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Twitter Launched A New App for Windows 10

Within days of the Windows 10 launch, Twitter has unveiled a native app for that operating system.

Without requiring you to log in, the application showcases top trending twitting, photos, and videos. It will also give tweets in Live Tiles right from the Start Menu, The Next World-wide-web reported.

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The app is created under Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform which can be expected to also are powered by Windows 10 Mobile after that rolls out later within the year.

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One can likewise attach multiple photos to every tweet, view animated GIFs and watch Vine videos online.
Direct Messaging is additionally supported.
The Universal Windows Platform has the potential to catalyze the development of new software for both desktops along with mobile Windows devices in a manner that Windows 8 could certainly not.
The new Twitter app can be found for download via the Windows App Store at this point.

Conclusion: Twitter has become a must-be-having app for celebrities to political parties, everyone uses it to express their thoughts about current topics by performing microblogging, looking at the increasing demand twitter has now launched a new app for windows 10.

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