7 Steps To Make Your Site Google Friendly

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It may not sound possible but the good news is that you can direct the much-hyped about Google optimization to your internet marketing professional. Yes suddenly it may all sound so bizarre but read the next few lines and you’ll know why?

Firstly you need to understand a bit (not all) about how does Google works? Don’t forget that the job of any search engine is to show relevant websites referring to the search/ keywords that have been typed by the user.

You got to know that Google constantly explores the internet and follows every link, downloading every piece of information and looking at every image. A huge task indeed, but the key to building such an accurate index after which users can search for the information they’re looking for.


The following points will help you make your website Google friendly:


#1-The Presentation of Your Website

Although Google is quite intelligent it is still unable to determine if the text is embedded or in graphical form. Flash-based sites are hard to search for and index.


#2- Register Your Site

You must have links to your site as Google will not be able to find you without any links. Use Google Webmaster to register your website, provide an accurate site map to make things easier for Google. Once Google is aware of your site’s presence and understands your content it will systematically add you to the index.

A great start indeed but there are a million other users who are trying to target the attention of the same people as you want to, its time you must work on increasing your organic ranking.

Google will search out the most relevant sites as it mainly determines relevance using a long list of intricate algorithms and equations some of which are known but most are not known. The process involves comparing ‘keywords’ entered into the search box to the content of the website about relevance.


#3-Keyword Combinations

Google offers a very useful tool for its Google AdWords program that recommends keyword combinations and gives an indication of the competition for such words. It is designed to help people pick the keywords to bid on for advertising purposes and also help in finding a niche.

Another way that Google figures relevance is by finding other people’s recommendations. If a reputable site on a related topic provides a link to your site, Google uses such info as a vote of confidence.

It’s very unlikely decent sites would link out to rubbish ones so it’s usually a good indication of quality. The more decent quality links you manage to get, the better.


#4-Quality Links Are the Essence to Maintain the Website’s Reputation

As explained above quality links do a lot to help a website establish itself and there are several ways to do this–using social media, through article submissions, spreading the word on forums, commenting on blogs, but the best is to via link exchanges with trusted sites.

This process may take quite some time and involves writing to many people requesting links. However, if your site is found useful to their visitors the chances are that they’ll permit you to use their links.


#5-Conformance to Website Standards

Your website should adhere to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium W3C- an independent group that governs website standards as a benchmark for HTML code in sites globally.

A website owner must ensure that their site conforms to the standards as directed by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C and by checking through the validator if your site is easily accessed by popular browsers.



#6- Update Your Site Regularly

Google prefers the regularly updated sites as it demonstrates that the site is active and lively older sites that are updated regularly can easily gain a good reputation from Google. Adding information and updating it every month can result in benefitting a site.


#7-Building An Online Presence Can Take Time

Although hard work and efforts always result in success getting your site’s online presence can take much hard work and time. Be patient if your changes haven’t yet been reflected in Google, following this strategy they will do later on.


Conclusion: It is important to consider the fact that search engines have more than a billion websites on their database and it can genuinely take time for updates to filter through. Promoting your new website can be a tough job, but adherence to the above rules will make such uphill tasks a lot easier for you.

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