Open WhatsApp Group to Learn Digital Marketing - [Rules & Regulations]


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digital marketing whatsapp group

Digital Marketing Whatsapp Group

Rules and Regulations of  WhatsApp Group for “Internet Marketers”

Aim / Purpose of Group

To discuss/share the internet marketing news, updates, advanced tricks, and strategy relevant to SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertisement Management as well as How to make money online, and facts among the aspirants.

Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it, is the first step to humanity.


  • You’re right! It’s the truth. Business depends on the Internet nowadays.  if you’re not updated in the Internet world then so thus your business and job. We are all in the learning stage of internet marketing and some have a little expertise, so we all are very keen to update their knowledge regularly. This group will help us to share our expertise and guide the fresher’s who try to crack different competitive examinations.

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it. 


  1. We request every WhatsApp group for digital marketing WhatsApp group members to maintain the decorum of this group so that this group can fulfill the purpose.
  2. Thoroughly read the contents of any article or post received before sharing on group pages because you are responsible for anything you post.
  3. Do regular study and jot down important facts and post on group whenever you get free time, try to share at least one post daily. (Including Questions & Updates.)
  4. Avoid the posting and sharing of misleading information with no basis in this digital marketing WhatsApp group.


  1. Jokes/quotes or any other irrelevant things may not share in this group.
  2. Don’t put the direct allegation to others in any circumstances. In case of any confusion/ contradiction, ask an admin to moderate the issue.
  3. Don’t discuss the personal life of any other group member.
  4. Don’t share your login credentials for any help with any group members if you don’t know them well.
  5. Avoid the posting and sharing of misleading information with no basis.
  6. Avoid things that may degrade and insult a particular individual, groups of people, tribe, religion, and others. This may kill group interest.
  1. Don’t initiate any direct conversation outside the group with any member if you don’t know him/her personally. But if you need any help from other members, you can ask from admin.
  2. Some members may appear strangers for others, but it doesn’t matter just keep concentrating on learning more. “Learning is vital for success in your professional and Personal Life”
  3. No post/discussion between 11 PM to 8 AM.

Role of Digital Marketing Group Admin

  1. Start and moderate the discussion of the digital marketing group
  2. Add / Remove the members WhatsApp group
  3. Soaring Free Tools/Deals Weekly
  4. Updating the Group Rules and Regulations
  5. Updating the Information regarding Job Vacancies and Other Important Changes/Updates.
  6. Maintaining a proper database of question/Answers and maintaining the etiquette of Group so we can all the benefit and can learn more with no disturbance.

Power is gained by sharing knowledge not by hoarding it.

Note: For Any Questions Regarding Group or Rules-Regulations please contact: +91-8447183364 (anytime)

if you agree with terms and rules-regulations of the group you can join by clicking on the button, submit your information and let’s learn together.

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