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    Learn advanced digital marketing strategy & techniques, get certified & enjoy your dream job or skyrocket your business online.

    Training Starts

    Starts from the Next day of your enrollment @ Your time-schedule

    Course Duration

    36+ Live Session,  90 Minutes each Session total 54+ Hours  Online Training

    Course Fee

    INR 90,000/-  (1150$) Only  which you can pay in two installment

    GET 20% DISCOUNT, ONLY PAY ₹75,000 / $950 (Valid for a limited time only)


    Digital Marketing Overview

    In this module, We will discuss what exactly digital marketing is and will answer all your questions and myth about digital marketing, future scope, challenges, opportunities and what are the secret benefits of digital marketing skills and why everyone should learn this skill to get ahead in business and career.
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    Website Design/Wordpress CMS

    Learn WordPress website designing/CMS course to create your own business website. This course is designed for beginners, Non-technical persons and professionals who could use shortcut way to build website with WordPress.
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    Search Optimization (SEO)

    Organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) refers to the methods used to obtain a high placement (or ranking) on a search engine results page in unpaid, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine.
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    Social Media Marketing / Advertisement

    Social media platforms have created many new forms of advertising: from Facebook to Twitter and YouTube to LinkedIn.. in my social media advertising course, I take a hand-on, practical approach, explaining the platforms and testing the paid advertising options for your organization.
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    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. PPC can be used globally or locally for business leads.
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    Professional Blogging

    In this module, I want you to walk through the process of how to make money blogging. It’s perfect for those who already have a blog but if you don’t, I recommend you to start your own blog and learn how to earn.
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    Google Adsense

    AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.
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    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. So, Improve your Analytics skills with my practical training in in-depth google analytics skills.
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    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites as well as errors that is why it is popular as a health check tool.
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    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, requests for business, or solicit sales.
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    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts 90% of online marketer earn using affiliate. You can earn too.
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    YouTube Video Marketing

    Discover my YouTube marketing, video optimization & channel optimization strategies. Learn my secret tips to dominate the YouTube ranking and your videos in related results to promote your business or to earn money from YouTube.
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    Content Marketing

    Understand why content is the focus of so many marketing strategies today and how to make content marketing work for your business you can promote your business and products using content marketing and can earn from content creation and its marketing.
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    Dropshipping Business

    Dropshipping is an exciting business model, with very low startup costs. People see drop shipping as a perfect business model for an easy life without any risk. in this course, I will explain and will show you a successful dropshipping business and how you can start. All practically.
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    E-Commerce Marketing

    E-commerce marketing is the skill and act of increasing relevant traffic & action toward a business that sells its product or service electronically. A successful e-commerce marketer needs to have expertise in Payment Gateway, Shopping Cart, Catalog & Order Management Functionality as well as strategic advertising and optimization.
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    Lead Generation

    Lead generation is a technique to collect prospects, target contact information using various strategies and from a different source at the minimum cost possible. In this module, you will learn the framework and strategies to deliver better B2B lead and demand generation results. One day course led by industry experts.
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    Online Reputation Management

    Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone looks you up or about your business online. It is a process and technique to develop a positive image, identify and clean up any damaging content about you/your business online, like negative Google results, risky social media posts and help you promote positive content that increase your business reputation.
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    Google My Business

    Google My Business listing service is for businesses that mainly serve customers in their local area and business listing make it easy to list and update your business — so you can stand out and bring customers in and appears right when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search or Maps.
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    Personal Branding

    Personal branding is the process of developing a “mark” that is created around your personal name or your career and in this module introduces the personal branding concept and helps people to learn how to successfully promote themselves.
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    Freelancing / Online Startup

    A freelancer is a self-employed person offering services, usually to multiple clients at a time. Operating as his own boss, a freelancer sets his own service, price, and target market of clientele. So come to learn THE Road MAP of freelancing using digital marketing so that you can become your own boss.
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    DM Strategies, Tools & Worksheets

