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Domaining Course – Make Money Online Selling Domain Names

“Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity is ever known to man”



Are you passionate about names? You can make a living out of it! What are Domain Names? Domain Names are web addresses like, etc

Why are Domain Names valuable? Domain Names are an untapped goldmine in Cyber Space

Join First-ever classroom program for IT Professional/Computer Engineer /Digital Marketer

Domain Name Investment Course

Learn the art of making money by dealing in domain names, A scientifically designed innovative course under Digital Marketing.
We all know about various aspects of Digital Marketing: SEO, Website & App development, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, FB-Youtube-Instagram-Twitter Marketing, etc. But one sub-niche which has yet been unexplored is Domain Names and the ways of making money from these!
The very first time, an all-new course on Domain Name Investment, popularly called Domaining has been designed. Join the course and & unleash the power of domain names to your profit! Remember, early movers always have the advantage.

Domain Course Modules (Syllabus)

Module: Getting Started with Domaining

  1. Welcome
  2. What to expect
  3. How to Use this Course
  4. Meet your instructor
  5. Acknowledgments

Module 2: Intro to Domain Names

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. History of domain names
  3. ICANN
  4. DNS
  5. Registry/Registrar/Registrant who is
  6. Transfer Process
  7. The value of a Brand
  8. Demand and Supply
  9. Domain Life Cycle
  10. Websites Vs Domains

Module 3: Keywords

  1. What is a keyword?
  2. Generic keywords
  3. Exact-Match keywords
  4. Brandable keywords
  5. Acronyms
  6. Numerics
  7. Alphanumerics
  8. Test/Quiz

Module 4: Valuation Metrics

  1. Intro to valuation metric
  2. Top Level Domains (TLDs)
  4. Keyword type
  5. Radio test and spelling
  6. Word and character count
  7. Prepending and appending
  8. Plural vs Singular
  9. Tenses
  10. Word placement
  11. Hyphens
  12. Hacks
  13. Brand ability
  14. Domain age
  15. Usage limitations
  16. Highest and best use
  17. Comparable sales
  18. Google trends
  19. Search Volume (SV)
  20. Cost per Click (CPC)
  21. Test/Quiz

Module 5: Valuation Tools

  1. Intro to valuation tools
  2. Google keyword planner
  3. Using different valuation tools
  4. DN Journal
  5. Checking for possible trademark infringements 
  6. Trademark 247
  7. USPTO
  8. Domain IQ
  9. Domain tools
  10. Pagerank/Google ban
  11. Wayback machine
  12. Zoominfo
  13. Other tools
  14. Test/Quiz

Module 6: Tutorial Valuations

  1. Guided valuations intro
  2. Keyword guided valuation
  3. Acronym guided valuation
  4. Numeric guided valuation
  5. New GLTD guided valuation
  6. Valuation Test/Quiz

Module 7: Buying Domain Names

  1. Preparing to invest
  2. Choosing a strategy
  3. Diving deeper: 
  4. Setting a budget
  5. Asset allocation
  6. Creating a buyer’s profile
  7. Tracking your portfolio
  8. Lifecycle buying
  9. Active buying negotiations
  10. Marketplace buying
  11. Deciding the right buying price
  12. End-user buying
  13. Dropped Domains
  14. Backorders
  15. Paying for the domain
  16. Escrow payments
  17. Test/Quiz

Module 8: Selling Domain Names

  1. Creating a seller’s profile
  2. Pitching 
  3. Setting realistic pricing
  4. Types of selling- BID/BIN/Make Offers
  5. Where to sell (using concepts and tools)
  6. Generating sale leads
  7. Passive selling and negotiations
  8. Outbound marketing- Identifying potential buyers
  9. Selling platforms
  10. Test/Quiz


  1. IDN domains
  2. Emoji domains
  3. Puny code
  4. How to select good IDN/Emoji domains
  5. How to buy IDN/Emoji domains at the right price
  6. Where to sell IDN/Emoji domains at a decent price
  7. CHIPS: Revolution in the domain industry- A closer look
  8. Pre-purchase market research
  9. New TLDs: current trends and future
  10. New TLDs: which TLDs are better and investing wisely
  11. Putting your best foot forward: Identifying your area of strength and investing accordingly
  12. Don’t put your all eggs in a single basket: Why it is necessary to make your portfolio diversified
  13. Keeping your registrar and associated email accounts secure: Necessary things to know
  14. Managing your domains and login credentials efficiently: Use of different tools
  15. How to identify fraudsters: Safeguard against prank calls messages and emails
  16. Domainers’ forums: How to get benefitted from these
  17. Setting a threshold on your buying spree: Equilibrium between buying and selling
  18. Deciding when to hold or let go a particular domain
  19. Some other useful tools
  20. Associated benefits of Domain Name Investment
  21. Expired domains- An overview

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