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  • Gain insights on new developments in the digital ecosystem

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    Digital marketing is a field that focuses on the promotion and marketing of products online. It combines elements of traditional marketing, as well as knowledge of modern digital platforms and technologies.

    This includes social media marketing across platforms like Facebook and Twitter, search engine optimisation (SEO), affiliate marketing, email marketing, creating positive user experiences on websites and additional channels for clients in any part of the world! 

    Choosing an online digital marketing course can help build the foundations of this knowledge and progress your career in any part of Russia.



    A series of courses designed to help you specialise your skills. Start a three-day trial, subscribe to keep learning at your own pace, and choose the programme that best fits your convenience.

    Fast Track Course                   

    • 5 modules
    • 18+ hours course
    • 4+ weeks duration

    Pro Course 

    • 12+ modules
    • 36+ hours course
    • 2+ months duration

    Master Course

    • 22+ modules
    • 54+ hours course
    • 3+ months duration

    Grow Your Digital Skills with Shamsher Khan Digital Marketing Course

    Skills you acquire:

    • Learn more about digital applications in life and work
    • Learn the basics of digital
    • Learn more about advanced digital concepts
    • Learn how to apply digital skills

    Details of the core content we offer for our students in Russia:

    Website Design/Wordpress CMS

    Learn web design without coding using WordPress with courses taught by expert trainers. Course includes material for beginners as well advanced students to help you create a website.  

    • Website Planning and Conceptualization
    • HTML Basic
    • Building website using CMS in Class
    • WordPress Website Building
    • Optimization of Web sites
    • Adding web pages & content
    • Adding Plugins
    • Landing Pages Creation and Management
    • App Development Basics


    Search Engine Optimization 

    Learn advanced SEO training from an industry expert including on-page, off-page, technical, geographical and local SEO techniques

    • How Search Engines Work
    • SERP, Search Ranking, Backlinks, Link Building
    • Keyword Research & Planning
    • On page optimization
    • Off Page optimization
    • Local SEO
    • Content Marketing
    • Tools for SEO
    • Create SEO Strategy
    • Monitoring SEO Process
    • Preparing SEO Reports
    • Search Engine Marketing


    Social Media Marketing 

    Learn award winning social media and inbound marketing skills to get a jumpstart in your career 

    • What is Social Media
    • Existing Social Media Paradigms
    • Devising Social Media Strategies
    • Making Social Media Content
    • Marketing for: >> Facebook >> Instagram >> Twitter >> LinkedIn >>Pinterest
    • Video Marketing
    • Mobile and SMS Marketing
    • WhatsApp Marketing


    Google Ads/Pay Per Click

    Create more organised, efficient, and cost-effective PPC campaigns with our advanced Pay Per Click certification training course

    • Google AdWords Overview
    • PPC Advertising
    • Understanding AdWords account structure
    • Understanding AdWords algorithm
    • Search & Display Campaigns
    • Creating Ads


    Google/Web Analytics

    Learn how to analyse your website traffic, visitors, and their behavior to improve your online presence 

    • CTR, Quality Score, Ad Groups, Ad Extensions, Keywords, CPC
    • Location Targeting
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Google Analytics
    • Tracking Performance/ Conversion

    Learn from any part of Russia, at any time of the day. Choose your schedule and stick to it! Become the leading Digital marketer across the globe!


    About About the Trainer

    Shamsher Khan
    Digital Marketing Trainer &  Online Business Coach
    shamsher khan trainer

    Shamsher Khan is an experienced and client-recommended Bangalore based Digital Marketing Practitioner with almost a decade’s expertise in the field and having taught more than 2000+ students about SEO, PPC (pay per click), Digital Marketing, Local Search, Social Advertising, Content Development, Lead Generation etc .

    He also offers consulting services for startups, corporates and small businesses on creating digital marketing strategies, enterprise search engine marketing (SEO), content marketing, customer data and communication management. 

    He is also passionate about nurturing digital talent and runs multiple websites, blogs on various articles. 

    Through Shamsher Khan Digital Marketing course he wants to create more talented digital marketing professionals that are needed by the industry.

    Learner's Testimonials

    Thank you for the great support. I feel I am truly grateful to have discovered a great source of encouragement and inspiration. I have learned to completely upgrade my career from zero knowledge in marketing to digital marketing professional. I recommend Shamsher sir and his institution truly brings anyone the next success of their growth.

    Mikhail Sochi, Russia

    This course gave me a platform to enhance my existing business and opened doors for multiple avenues like blogging, social media management, lead generation. I am very happy with the knowledge received and can easily implement the same for my website.

    Viktor Saint Petersburg, Russia

    The content was satisfactory and the learning process is really encouraging and I would really advise all like minded people who share interest in digital marketing to take the course. It’s definitely worth the effort and time!

    Annika Moscow, Russia

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    How do I complete the Specialization?

    To complete the Specialization you must earn a Verified Certificate and successfully complete the course you enrolled yourself in.

    What is 100% placement assurance?

    We know that many of the students want to settle in life by joining a job as quickly as possible. Keeping those requirements in mind we started offering the placement assurance program for those who have completed the Paid Internship program. We want to make sure that all our students have strong knowledge both in theory and practice, so that they will be able to face the interviews with confidence. Important: Our placement assurance program also depends upon the efforts from your side. Please note that we are not a placement agency, where we take money and show you the jobs. Our goal is to enable you with the skills and show the opportunities and help you succeed. We will assist you till you get a job and even after it. This is not a Placement Guarantee program, where you pay the fee and we give you a job, irrespective of your performance.

    Who all can take-up digital marketing courses?

    Anyone who has got interest in learning the digital marketing concepts can take-up this course. To be specific, the list of people can take it up. Undergraduates, Graduates, Job & Career Seekers MBA Marketing & Marketing Heads Media Advertising Professionals Entrepreneurs & CEO’s Business Development Managers Freelancers, Bloggers & Web Designers Small, Medium & Large Business Owners

    Do you help us to get Google certification?

    Yes, the syllabus includes complete training, guidance and support on Google Certification; we provide training and prepare you for it.

    Do you provide any training material?

    Yes we provide training material online, so that you can use it from any device. Also we provide access to our online portal where you can follow future updates on Digital Marketing.

    How can I pay for my training?

    You can pay by cheque or transfer online.

    What is the duration of your internet marketing courses?

    Please check the course page for more details.

    Do you provide any certificate?

    Yes, we provide a course completion certificate on successful completion of the training session. You also obtain certification from Google and Hubspot.