    You are into the digital marketing world but don’t know how to start? Stuck and overwhelmed with a lot of information and skill but don’t have a proper strategy to implement it properly as per your goal. Let’s learn secret tools, worksheets, and strategies from my 10+ years of trial and error.
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    Digital Marketing Overview

    • What is Digital Marketing Exactly?
    • Why Digital Marketing is the Only Choice?
    • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
    • Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing
    • Understanding Traffic, Rank, Leads  etc
    • Website, Blog, Portals & Search Engines Explanation
    • Understanding Domain Name, WWW & Hosting Server
    • The benefit of Using Digital Marketing as a Marketing Mix
    • Understanding Automation in Digital Marketing
    • Why Everyone Should Learn Digital Marketing?
    • Benefits / Career Opportunities in the Digital Marketing Industry
    • Question- Answer Session to clarify any question you have

    Search Engine Optimization

    • What are Search Engines?
    • Types Of Search Engines?
    • How Does Search Engine work?
    • Understanding Search Algorithms
    • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • What are Keywords & How it Works
    • Website Indexing in Search Engines
    • Understanding Popularity & Ranking
    • Meta Tags & Meta Data
    • SEO Copywriting Techniques
    • On-page Optimization (complete)
    • Off-Page Optimization (complete)
    • Link Building (Strategies)
    • Local SEO Optimization (strategies)
    • UI/UX – User Experience Optimization
    • Website Structure Optimization
    • Schema Data Implementation
    • 404 Errors, Sitemap & Robots Txt
    • Technical SEO Optimization
    • Black Hat & and Grey Hat SEO Techniques
    • SEO Tools, Tricks & Strategies
    • Measuring SEO Performance & Reporting

    Social Media Marketing

    • What is Social Media?
    • Why Social Media is Important?
    • Social Media Optimization Vs Marketing
    • Primary Social Media Platform for Business
    • Social Media & Business Branding
    • How Social Media Impact Site Ranking in Search
    • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus & Pinterest
    • Setting Up Business Page/Profile on Primary Channels
    • Social Media Business Page /Profile Optimization
    • Different Features available for Business (explanation of all platform)
    • Best Practice of Using Graphics & Multimedia
    • Social Media Post & Graphics Designing Tools
    • Creating First Promotional Post for all Platforms
    • Increasing Likes, Followers & Post Engagement
    • Social Media Extensions & Plugins for Website Integration
    • Understanding Social Media Influence
    • Understanding Earning Opportunity from Social Media
    • Social Media Open Graph Meta Data
    • Advertisement Account Setup on all Platforms
    • Overview of all Features in Ads Dashboard
    • Understanding Ad Campaign Structures
    • Creating a Sponsored Ad Campaign
    • Understanding Pixel & Remarketing
    • Social Media Management Tools
    • Social Media Etiquettes (Do & Don’ts)
    • Everything will be covered on above mentioned primary social platforms
    • Question – Answer to recapture all you have learned.

    Google Adwords PPC

    • What is Google Adwords (PPC)?
    • Understanding the Concept of Online Advertisement
    • How Google Adwords Program Works
    • Setting Up Adwords Account
    • Google Adwords Ads & Ad Networks Types
    • Google Adwords Campaign Types
    • Google Adword Express Vs Regular Adwords
    • Understanding Pricing Model
    • What are CPC, CPM & CPA Ads
    • Billing and Payment Settings
    • Adwords User Interface Dashboard Overview
    • Keywords & Customer Research
    • Understanding Keyword Match Types
    • Adwords Account Structure
    • Creating Search Campaigns
    • Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads (explanation)
    • Display Campaign Creation
    • Video Campaigns
    • Adwords Shopping Ads
    • Mobile App Installation Ad Campaign
    • Google Adwords Extensions
    • Mobile Device Targeting
    • Adwords Bidding Types & Strategies
    • Landing Pages Best Practice
    • Conversion Tracking Code Setup
    • Remarketing Ads in Adwords
    • Campaigns & Ads Optimization
    • Understanding Ad Ranking
    • Google Adwords Tools
    • 3rd Party Tools for Adwords
    • Google Analytics -Adwords Integration
    • Measuring Ads Result Matrix
    • Google Adwords Reporting
    • Understanding Ad Policy and Rules
    • Google Adwords Exam & Certification
    • Question-Answer session to clear doubt  & recapture everything

