Freelancing Course - Learn how to successfully start as a freelancer.
freelancing course online

Freelancing Course – Live One-on-One Training

Want to start freelancing? Unsure if you have what it takes to succeed as a freelancer?

It’s not easy. Plenty of other people want your services. And there is always someone willing to work for less. But, it’s possible! Freelance business training course is here to help.

Learn more about the things you need to consider before taking the leap into freelance business – and how you can overcome some of the biggest challenges that freelancers face.

A freelance online course is a technologically advanced way to learn new online business skills. You have a course syllabus which will help you live a life you always wanted free from 9-5 jobs.

You’re not sure how to find freelance work, manage your time, or learn new skills.

Learn the skills you need to start a successful freelancing career from the comfort of your own home with a freelancing course online!

This course will teach you everything you need to know and learn to become a successful freelancer! From finding clients and managing your time, to learning new skills and strategies for success, the freelancing course online will help you become a professional freelancer.


  • Freelancing Essentials
  • What are the best Freelancing Niches
  • How to Acquire the Right Skills
  • The Best Sites for Freelance Jobs
  • How to Craft a Winning Proposal
  • How to Set your Rates
  • How to Manage your Projects, Time and health
  • How to Build a Great reputation as a Freelancer
  • Your Freelancing website setup
  • Social Media Presence for Freelancer
  • Challenges Freelancers Face
  • Beyond the Job Sites
  • How to get Repeat Business as a Freelance
  • How to Build your own Agency


    • Certificate:  A certificate of freelancing course completion.
    • Course Outcome: will be able to analyze and improve website performance.

    • 7 Week (7 hours theory  + practical)

    • Technical: Basic knowledge of Internet, Email & Website Surfing
    • Academic: anyone can learn the freelancing skills you need.


    • ₹11000/ $150  NOW, AFTER DISCOUNT, ₹7500 / $100 ONLY (for a limited time)

    Learn freelancing and live a life of your choice free from 9-5 jobs. Contact Us to learn and Earn money, momentum and freedom living a laptop lifestyle.

    Start Your Dream Freelancing Career, Call: 918447183364


What is freelancing and how does it work?

In a freelance position, the employee works for themselves directly as opposed to an employer. While taking on contract employment for several businesses, freelancers are eventually regarded as self-employed. Most of the time, the businesses that hire freelancers view them as independent contractors rather than employees.

What skills can I freelance or what are the most in-demand skills for freelancing?

Marketing/ Digital Marketing Web Design Graphic Design Content Writing Blockchain Photographer Accountant Consultant

How do you become a successful freelancer?

Step 1: At first decide whether you really want to be a freelancer or not, Step 2: Find a freelance platform where you can showcase your talent, Step 3: Build a stunning profile on freelance marketplaces, Step 4: Build portfolio for different industries, Step 5: Calculate and determine your price. Step 6: Build a strong brand as a freelancer. Step 7: Find work, and focus on the client/buyer relationships.

How much do freelancers charge per hour?

Divide the desired income by the number of hours worked annually to arrive at an hourly rate, which is a common method: 40 hours/week × 52 weeks/year = 2,080 hours. If your desired yearly salary is $65,000 then your hourly rate would be: Desired salary: $65,400 ÷ 2,080 hours = roughly $30 per hour. So, you can calculate your hourly rate using this formula!

Do you provide support after completing a course?

Yes, We provide support through our Private Facebook Group, Chat and Email.

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