What is Wordpress CMS for Website | An Overview
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What is WordPress CMS for Website | An Overview

Creating a website of your own for any purpose, be it a small business or a blog, could be a technical task for many. This is mainly because it not only comes with a package of instructions, but the task itself is very time to consume as complained by many beginners. Choosing the best website platform, a domain name and customizing your site according to the nature of your work; many people prefer to hand over this arduous task to web developers, considering it too tech-savvy to manage on their own.


But as it turns out, this isn’t exactly the case.

Website development and setup could be quite an easy and hassle free task, given the right guidance and support.  From getting your domain name to choosing a hub and from designing the web pages to testing the site; the task has been made simpler by the advent of WordPress. And of course, publishing your site is also one of the tasks WordPress gladly takes the responsibility of.

Being an open source content management system, WordPress is one of the leading hosts of blogs and websites for its users. Installed on a web server, the features of WordPress include a template system for the blogs and sites and a plug-in architecture for user support.

Released in May 2003, the website had been unstoppable in terms of growth and advancement. WordPress is a comprehensive package for website design and development, and also for bloggers -it is the best thing that has ever happened!

WordPress Plug-ins (to add additional Functionality)

A plug-in, in simple terms, is a piece of software aimed at providing various functions in one go for the websites. It is the software which provides multiple functions to be added to a website. WordPress Plugins are written in PHP programming, thus allowing added features on the website on WordPress. The ease of integration of PHP with WordPress is the reason why plugins are written in – to make adding features as effortless as possible.

wordpress plugin setting

WordPress has more than 40,501 plugins available and might be aiming for more. This enables the sites to add increasing features, depending on the nature of the website that is to be developed. The custom features help website builders and designers to create features in accordance to their needs, and the content that would be posted on the website. Whether it is a client portal or search engine optimization or merely a search engine link, the plugins have got everything covered. WordPress plugins can be accessed here at wordpress plugin directory. it is all free here however you can buy paid plugins also on digital market places like codecanyon.net


WordPress Themes (to Create Custom Design)

If there is one thing WordPress could not be separated from, apart from its obvious functions, is the theme. This feature of WordPress allows the users with blogs or websites to switch between different themes, according to the need of their site or blog. The theme collection includes everything from various genres, such as the classical and fun themes, providing the users with a wide assortment of options for their website/blog aesthetics. The installation of a theme does not alter the functionality or any feature of the WordPress website or blog.

The themes are designed using the PHP, and HTML (cascading style sheets) for a cohesion of theme designs and features with the websites and blogs on WordPress.

wordpress theme setting

The appearance of the administration tool in WordPress helps users to navigate their way through the theme collection, both that are free of cost and paid. The dashboard icon allows users to select from a range of themes for their website/blog which best suits them. there are millions of free themes available in wordpress themes directory. However, you can also buy well-designed themes from any third party digital marketplaces like ThemeForest or elegant themes.

WordPress Multi User Feature (For Multiple User Access)

One of the very amazing features of WordPress is the multi user feature which enables more than one person to share the website or blog on WordPress. Before the release of version 3 of WordPress, the website had been enabling only one user per site or blog but after the advancement of features and plugins, it has made it easy for various website users or bloggers to share a single platform for their work.

wordpress multi user feature

The snapshot contains a single user, but the team members could be added from the users of WordPress by the admin of the website/ blog. With that, multiple users could come to one platform for sharing their information. Multi Blogging is part of the same; with one WordPress account, a user can have more than one blog or website, controlled by a single user id.

WordPress is used by big brand worldwide. and it is most flexible and easy to use website/blog cms for all types of people non-technical or technical and best thing is you only need to buy a domain name, web hosting for your website and download free WordPress software to create a website using WordPress cms.


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