    Professional Blogging

    • What is Blog & Blogging?
    • Business Blogging Vs Blogging for Earning
    • Why You Must Start Blogging
    • 3rd Party Blog Platform Vs Self Hosted Blog
    • Niche Research & Selection
    • Domain & Hosting for Blog
    • Blog Installation using Self Hosted WordPress
    • Blog Customization & Branding
    • Blog Content Creation
    • Setting Up Social Media for Blog
    • Newsletter Subscription Setup
    • Blog Monetization Techniques
    • Different Ways to Earn from a Blog
    • SEO Strategy for Blog Promotion
    • Networking with Other Bloggers in Your Niche
    • Steps to Become a Popular Blogger
    • Must-Have Tools & Plugins for Blog Management
    • Question-Answer to clear doubt and recapture everything

    Google Adsense

    • What is the Google Adsense Program
    • How Google Adsense Works
    • Requirements to apply for Google Adsense
    • Creating Important Blog Pages for Adsense
    • Applying for Google Adsense
    • Getting Adsense Account Approval
    • Adsense Dashboard Features Overview
    • Payment Setting in Adsense
    • Google Adsense all Features Explanation
    • Creating the First Ad Code for Blog
    • Code Implementation on Your Blog
    • Ads Optimization to increase Clicks & Earning
    • Understanding Auto Ads in Adsense
    • Ads Category Blocking & Allowing
    • Ads Dimension & Design in Adsense
    • Google Adsense Plugin to Manage Ads Code
    • Google Adsense Policy & Guidelines
    • A question-answer session to clear doubts & recapture everything

    Affiliate Marketing

    • What is Affiliate Marketing
    • Sources to Make Money Online
    • Why Affiliate is Evergreen Option
    • Requirements to Become an Affiliate Marketer
    • Affiliate Program Selection (niche selection)
    • Applying or an Affiliate Program
    • Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion
    • Payment & Payouts Settings
    • CPC, CPA, CPI & Other Metrics
    • Promoting Affiliate Products
    • SEO Strategies for Affiliates
    • Blogging for Affiliate Promotion
    • Different ways to Monetize Your Affiliate SIte
    • Affiliate Marketing Extensions & Plugins
    • Performance Metrics Analyzation
    • Affiliate Marketing Networks
    • Affiliate Marketing Tools of the Trade
    • Question – Answer to clear doubt and recapture everything

    Lead Generation

    • What is Lead Generation?
    • Lead Generation Plan & Strategy
    • Different Source of Lead Generation Analysis
    • Why Your Website is Not Generating Leads (Analysis)
    • Effective Copywriting to Increase Leads
    • Effective Landing Page Strategy
    • Creating Effective Lead Generation Campaigns
    • Free & Paid Lead Generation Campaigns Sources
    • Tools, Plugins & Landing Page Creation Tools
    • Lead Funnel & Lead Warm-Up Process
    • Leads & Contact List Management
    • Client Relationship Management Softwares
    • Webhooks & Connectors to stop Leads Leakage
    • Lead Generation & Management Automation
    • Strategy, Worksheet & Checklist for Lead Generation
    • Question-Answer to recapture everything you have learned

