliate Marketer
    • Affiliate Program Selection (niche selection)
    • Applying or an Affiliate Program
    • Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion
    • Payment & Payouts Settings
    • CPC, CPA, CPI & Other Metrics
    • Promoting Affiliate Products
    • SEO Strategies for Affiliates
    • Blogging for Affiliate Promotion
    • Different ways to Monetize Your Affiliate SIte
    • Affiliate Marketing Extensions & Plugins
    • Performance Metrics Analyzation
    • Affiliate Marketing Networks
    • Affiliate Marketing Tools of the Trade
    • Question – Answer to clear doubt and recapture everything

    eCommerce Website & Payment Gateway

    Course Module Includes:

    • What is eCommerce?
    • eCommerce Plan & Requirements
    • Creating an eCommerce Website (Using WP)
    • eCommerce Website Settings (product & delivery etc)
    • eCommerce Themes, Plugins & CMS’s
    • Product, Category & Product Details Creation
    • Adding/Uploading Products on Website
    • eCommerce Website Promotion strategy
    • SEO for eCommerce Website
    • Products  Remarketing, Cross Up/Down Selling
    • Understanding Coupon System
    • Product Review System (on your store)
    • Payment Gateway or eCommerce Site
    • Indian  Payment Gateway Vs Global Payment Gateway
    • Payment Gateway Integration (Paypal / Payumoney)
    • https:// Security for eCommerce Website
    • Must have Extensions & Plugins
    • eCommerce Website Management Tools
    • Question-Answer to answer your doubts & recapture everything learned.

    Freelancing / Online Startup

    Course Module Includes:

    • What is Freelancing / Freelancer?
    • Required Skill & Tools to Start Freelancing
    • Creating Authority as Freelancer
    • Finding & Managing Clients
    • Potential Leads Generation
    • Bidding from Freelance Marketplaces
    • Business Proposal, Invoice & other Templates
    • Marketing Strategy for Freelancer
    • Building a Virtual Team
    • Tools & Worksheet to be Ahead
    • Scaling Your Freelance Business to Startup
    • Legal Docs, Types of Company & Expenses Required
    • (We will share a custom strategy on how you can start as a blogger>freelancer> startup without money)
    • Question-Answer session to clear doubts and re-capture everything.

    Tools & Strategies

    Course Module Includes:

    • Defining the digital marketing strategy
    • An Overview of the digital marketing strategy process
    • Analyze your current situation and resources
    • Understanding your customers and the market
    • Your company, you, customer, and the landscape
    • Tools to perform competitor and trends analysis
    • Overview of SWOT analysis for your business
    • Understanding elements that support the digital marketing action plan
    • Psychology and neuromarketing tactics to outperform your competitors
    • How to increase the conversion rate of any of your marketing activity
    • Tools, checklist, worksheets, scheduler, and automation to manage digital marketing like a pro
    • Creating a custom S-M-A-R-T digital marketing strategy plan as your goal
    • Detailing into the pillars, people, process, and technology
    • Productivity tools, hack, and strategy for busy people & work-life balance
    • I will share ebooks, tools, worksheets, and custom strategies I have been using.

    Certifications & Lifetime Support over Calls/Chat/Emails

    “Transparency Builds Trust”


    Years of Exp. Trainer


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    Months Duration


    Monday, Wednesday, Friday7:00 – 8:30 IST19:00 – 20:30
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday7:00 – 08:30 IST21:00 – 22:30
    Weekend11:00 – 14:0014:00 – 17:00


    Assessment of Your Skills & Certification


    The most lingering thing right now in your mind would be how the training will be carried out. Well, to answer this question is as simple as it can be that the training would be conducted online through Google meet / Zoom / Skype.

    • INR 34,999/-  $500.00 ONLY
    • Instructor-Led 1-to-1 Training
    • 1.5 hour 3 Days in a Week
    • 2 Months Total Duration (36+ Hrs)
    • Live Training Sessions @ your Schedule


    The most important benefit of having this training is that you will get globally recognized 5 Google & 1 Hubspot certificates from us (Guaranteed) which can mention in your resume or display at your business space. 

    • 1 Certificate from (Our Institute)
    • 4 Google Adwords (Guaranteed)
    • 1 Google Analytics (Guaranteed)
    • Internship Certificate if required
    • Project-Based Practical Training with lifetime trainer support


    The most important skill of the 21st century is a digital marketing and online business which you are going to learn in this 1-to-1 mentorship kind of training program and after this confidently you can work for any MNC as a digital marketing manager or can start and your own business online.

    • Create/Manage Website & Blog
    • You can Generate Leads/Sales
    • Start Earning Money Online
    • Create Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Start Freelancing/Online Business


    Professional digital marketing training with google certifications online



    Live Instructor-Led Sessions

    I believe in providing my students with the Best interactive experience as part of their learning

    8+ Years Expert Trainer

    I Constantly evaluate and my training methodology matches the industry trends and changes & deliver the best.


    Flexible Schedule

    Do not hesitate to ask… because I’m available according to your time schedule (late evening / early morning)

    Industry-Specific Scenarios

    Students are provided with all the Real-Time and Relevant Scenarios & real projects to work on.

    Session Recording

    Online training sessions are held Live and I record each training session and share it with you on Google drive.


    24/7 Trainer Support

    No [email protected] at all…!!! Your Question will be answered by me at any Hour of the time





    Excellent trainer and very helpful

    Aastha Dixit

    Shamsher is very helpful and supportive, he made the entire online learning experience extremely easy with the help of live examples and case studies. Really grateful; I highly recommend him 🙂


    The best teacher who always provide useful information with regular updates.Best Digital marketing trainer and consultant.

    Aditi Guleria

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    The strongest point of learning this course from me is that I have been in this training industry for the past 8+ years and have successfully shared my knowledge with a lot of people till now and worked for various institutions and digital agencies.

    Moreover, I can provide lifetime support, i. e. I can guide you at any point of time if you get stuck even after the training is completed, I will try to help you as much as I can through the knowledge and procedures to carry out. 



    Is there any registration fees?

    No, there is no registration fees or extra fee, it is just the course fees that you have to deposit.

    How the payment would be done?

    The payment can be made through PayPal/Credit/Debit Card & Wire Transfer/Phonepe/Googlepay/Paytm/Netbanking

    When will the payment be made?

    The payment has to be made before the starting of the course and in installment if applicable

    What does led instructor training mean?

    Means it is an online face to face training over Google meet / Skype or Zoom

    Do you provide certificates?

    Yes, In this course you will get 5 certification 4 from Google, 1 from Hubspot Academy and one more certificate from us

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