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Online Digital Marketing Course Dhaka

Digital marketing is the process of applying strategies that are helpful in advertising the products or any business online or through some digital media. Traditionally, the method of advertising was only offline, i.e. through newspapers, TV ads or radio ads. But nowadays people spend more time on the net rather than the offline modes so it becomes quite easier to stay close to people online.


Why Digital Marketing skill is important?

The businessmen or the product sellers would definitely be searching for their potential customers everywhere they can find. But do you know that the fastest way to reach them is none other than the internet or any medium online? That’s what you call marketing digitally and hence it becomes really important for businessmen.


What are the channels for Digital Marketing?

Once you are familiar with what is digital marketing and how it is important to you, let us now see how you can digitize your marketing skills, i.e. the medium or the channels available for you to advertise online. Some of them are discussed below:


1.Website creation and management

To start with digital marketing, this is the most convenient way in which a website is created and maintained of the product you want to digitize and then host it on the server. This needs a website designer to be hired to maintain your product.

2.Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The way to attract more people to visit our site is only by optimizing it properly so that it ranks first in the list of google search results. The process of optimization of a website so that it can be crawled by google web crawler more frequently, is what you call search engine optimization. 

3.Pay per Click (PPC) 

This is the process by which you can earn money in no time. You need to pay for the ads about your product at a particular place for which you need to pay and then whenever any person clicks on your ad, you get the money. This should also be kept in mind that that the content on the site should be related to the ad. 

4. Social Media Marketing 

This is a way by which you can use your marketing skills to advertise your products on social media sites where people nowadays spend more time than anywhere else. 

5. Online Reputation Management(ORM)/Branding 

To improve the value of your product, you must be wondering of ways that can help. Well this is the way in which you can enhance the reputation even if the reviews are not satisfactory on the social media. 

6. Web Analytics 

To gain insights of all the web traffic that is attracted to your website, the potential customers that are interested in buying the product you provide etc. can be measured through this method which will definitely increase the views or visits on your website. 

7. Affiliate marketing 

To expand your advertisement to a wider horizon, this is the most effective way. The people who want to earn with you, get connected with you and they just need to promote your product and every time a product is sold, they earn their margin. 

8. Freelancing 

If you are not associated with any organization, you can still start your business as a digital marketer as an individual where you can do either through some affiliates or by yourself promoting your business online. 

9. Business Blogging 

The mixture of having a writing skill and to be able to advertise your product through it, that it what is called as blogging for business. You can use your writing skills to enhance your business product advertisement. 

10. E-Commerce and Payment Gateways 

Online shopping is now trending and people would love to buy your product on a click and purchase through online transactions rather than visit a local vendor. 


Training Mode – Online

Now since you are familiar with every module, you must be thinking that how the training would be carried out. 

Well the training mode would be online through Skype in which you will have the feel of a classroom training as it would be constructor led and you can ask your doubts live. 

You just need to have a Skype account to go through. 

Course Duration 

3 Months course on skype

Course Fees

35000 Bangladesh Taka

Training outcome

The result of the course is that you will get a certificate and an overall idea on how to start your career as a digital marketer. 

Why you should learn online? 

  1. Everything is easy when it comes to your hand and at a single click. This is what it provides online with the feels of an original classroom without physically having to go there. 
  2. Even if you are a working person, you can learn it anytime at your wish. 
  3. Together with having the training anytime, you can have it anywhere too. 
  4. Your presence is what it requires together with your comfort. 
  5. If you learn online, the problem of being located at a distant place is resolved, i.e. geography doesn’t bother you anymore. 
  6. Questions, doubts, notes are easy to be given online. 

Why you should learn from me? 

The benefit of having this online training from me is that I have been in this online instructor-led training for quite a few years now with a lot of success stories. Moreover, I am ready to provide you the support even after the training is completed. 



  1. Is there fees for Registration?  

No, only the fees for the course applies. 


  1. The procedure for payment would be? 

         It can be done through PayPal. 


  1. When I need to pay? 

        Before the starting of the course


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