    E-Commerce & Payment Gateway

    • What is eCommerce?
    • eCommerce Plan & Requirements
    • Creating an eCommerce Website (Using WP)
    • eCommerce Website Settings (product & delivery etc)
    • eCommerce Themes, Plugins & CMS’s
    • Product, Category & Product Details Creation
    • Adding/Uploading Products on Website
    • eCommerce Website Promotion strategy
    • SEO for eCommerce Website
    • Products  Remarketing, Cross Up/Down Selling
    • Understanding Coupon System
    • Product Review System (on your store)
    • Payment Gateway or eCommerce Site
    • Indian  Payment Gateway Vs Global Payment Gateway
    • Payment Gateway Integration (Paypal / Payumoney)
    • https:// Security for eCommerce Website
    • Must have Extensions & Plugins
    • eCommerce Website Management Tools
    • Question-Answer to answer your doubts & recapture everything learned.

    Email Marketing

    • What is Email Marketing
    • Commercial email Vs Business email
    • Understanding Permission Based Email Marketing
    • Single Opt-In Mail Vs Double Opt-In Mail
    • Extracting & Collecting Email Data
    • Subscriber Opt-In & Opt-Out Option Integration on Site
    • Email Marketing Server Setup Process
    • Email Marketing Service Provider ESP’s
    • Amazon SES Email Marketing Service
    • Designing Email Marketing Campaign
    • Email Copywriting Best Practice
    • Sending and Analyzing Campaigns Report
    • Handling Response from Email Campaigns
    • Understanding SPF, DKIM, IP Blacklisting/Whitelisting
    • Email Marketing CAN-SPAM Law
    • SPAM Folder Delivery Factors & How to Avoid
    • Tools, Templates & Worksheet for Email Marketing
    • Question-Answer session to clear doubts & re-capture everything

    Wordpress CMS

    • What is a Website?
    • Benefits of Owning a Website
    • Types of Website & Portals
    • Requirements & Cost to Create a Website
    • Understanding Domain, Server, HTTPS & Other Technicals
    • Buying a Perfect Domain For Your Website
    • Purchasing a Hosting Server & Configuring with Domain
    • Understanding Different Types of Web Technology & CMS’s
    • WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Blogspot, Weebly & Wix (Explanation)
    • Features, Benefits & Showcase of WordPress
    • Installing WordPress Website CMS on Server
    • Understanding WordPress Themes & Plugins
    • Configuring WordPress Website Settings
    • WordPress for Corporate Website Vs Blog (settings)
    • Theme Selection and Customization (as per your niche selection)
    • Conversion Focused Home Page Designing
    • Designing Service/Products Pages
    • Contact us, About us, & Other Required Pages
    • WordPress Photo Gallery & Multimedia Settings
    • Understanding Required Legal Pages on a Website
    • How to add Additional Required Functionality on Website
    • Chat, Popup, Contact form & Email Subscription
    • Plugin Installation & Configuration (multiple)
    • Yoast SEO Plugin for Website Optimization
    • WordPress Website Security
    • Backup & Restore of a Website (how to do for any website)
    • WordPress Hidden Features (explanation)
    • How to create any kind of Website using WordPress (Tips & Advice)

    Content Marketing

    • What is Content Marketing
    • Types of Content Marketing
    • Understanding Why Content is Still King
    • Content Creation & Curation Tools
    • Infographic Creation Tools
    • Video Content Creation
    • Content Writing & Paraphrasing Tools
    • Publicizing Content Properly
    • Content Promotion Tools & Strategy
    • Content Monetization
    • Understanding PLR, MRM Content
    • Content Management  Tools
    • Content Marketing & Automation Tools
    • Question-Answer session to clear doubts and to re-capture everything

