WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform developed for WordPress users and is the most popular platform worldwide. The majority of the eCommerce websites you come across on internet are using WooCommerce as their eCommerce platform and the best part about it is that it is free for use. It is very powerful, easy to use and the best thing SEO friendly.

WooCommerce Features:

  • Setup your store
  • Offer Flexible and Secure Payments
  • Manage orders on to Go
  • Sell anything like products/services or any digital product
  • Enhance your store with free and paid extensions
  • Freedom and Open Source
  • Content and Commerce
  • Affordable and Scalable

WooCommerce Pros:

  • Great for WordPress users
  • Highly customizable
  • Plenty of Integrations
  • The active community of developers and experts

WooCommerce Cons:

  • WooCommerce updates sometimes don’t work well with WordPress
  • Requires knowledge and proficiency in WordPress
  • Self-hosted which means handling all maintenance and updates
  • While the WooCommerce plugin is free, costs can still run high when you factor in hosting, development, maintenance, etc.

WooCommerce Website Pricing:

WooCommerce is available for free on WordPress but you have to pay for the hosting, domain, and other things. Below is a layout of the cost structure. Extensions and site-related cost:

Domain Name$15
SSL Certificate$149


Monthly Ongoing Costs:

Web Hosting$29

This is a rough estimate. Prices can differ according to your preferences.


Technical Details:

Supported Devices:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Web-based

Supported Language:

  • English

Pricing Model:

  • Free

Customer Types:

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Business

Our Opinion:

WooCommerce is a free plugin to use and because of it, the thought of having an online store has now converted into reality for many of us.

WooCommerce comes with all solutions needed to maintain an eCommerce website like payment gateways, product selling, managing clients. Also, the best thing about it is the user interface which is easy to understand and work with.

There is a saying by Stan Lee “With great power comes great responsibility”. Setting up a store and getting all necessary plugins is easy but the main part comes at managing it which is completely at your end.

So, if you have a proper plan and are ready to manage an online store, WooCommerce is the plugin for you.

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