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Comment Policy

Commenting Policy

Below is a short-list of do’s and don’ts when commenting on any blog post on Magnet4Blogging. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here.

This commenting policy is effective as from Monday 19th August 2019.

  1. Do use your real name – Our commenters and I would like to address you by your real name. It also appears less spammy than using some generic keyword or phrase as your comment name. I also don’t allow the use of company or brand names to be used as comment name, as often these also contain keywords.
  2. Do not link to unrelated or inappropriate sites – When leaving your website URL, please make sure that it is to a related website or blog. You may also link to your social media channel if you wish to, however, please be aware that users may see your profile if they click on the link. If you’re sensitive about your privacy, please don’t do this.
  3. Do not place links in the comment field – Unless you are referencing a recent article on mine or your blog that is relevant to the conversation, please do not insert links into the comment field. These will be removed and your comment may be deleted.
  4. Do leave meaningful comments – We love comments that provide some value to the topic or debate. We do not like comments that are repeats of what has already been said.
  5. Do limit and censor your use of offensive words – You may have noticed that on some posts that I will use words that some may find offensive. That’s just me, that’s how I speak and write, and I mean no harm by using them. Feel free to express yourself, your thoughts, and beliefs in your own words, but please limit and censor your use of offensive words. For example, f**k, sh*t, or cr*p written like this is perfectly fine. Other more offensive and sensitive words are not fine and should not be used. I think you know the ones I mean.
  6. Respect me, other authors on this blog and commenters – What I mean by this is do not get personal, discriminate or offend anyone’s beliefs, religions, or political views. Although none of these issues are ever brought up on this blog, use your common sense and respect everyone who is here.

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