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Ye Daagh Daagh Ujaala Hindi-English Translation

ये दाग़ दाग़ उजाला

ये दाग़ दाग़ उजाला, ये शब-गज़ीदा सहर
वो इन्तज़ार था जिस का, ये वो सहर तो नहीं

ये वो सहर तो नहीं जिस की आरज़ू लेकर
चले थे यार कि मिल जायेगी कहीं न कहीं
फ़लक के दश्त में तारों की आख़री मंज़िल
कहीं तो होगा शब-ए-सुस्त मौज् का साहिल
कहीं तो जा के रुकेगा सफ़िना-ए-ग़म-ए-दिल

जवाँ लहू की पुर-असरार शाह-राहों से
चले जो यार तो दामन पे कितने हाथ पड़े
दयार-ए-हुस्न की बे-सब्र ख़्वाब-गाहों से
पुकरती रहीं बाहें, बदन बुलाते रहे
बहुत अज़ीज़ थी लेकिन, रुख़-ए-सहर की लगन
बहुत क़रीं था हसीनान-ए-नूर का दामन
सुबुक सुबुक थी तमन्ना, दबी दबी थी थकन

सुना है हो भी चुका है फ़िराक़-ए-ज़ुल्मत-ए-नूर
सुना है हो भी चुका है विसाल-ए-मंज़िल-ओ-गाम
बदल चुका है बहुत अहल-ए-दर्द का दस्तूर
निशात-ए-वस्ल हलाल-ओ-अज़ाब-ए-हिज्र-ए-हराम
जिगर की आग, नज़र की उमंग, दिल की जलन
किसी पे चारा-ए-हिज्र का कुछ असर ही नहीं
कहाँ से आई निगार-ए-सबा, किधर को गई
अभी चिराग़-ए-सर-ए-राह को कुछ ख़बर ही नहीं
अभी गरानि-ए-शब में कमी नहीं आई
नजात-ए-दीद-ओ-दिल की घड़ी नहीं आई
चले चलो कि वो मंज़िल अभी नहीं आई

English Translation of Ye Daagh Daagh Ujaala

This stained tainted light, this night bitten dawn,
That we were waiting for, this is not that morning.

This is not that morning, in whose yearning,
We had set out full of hope that we will surely find,
In the wilderness of the sky, the final destination of stars,
Somewhere the night-weary waves must find their shore,
Some place must be the final halt for the boat of our heart’s sorrows.

Full of youth’s passion driven secrets, on the majestic way,
When we set out, many hands tugged at us.
From the adobes of beauties and their impatient dreamlands,
Arms kept reaching, bodies kept calling.
But extremely dear to us was the desire to see the morning.
Very close to us was its beautiful drape of light.
Lofty was our yearning, subdued was our fatigue.

Have heard that the light has already vanquished the darkness.
Have heard that our steps have already met their destination.
Much changed are the customs of people’s suffering –
Joy of union is acceptable but the anguish for separation is banished.
The soul’s fire, the eye’s longing, and the heart’s burning –
On none of them, there is any relief from this remedy of separation.

From where the beloved breeze came, and where did it go?
The lamp by the roadside is still burning unaware.
Yet the oppression of the darkness has not been alleviated,
The moment of salvation for our sights and hearts has not yet arrived.
Keep marching, for that destination has not yet arrived.


Word Meanings

शब / shab – night
गज़ीदा / gazeedah – stung/bitten
सहर / sahar – dawn/morning
आरज़ू / aarzoo – yearning/desire/wish/longing
फ़लक / falak – sky/heaven/fortune/fate
दश्त / dasht – Desert, Hands, Jungle, Wilderness
सुस्त / sust – Dull, Frail, Laggard, Languid, Late, Lazy, Lax, Loose, Otiose, Slow, Tardy
मौज् / mauj – wave/surge/enjoyment/ecstasy/caprice/plenty
साहिल / Saahil – Beach, River-Side, Shore
सफ़िना / Safina – Boat
पुर / pur – Full, Complete, Laden
असरार / asrar – secrets
शाह-राह / shaah-raah – highway
दामन / daaman – Skirt, Foot Of A Mountain, Lap
दयार / Dayaar – place, residence
क़रीं / quariin – near, close
नूर / noor – light
सुबुक / subuk – Agile, Delicate, Embarrassed, Frivolous, Futile, Light, Trivial
तमन्ना / Tamanna – Desire, wish, yearning
थकन / Thakan – fatigue
फ़िराक़ / Firaaq – Separation, Anxiety, Absence, Distance
ज़ुल्मत / Zulmat – Darkness, Obscurity
विसाल / Visaal – union, meeting
गाम / Gaam – step
अहल / ahl – people
दस्तूर / Dastoor – Custom, Law, Manner, Rule, Usage
निशात / Enthusiasm, Happiness, Joy
वस्ल / Vasl – Meeting, Union
हलाल / Halaal – Admissible, Lawful, Legal, Permitted
अज़ाब / azaab – Agony, Anguish, Botheration, Curse, Difficulty, Misfortune, Pain, Punishment, Sea, Sorrow, Torment
हिज्र / Hijr – Separation, Absence From One’s Country
हराम / haraam – Adultery, Forbidden, Unlawful, Wicked, Wrong
जिगर / Jigar – Liver, Heart, Soul, Mind
उमंग / Umang – Enthusiasm, Urge
चारा / Chaarah – Aid, Cure, Help, Means, Redress, Resource, Remedy
निगार / nigaar – Painting, Picture, Sweetheart, Beloved, Embroidery
सबा / sabaa – Breeze, Gentle Cool Breeze, Wind
सर-ए-राह / sar-e raah – on the road
गरां / Garaan – Heavy, Difficult
नजात / Najaat – Freedom (From), Salvation
दीद / Diid – Seeing, Sight


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