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Amazon Selling Course

New to selling on Amazon? Looking for ways to expand your business on Amazon?

Ready to get serious about being a profitable Amazon seller?

Amazon Selling Course is brought to you by a professional more than 6 years experience on selling on amazon.

Amazon Selling Course is a first of its kind entrepreneurship program launched by Amazon, which is aimed at providing business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. This program provides an opportunity to earn money with no limits by launching new sellers and helping existing sellers selling on Amazon.

Many businesses of all kinds and sizes struggle with the problem of their online store not seeing any sales or growth because they don’t know how to sell on biggest platform amazon.

This is a huge problem for businesses of all kinds and sizes, and can feel like a sinkhole: it’s simply hard to keep up.


Introduction to ATES
ATES Payout and Induction
ATES Seller Services
Support from Amazon India
Seller Launch Techniques
ATES Profile
ATES – seller acquisition process
Selling on Amazon – Process involved
Selling on Amazon registration process
Types of Shipping
Shipping Settings
Seller Launch Criteria and Mandates
Understanding Product IDs and Barcodes
Amazon Fees to the Sellers
Listing products
Product Listing Basics
If products are already on Amazon -Add a product feature (1×1 upload)
If the products are not on Amazon—Add a product via upload feature—Category-specific flat files
Flat file template -Clothing flat file for a sweater (Small and medium child variations)
Understanding Flat Files
Custom Template
How to upload images using Photobucket?
Creating Parent and Child Variations
Save and Uploading the Flat File
Quality Checks & Sanity Checks
UPC Exemption
Amazon Brand Registry
Updating Price and Quantity
Update Price and Quantity
Price and Quantity single change (using Manage Inventory direct price/quantity change)
Managing seller account
Order Management
Order FAQs
Manage Returns & Refunds
Understanding A to Z Guarantee Claims
A to Z Guarantee FAQs
Understanding Seller Performance
Understanding Seller Suspension
Seller Reinstatement
Handling negative customer feedback
Price and Quantity 1×1 change using Manage Inventory
Bulk update of Price and Quantity using Price and Quantity file
Performance Metrics
Brand Registry Document


  1. The participants would learn about the E-Commerce industry.
  2. Learn the AMAZON Marketplace platform to support existing retailers and onboarding new offline retailers.
  3. Become Independent E-commerce Entrepreneur.


  1. Anyone who wants to become entrepreneurs by launching and servicing retailers
  2. Individuals who want to become entrepreneurs by selling products online
  3. Those who already have an offline retail business and want to sell online


The program offers the following benefits to the learner:
1. Start earning immediately through self-employment by supporting  retailers on and onboarding new offline retailers
2. Being part of the exponentially growing e-commerce industry with immense potential
3. Opportunity to open business for prospective sellers and existing retailers by starting their sales on


  • 7 Days (7 hours theory + practical)


  • INR 11000/ 150USD After Discount, INR 7500/ 100$ ONLY (for a limited time)

If you want to speak to our trainer and start a demo session to understand this course properly before taking admission, please drop us your contact details and we will get back to you ASAP!

Not knowing where to start when it comes to selling on Amazon.

Missing out on millions of dollars in potential sales just because you don’t know how to sell on amazon?

Sign up for courses on Amazon and learn from our experienced instructors.


What is the duration of training?

10 Hours live training program in which we cover 7 days through practical task assignment on amazon seller account.

Is Selling on Amazon Free?

NO, Amazon charge a certain commision from seller for each sale happens on amazon.

Who will be training me?

An Amazon Certified Trainer.

Who can learn to sell on amazon?

Anyone who is having some kind of product and want to sell online can learn.

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