Why You Should Not Use Free Web Hosting Services


Why You Should Say BIG NO to Free Hosting Providers

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So many things on the web operate on the freemium model, so we are all accustomed to expect freebies. However, if you have a business, the one thing that you definitely should invest in is your web presence. Given the low cost of web hosting and domain registration these days, it is simply not worth it to use free web hosting. Here are some of the issues that come with free web hosting.

say no to free webhosting

Free is not always a good Idea

Here is 7 Strong Reason Why you should not go with Free Web Hosting Provider:

  • NO CONTROL OVER YOUR SITE – When you don’t own your own site, you have no power over its existence or presence. The company can decide to take away your free domain anytime. Your site can be removed for many reasons anytime.
  • THERE IS NO SAFETY – I know a company which offered free hosting services. Hundreds of thousand users started their blog in it. But their servers were hacked severely by hacking experts. The websites hosted on the free service cannot be as secure as paid hosting service. After all, with less revenue, the companies invest less into facility building and safety protection and offer poor management and maintenance. Besides, as it is free, many spam websites and illegal websites such as adult, political, or illegal sites like to host with free web hosting.
  • INJECTED ADVERTISEMENT – The web hosts that provide free web hosting service only rely on advertising revenue. Although a little per user, they can get much from thousands of users like you. The problem is that you cannot control what it is. Does it fit your website content, or does it align with your website style? These ads would make your sites strange and out of place, and distract your visitors and take them off your message.
  •  LACK OF DESIGNS, THEMES – Your website will be limited by what templates the free web hosting company offers you. Often you won’t be able to change the look and feel easy, change the layout, or add interactive features.
  •  INSUFFICIENT RESOURCES – Free web hosting packages only provide the basic services for a sample website, including a limited amount of webspace, email addresses, and some other resources. To save the expense manage and maintain, the web hosts allocate thousands of users hosted together. As one of these users, your website cannot get sufficient system resource to run smoothly and fast, especially at the peak time.
  •  LACK OF HELP AND SUPPORT – You get what you pay for, if you find a good web host, you often get support and reliability. With free web hosts, there is no guarantee of reliability and if you have problems you are on your own.
  • NOT SEO FRIENDLY – Website builders have improved as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, but they are not as advanced as those with popular CMS like Word Press. It is easier to rank with a Word Press site due to its coding and wide array of SEO plugins available. Additionally, if you don’t have a unique domain name to start with, your site will have a hard time ranking in Google’s search engine.

I know you wish to keep your budget minimal and instead of going to free one, you should opt for some of the cheapest hosting, which offers quality service at very reasonable amount like www.bigrock.in. If you are determined to use a free site, then at least get yourself a domain name. This will make sure that your address stays with you, even if your host goes caput. Start your web presence right, to begin with, and you can save yourself from a lot of problems down the line.



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