WordPress Hosting vs WordPress VPS: Which is Right for You?

When you research web hosting services, we hope you are aware that different hosting services are available. WordPress (WP) and VPS hosting services are some options that many new website owners prefer. Remember that WordPress is the leading CMS (Content Management System), ruling over 60% of the CMS market share and powering more than 43.2% of live websites on the internet. Hence, many web hosting providers like MilesWeb offers WordPress hosting plans. You can buy MilesWeb’s managed wordpress hosting from them. You can visit website for checking their WordPress hosting plans. 

Many professional web developers and small web designing agencies build their websites and look for a reliable web hosting plan, as you have understood that WordPress hosting service is one option to host web projects. But there is another option called VPS hosting. With full root access and a virtual server, MilesWeb’s Linux VPS hosting service to get your job done. You can Buy Now their WordPress VPS by visiting their official website.

There is a continuous debate about which web hosting service is helpful for website owners. Is it the WordPress hosting plan or VPS hosting? This guide has an answer; keep reading to know!

What is WordPress Hosting?

Web hosting plans are optimized for WordPress sites, and hosting account users get a portion of the server to host WordPress-powered websites. It means the hosting operation works like shared hosting.

After choosing their plans, you will get preconfigured themes, plugins, and other digital resources to smoothen WordPress hosting operations. As far as MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plans are concerned, they offer all relevant features and technical resources for scaling the online presence of WordPress sites.

You don’t have to invest time in software and frameworks with them. They will look after all web hosting aspects.

What are VPS hosting services all about?

The VPS hosting service is a bit special and different from web hosting services. In this type of hosting, a physical server is divided into different virtual servers, and every server has its private OS and hosting resources. That is why the name is VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

VPS hosting services help host enterprise-level websites and applications. In this type of hosting, there are no resources sharing among different virtual servers that are allocated to a different web hosting account users.

So, every hosting account user is getting its virtual server to host volumes of web projects hassle-free. And there are data security breach issues and other problems related to web hosting operations.

Key Differences Between the Plans

After knowing about what those different web hosting plans bring for you, let us read some differences between them.

  1. WP Hosting Plans Are Cheaper than VPS

If you compare basic WP hosting plans and VPS hosting plans, you will find that the first alternative is cheaper than the second one. For your convenience, we provide you an example of MilesWeb. Their WordPress hosting plans start at Rs. 60 per month, while VPS hosting services begin at Rs. 630 per month. However, there will be no compromise in their web hosting plan’s configuration. It means cPanel, bandwidth, and CPU resources will be available, and only the amount of server resources will differ because costs are also different.

  1. Full Root Access in VPS but Not in WP Hosting

If website owners want complete control of the server, then VPS hosting servers are the perfect option. As there are no server resources shared among different VPS hosting account users, the data security is full, and users will get full control over servers. With MilesWeb’s VPS hosting servers give you full root control where users have the complete control to configure servers according to their requirements.

WordPress hosting plans, on the other hand do not give entire control because server resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space are shared among different web hosting account users. In simpler words, its web hosting operation performs like shared hosting. Hence, users do not get the full-root control over servers to host web projects.

  1. WP Hosting for WordPress Sites Only, VPS for All

WordPress hosting plans are basically configured for WordPress sites only. So, if you built websites on other frameworks like PHP, Perl, and others, there is no point of using WordPress hosting plans. In such cases, VPS hosting plans are reliable and give the top-notch web hosting infrastructure to host volumes of websites and applications. Thus, many enterprises prefer VPS hosting services instead of WordPress hosting to scale their websites.


WordPress hosting plans are a reliable web hosting option for individual bloggers or WordPress users. On the other hand, VPS hosting users have an upper hand because VPS servers provide more security and an isolated web hosting infrastructure.

Thus, determine your web hosting need and check which kind of website do you want to host. MilesWeb offers managed web hosting services with compelling features cPanel, a higher bandwidth and free SSL certifications. And you host your mission-critical web projects with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

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