    YouTube Video Marketing

    • What is YouTube & Video Marketing
    • Why Youtube is important in DM?
    • YouTube Vs other Video Platform
    • Youtube Channel Plan & Creation
    • Creating Youtube Channel
    • Overview of Dashboard Features
    • Verifying Youtube Channel Authentication
    • Channel & Website/Blog Integration
    • Custom Channel URL Creation
    • Channel Art & Branding Design
    • Watermark Logo Setting
    • Featured Content Settings
    • Channel Main Trailer Setting
    • Uploading Videos on Youtube
    • Individual Video Settings
    • Playlist Creation
    • Video Privacy Settings
    • Understanding Youtube Algorithms
    • Promotion of Your Videos & Channel
    • SEO  & Meta Data for Youtube Videos
    • Understanding Video Ranking Factors
    • Youtube Monetization for Earning
    • Applying Google Adsense for YouTube
    • Different Ways to Earn from YouTube
    • Understanding Youtube RED
    • Understanding YouTube Creator Library
    • Tools to increase Subscriber, Traffic, Engagement & Video Rank
    • Question-Answer session to clear doubts and recapture everything learned.

    Google My Business

    • What is Google My Business
    • Google My Business Impact on Ranking
    • Understanding Google Local Results
    • Setting Up Google My Business Listing
    • Business Listing Verification
    • Business Profile Completion
    • Dashboard all Features Overview
    • Managing Business Reviews, Traffic & Response
    • Google My Business Insights
    • Dealing with Negative Reviews
    • Google Local Business ranking Factors
    • Improving Google My Business rank
    • Understanding Google My Business Policy & Rules
    • Question-Answer session to recapture everything you have learned

    Google Webmaster

    • What is Google Search Console? (formerly google webmaster tool)
    • Features & Advantage of Using Search Console
    • Setting Up Google Search Console Account
    • Adding & Managing Property (websites & app)
    • Website Ownership Verification code Integration
    • Language & Location Targeting Setting
    • Sitemap & Robots Txt Testing and Submission
    • Search Traffic, Keywords, Rank Position Analysis
    • External & Internal Links Analysis
    • Google Index Status Analysis
    • Managing Crawling Errors & Issues
    • Managing Website Security Issues
    • Website Spam & Hacking Issues Analysis
    • Using Structured Data Markup Tool
    • Using Multiple Sites in Webmaster
    • Question -Answer session to clear doubts and recapture everything learned.

    Drop-shipping Business

    • What is Drop-shipping Business?
    • Who can start a drop-shipping business to earn online?
    • Learn how the dropshipping business model works
    • Identifying Your Niche
    • Start with Shopify & Ali Express / Amazon
    • Creating Your own e-commerce Store
    • Finding a Product to Sell and Supplier
    • Product API Integration
    • Finding the right product in your niche
    • Finding a Product – Directories, Wholesalers, and Google
    • Getting Your First Sale Order
    • Management & Promotion Tools
    • Scale up Your Dropshipping Business
    • Question-Answer to recapture everything learned

    Google Analytics

    • What is Web Analytics?
    • Google Analytics Vs other Analytics Tools
    • Google Analytics Features Overview
    • Google Analytics Account Setup
    • Analytics Code Integration on Website/Blog
    • Measurements o Metrics & Data
    • Understanding Accounts, Profile & View
    • Analytics Report  Sorting
    • Real-Time Traffic Report Analysis
    • Understanding New Visitors vs Returning Visitors
    • Audience Report Analysis
    • Traffic Behaviour Segmentation
    • Search, Paid & Social Traffic Filtration
    • eCommerce Traffic Segmentation
    • Remarketing Audience Segmentation
    • Custom View Setting
    • IP Filtration Setting
    • Goal and Conversion Reports
    • Intelligence Report & Bounce Rate
    • Google Analytics Reports & Action Plan
    • Question-Answer session to clear doubts & recapture everything.

