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Lead Generation Training Course

Generating leads through digital marketing is essential in moving the sales process forward and helping your organization profit. Learning professional skills and techniques to generate high-quality sales leads online is the best investment you can make in your business. A strong lead generation process begins with generating interest in the services and products you and your organization offer.

Lead generation is a huge task for any company. Marketing strategies have to be planned carefully, budgets have to be managed, and the phone needs to be ringing off the hook.

Without an effective strategy in place, it’s difficult to close deals and grow your customer base fast enough. You can’t keep up with the demand of customers who are bombarding you with email enquiries, but you want to serve each customer one-by-one.

I will guide you through a process of generating leads using proven techniques that are guaranteed to make your phone start ringing. I teach you how to identify the perfect customers for your business, how to follow

This online lead generation training course is designed to help you will learn how experts generate leads for b2c and b2b  and local businesses and why your website is not generating leads and sales and how to generate more leads and sales using various lead generation concepts, tools and techniques online.


  • Research techniques to assist in designing your lead generation plan
  • Ways to turn your website into a self-sufficient lead generator machine
  • Social Networking Marketing Strategies for Leads
  • Advertising and promotions that will lure buyers
  • Other Paid & Free Advertising to Generate Leads
  • How to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) for Leads
  • Creating Effective Lead Generation Landing Page
  • Content Strategy for Lead Capturing Pages
  • Themes & Template for Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Plugins & Extensions
  • Lead Generation Funnel Creation
  • Lead Nurturing Techniques
  • Leads Management Softwares
  • Lead Generation Process Automation
  • Understanding Lead Generation Focus Campaigns
  • Tools of The Trade – Everything You Need to Generate Leads
  • Expert Advice & Checklist: (for affordable lead generation techniques)
  • Question-Answer Session to re-capture everything you have learned

If you are a Sales and marketing professional, business owner, or freelancer and interested in learning how to generate global or local leads and minimize lead cost then, this online lead generation course is for you. I promise you will get benefit from this online lead generation training.

Stop thinking your website and online advertisement campaign alone is enough to generate quality leads there are various methods, tools, and processes that work together to generate leads online.


  • Certificate: A certificate after course completion
  • Outcome: will be able to implement various techniques to generate more leads than ever before.


  • 1 Week (7 hours theory + practical)


  • Technical: Basic knowledge of  Computer & Internet Surfing
  • Academic: Not applicable (anyone can learn)


  • ₹7500 / $100   NOW, AFTER 10% DISCOUNT, ₹6000/ $80 ONLY (for a limited time)

If you are looking for a lead generation training course online, you can join this affordable and yet effective online 1 to 1 training course to generate leads for any business that will help you generate more leads for your business OR kick-start a rewarding career as a lead generation expert. Contact for start with a free demo session, Schedule & Admission online.


Lead generation is the way of expressing your prospective consumers through a software framework for contact management or promotion in the hope of cultivating them during the shopping process to better persuade them of the deals and eventually turn them into a paying client.

Lead generation is broken down into sets of marketing tactics that correlate to the phases of the path of shoppers, beginning with traffic generation, then turning visitors into leads, and ultimately turning those leads into consumers. For a long time, lead generation has been around, but techniques have evolved from merely identifying a buyer early on in their sales process to sending their way to the sales team. The self-directed consumer is saturated with data, so discovering new innovative ways to break through the static and meet prospective customers is crucial. Marketers must focus on getting identified and establishing partnerships with their customers instead of finding clients through mass advertisements and email blasts.

You raise brand awareness, create partnerships, produce professional leads, and eventually close deals when you adopt a lead generation program. The more quality that leads you to steer your sales force, the more sales will come from those leads. In doing so, by producing real outcomes and proving yourself to be a valued member of the revenue team, you help your business expand, while also increasing the integrity of your marketing department.

  • Can you have any reference resources for Lead Generation Training?

Yes, we also provide all learners who attend our Lead Generation training with reference content. We have a package that can be downloaded as a PDF and a video so that from any platform you can access this content.

  • Why is it important for a business to Lead Generation?

Lead generation enables investors to keep in touch with their audience, create market recognition, and build a pool of opportunities and future buyers, in addition to ensuring a steady stream of new sales and beating the competition. It also helps to figure out the business environment, which can add benefit to both the customer and the organization when managed properly.

  • What is the essential to making a Lead Generation?

This may be a delightful development to some organizations, but the trick to effective lead generation is not to supply the same individuals with pushy sales appeals over and over again. It’s about creating value with a customer-focused approach to the customers, rather than a sales-focused approach. You need to talk about your customers and their needs above all else when it comes to designing your lead generation strategy. You would not have a great deal of growth if your strategy is built to accommodate yourself more than your prospects.

  • Is Lead Generation a Sales or Marketing aspect?

Instead of being one or the other, a part of all sales and marketing is lead generation. While most leads are created by a marketing firm, they are generated to help increase revenue and improve business opportunities. Unfortunately, there can be mild conflict and friction between the sales and marketing departments within an organization in some cases. This may be attributed to a crossover between positions and duties, a loss of coordination, a lack of tactics, or unaligned methods.

  • What is the Lead Generation Training qualification required for learning?

There is no specific knowledge required for learning this Lead Generation training. You will just have to have knowledge of email and internet & website surfing. Anyone can join this Lead Generation training.

  • What is the Lead Generation Training Duration?

You can complete this Lead Generation Training course within 7 days.

  • What is the payment method of Lead Generation Training?

For Lead Generation training payments, you can pick any payment form. You can send money directly via bank transfer or you can use payment by credit card.

Need to get more leads? Want to learn how to generate more qualified leads? We have the training course for you. Learn how to drive traffic, how to develop a marketing system, and all about lead capture.

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