Top 10 SEO Plugin for WordPress Blog Which Make SEO Easy!


Top 10 SEO Plugin for WordPress Blog

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Although you are not familiar with the SEO concept, you do not have a reason of ignoring its importance. SEO is an important practice of making your site visible in Google search rankings. SEO has a lot of aspects and how you can improve the site’s visibility. For this reason, it is quite confusing for site owners to choose on the aspect to focus because they are all as important. The good thing is that many WordPress plugin developers have come up with essential SEO plugins that are helping site owners with the challenge of creating sites that have been optimized. With the help of these plugins, you do not have to be an expert to make sure that your site is ranking high in the search engine.

top wordpress seo plugins
In case you have a new site or have been having a site for some time but have not yet installed plugins, it is now time to consider installing top plugins to make your site SEO friendly. You can use the top plugins below to make your site outstanding.

Here are Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress Blog & Website:


  1. Yoast SEO

To date, this plugin has more than one million downloads and four point five rating out of five from more than one thousand users. It is among the most whole WordPress plugins that has features that will give you optimal success for your site in terms of SEO. When you have this plugin, you can assign particular keywords to the blog post you want to focus on in the whole content. The page analysis tool ensures that your focus keywords are in the right place, including the meta description, images, headings, and the post title.

Yoast SEO Plugin



  1. SEO Ultimate

This plugin has the basic SEO features in the package but has additional unique features with the design of keeping the practices in front of creating content. Additional to the meta description and editors, it possesses a long list of deep linking functions which include putting links in draft to activate when publishing. The author highlighter is yet another user-centric feature that includes the google plus profile of the author in search results.
ultimate seo plugin



  1. WP Meta SEO

This plugin comes with many functionalities and features. It also comes with the tool that makes content tweaking for the better performance of SEO in terms of time efficiency and simplicity. The dashboard of this plugin offers an elaborate and concise overview of the optimization of your site for SEO alongside the improvement areas. You will get an easily understandable and intuitive percentage score for the levels of optimization for the meta title, permalinks, meta description, image metadata, wrongly resized images, updated or new links, and 404 errors.

wp meta seo



  1. All in one pack

This plugin has more than one million users with a high rating from two hundred and forty-nine reviews. Even though it is similar to Yoast, this plugin claims to be the only plugin with e-commerce integration. Additionally, with its unique features, it automatically optimizes titles and generates meta tags for ranking well in search. The best thing with this plugin is that there exists little tweaking required and it starts working immediately after installation.



  1. Squirrly SEO

This plugin ensures that you content is optimized for the readers and the search engine. This plugin is perfect for an average user that has little or no SEO knowledge. The SEO knowledge given here is in real time when writing the blog posts, with green indicators allowing the writer to know when SEO is covered. It also gives analytics for pages and posts per week. In case you do not know a lot of things in SEO and would like to improve your site, Squirrly SEO will help you out.

squirrly seo plugin


  1. Premium SEO pack

This is a premium plugin that delivers a load of features that makes it worth the payment. The most notable feature is that it helps you to compress JS and CSS to help you improve the loading speed of your site. Apart from this, you will also get a rich integration of a snippet, local SE, and video sitemap. This plugin has a lot in bulk optimization of WordPress posts and pages to make things simple and less time-consuming. This plugin also helps you to create a sitemap, give you google analytics stats from the dashboard, and help you redirect and monitor all the 404 pages.

premium seo pack plugin


  1. WooCommerce – All in One SEO Pack

This plugin is designed for online shops. It is an add-on to the all in one pack. It adds the AIO SEO pack dialogue box when editing or adding WooCommerce products. After installation, the products that are under WooCommerce have descriptions and titles that are keyword rich just like an article or blog post.

woocommerce seo pack



  1. SEOPressor

This WordPress plugin is premium and it covers all possible SEO aspects and enacts equal attention to all of it. This plugin ensures your content is rich with keywords and ensures that it shows you at the right frequency and place. It also provides an over optimization tool to limit SEO tweaks for not violating the guidelines of the webmaster. The monthly pricing of this tool is quite affordable for the single license.

seopressor plugin



  1. SmartCrawl

This is a premium plugin from WPMUDEV. It possesses four main features that are MOZ integration, sitemaps, meta and title tags, and the automatic links. It has an appealing user interface with a simple set-up, for saving creators of content when publishing pages and post.  You can download this plugin for a fee on a monthly basis.

smartcrawl seo plguin



  1. SmartCrawl

Rich snippets SEO Plugin improve how your post looks in the search results by providing more info about the post. Rich Snippets are very interactive and can display photos, star ratings, price, author, etc. which will make your blog post stand out from the competition.

alloneone rich snippet seo plugin




There is a lot to understand and grasp about SEO that can end up overwhelming an average user of WordPress. However, this should not be reason to abandon site optimizing practice to attain better visibility in the search engine results. When you have these plugins, you will meet the expertise of all users, website owners, and bloggers to employ the SEO practice with confidence.


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