    ORM - Reputation Management

    • Introduction to ORM – Online Reputation
    • Why is Online Reputation Matters
    • Online Reputation Vs Offline Reputation
    • ORM for Individual Vs Business
    • How to use  Social Media for Online Reputation
    • Best Practice for Building Online Presence
    • PR, News & Online Media for Online Reputation
    • Reputation Building Online
    • Managing Your Reputation
    • Bad Reputation Recovery Process
    • Identifying the types of Reputation Risk
    • Best Way to embrace online negativity & criticism
    • Dealing with Negative Customer Reviews
    • Tools & Worksheet for Reputation Management
    • Question -Answer session to clear doubts and recapture everything

    Personal Branding

    • What is a personal brand?
    • Why personal branding is important to everyone?
    • Thinking out of the box of facebook and youtube.
    • Understanding who are you? (brand perspective)
    • Understanding your personal brand goal.
    • Defining your brand value proposition.
    • Creating your personal branding plan.
    • Brand Assets- creating a personal website/blog
    • Custom graphics for personal brand
    • Social media set up properly and PR promotion
    • Content planning to share what and when to share
    • Tools to produce, promote and manage social media
    • How to build and manage contact lists
    • How to monetize your personal brand to make money/business
    • Tools and sheets to manage everything for the personal brand
    • Finding Scalability opportunity from your personal brand
    • Monitoring personal brand reputation and ongoing management
    • Questions- Answer to recapture everything learned so far.

    Freelancing/Startup Ideas

    • What is Freelancing / Freelancer?
    • Required Skill & Tools to Start Freelancing
    • Creating Authority as Freelancer
    • Finding & Managing Clients
    • Potential Leads Generation
    • Bidding from Freelance Marketplaces
    • Business Proposal, Invoice & other Templates
    • Marketing Strategy for Freelancer
    • Building a Virtual Team
    • Tools & Worksheet to be Ahead
    • Scaling Your Freelance Business to Startup
    • Legal Docs, Types of Company & Expenses Required
    • (I will share my strategy- how I had started as a blogger>freelancer> startup without money)
    • Question-Answer session to clear doubts and re-capture everything.

    Digital Marketing Strategies, Productivity Tools, Worksheets & Techniques

    • Defining digital marketing strategy
    • An Overview of the digital marketing strategy process
    • Analyze your current situation and resources
    • Understanding your customers and the market
    • Your company, you, customer and the landscape
    • Tools to perform competitor and trends analysis
    • Overview of SWOT analysis for your business
    • Understanding elements that support digital marketing action plan
    • Psychology and neuromarketing tactics to outperform your competitors
    • How to increase the conversion rate of any of your marketing activity
    • Tools, checklist, worksheets, scheduler, and automation to manage digital marketing like a pro
    • Creating a custom S-M-A-R-T digital marketing strategy plan as your goal
    • Detailing into the pillars, people, process, and technology
    • Productivity tools, hack, and strategy for busy people & work-life balance
    • I will share ebooks, tools, worksheets, and custom strategies I have been using.

    Certifications & Lifetime Support over Calls/Chat/Emails

    FLEXIBLE ROUND THE CLOCK TIMING (Late Evening / Early Morning)


    • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thr
    • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thr
    • Saturday & Sunday

    Early Morning

    • 7:00 – 9:30 IST
    • 10:00 – 11:30 IST
    • 11:00 – 14:00 IST

    Late Evening

    • 19:00 – 20:30 IST
    • 21:00 – 22:30 IST
    • 14:00 – 17:00 IST

    “Transparency Builds Trust”

    Assessment of Your Skills & Certification

    Training Fee & Duration

    • INR 90,000/- ($1150.00)
    • Instructor-Led 1-0n-1 Training
    • 1.5 hour Weekdays/3-3 hours Weekend
    • 3 Month Total Duration (54 Hrs)
    • Training over Google meet / Zoom

    Course Certification

    • 1 Our Institute’s Certificate
    • 5 Google Adwords (Guaranteed)
    • 1 Google Analytics (Guaranteed)
    • Internship Certificate if required*
    • Project Based Practical Training with life-time trainer support

    Training Outcome

    • You can Create/Manage Website/Blog
    • You can Generate Leads/Sales
    • Start Earning Money Online
    • Create Branding Strategy
    • Start Your Online Business

    GET 20% DISCOUNT, ONLY PAY ₹75,000 / $950 (Valid for a limited time only)


    adwords search certification

    google analytics certification

    adwords display certification

    adwords mobile certification

    shopping ads certification

    See Yourself as an Expert Digital Marketer in Next 90 Days

    100% Live Practical 1-to-1 Training for professionals, entrepreneurs & job seekers & business owners “Become a Digital Marketing Professional Master!


