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Your Facebook New Profile Photo Can Now Be a GIF Image

Facebook users will now be able to record a short looping video, a bit like a Vine or a GIF, to use as their profile photo on mobile, the company said on his newsroom Blog

Facebook isn’t the 1st to use short movies or GIFs for users’ report photos. Snapchat introduced the medium for the users’ “Snapcodes, ” QR codes that may be scanned to add someone like a friend on the app and act as their user profile photo, in July. And Photo, a one-year-old photo-sharing cell app entirely based around the GIF format, uses all of them for users’ profile images. Facebook users, however, will only have the ability to upload these new report pictures in video formatting, not in true GIF formatting, a spokesperson clarified to Fortune via email.

Facebook can also be adding the ability for users to create a temporary profile photo that can expire and revert for their usual one at a particular time.

“It can be some sort of visual status update to let your friends know what’s going on in your lifetime today, or it has to be your statement of solidarity to get a cause you feel powerfully about, ” product managers Aigerim Shorman and Tony Hsieh wrote in the blog post.

Wednesday’s profile updates likewise incorporate a special “Bio” section at the pinnacle that can be custom made with fun or critical personal details, the ability to edit the information that appears towards the top of the profile (hometown, work, featured photos), and a brand new profile layout that draws attentions to the profile picture, containing previously been spotted through some users.

Facebook is first making these features open to some iPhone users in California plus the U. K., but strategies to roll them out and about more widely soon, this says.

Note: (The story has been updated with clarification about the video format users can upload as their profile video.)

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