    Excellent trainer and very helpful

    Aastha Dixit

    Shamsher is very helpful and supportive, he made the entire online learning experience extremely easy with the help of live examples and case studies. Really grateful; I highly recommend him 🙂


    The best teacher who always provide useful information with regular updates.Best Digital marketing trainer and consultant.

    Aditi Guleria

    ★★★★★ | (4.8/5 based on 242+ reviews) | Read all reviews 


    LIVE ONLINE 1-to-1 SESSIONS: Live Interactive Sessions, Step-by-step live demonstrations and live Q&A led by industry expert trainer.

    LEARN FROM THE EXPERT: Learn from experts who are passionate about teaching and have trained already business owners and professionals.

    LEARN FROM ANYWHERE:​ Save on travel expenses, and get practical skill from the comfort of your home or office.

    USE ANY DEVICE: Learn using laptop and watch your live session recorded videos ontablet, or mobile devices later to revise.

    MISSED A SESSION? NOT AN ISSUE !  recording will be shared with you on skype or google drive to practice any replay what you learned during live session.

    FEEL THE REAL CLASSROOM: Feel the real classroom during 1-to-1 interactive live sessions with screen share, caption, recording  on Skype and Google meet.


    Years Experience Trainer


    Course Modules


    Hours 1-to-1 Training


    Months Duration



    There is no technical skills or requisite for the Advanced Digital Marketing course, Basic Computer skills are sufficient, No programming skills are required. If you use the computer and internet to find the information you can learn.


    Anyone who wants to learn to make a difference in their career & life can learn. Students looking for a job as a digital marketing professional, business owners to start or skyrocket their business sales and revenue or moms sitting at home to utilise their free time to earn as a freelancer.


    The Complete Advanced Digital marketing course fees is Rs 75,000 INR / 950$ Only You can pay in two instalments.


    You will be getting 2 certifications from Google Adwords, 1 Google Analytics Certification and 1 from Our Recognised Digital Marketing Institute.


    The Total course duration is 90 days and may extend up to 100 days depending on the student’s capabilities. which also includes backup classes and extra digital marketing mentoring sessions.


    Yes, I provide 100% placement support for eligible students after completing the course. I also provide 3 months internship (remote work) where you will work on live projects. you will be given more than 5 live projects during the internship. In the meantime, you can start attending interviews for the job.


    You can ask for a refund within 4 days from the start of the program. No Questions Asked, i am very sure about our digital marketing training program and training concept.


    In this training program from day 1, you will be learning practically, how digital marketing works in real industry and from where to start as per your custom goal/learning purpose which includes domain/hosting, website creation,  Google Ranking, Google Ads campaigns, e-commerce store, etc Every module is completely practical on live projects.


    After completion of the course you can work as a full time job as a digital marketing manager, SEO executive, social media manager, webmaster, e-commerce store manager, google ad campaign specialist, copywriter, or affiliate manager, youtube channel promoter OR you can start your career as a freelance digital marketer OR full time blogging business.


    I am available around the clock (24x/7) as this course is specially designed  for busy people who don’t have time to join classroom training or who prefer to learn online from the comfort of their home or office.  timing option in both weekdays and weekends.


    Subject Matter Experts with a Decade of Technology Experience

    Digital marketing veteran trainers and, in the digital marketing industry since 2011, running own digital marketing agency and institute and featured in top Indian news magazine for his quality mentorship and instructor-led digital marketing training.
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