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WordPress is one of the most popular hubs for website and blog development is progressing in terms of features and options rapidly. Before that, Flash, HTML code and CSS took a lot of time and skills to be mastered in order to make a website, which ultimately associated complexity with website development.  Here is the reason behind WordPress’s popularity despite the competition:

WordPress is User-Friendly

What do beginners need other than a manual which clearly describes each step they need to take in order to master a tool or software? Well, if the tool itself is simple yet comprehensive, such that it eliminates most of the complexities, then what more is possibly required? WordPress is all that and more!

With the understanding of Microsoft Word, you would be well aware of how to add your content in the first place. And with the basic understanding, the path becomes even easier for beginners. Also, with the help of plugins, you will be able to introduce forms and galleries to the website, which otherwise would have been hard to do using loose HTML code.

Drupal is one of the options except WordPress with intricate systems, but it gets pretty complex once learning begins, making it unsuitable for amateurs.

It is Free of Cost

WordPress, being one of the comprehensive hubs aiding website development, is totally free and that is what earns it higher points than its counterparts. With a wide assortment of themes and layout options to choose from, WordPress provides its users ease of website development. Not just that, but it also allows the user to maintain a unique blog or website to standout among his competition. This is so because the designs and templates aren’t limited to a certain style only.

The Option of Responsive Web design; Automatically

Website designs need to be carefully planned and executed to be compatible with hand-held devices. A responsive web design is a key to success in today’s age, with the increasing number of website visitors using their gadgets such as smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. WordPress is the answer for everyone looking to construct a website of their own. WordPress helps the website and blogs to instantly become mobile friendly without having to use any of the complex coding procedures, thus making it a lot simple and hassle free, in addition to being more efficient than the options of yesteryears.

Joomla is one of the website hosts with a lot of options similar to WordPress itself and could be a very good option for websites using plugins; however, it requires technical coding and detailing to make a custom website.

The Size of Website isn’t an Issue

With WordPress, the size of the website is not a problem and the features and options would still be available nonetheless. Whether it is an online store you aim at developing with WordPress or a simple blog to broadcast your photography skills or written content, WordPress is able to manage that and much more quite effectively. Websites such as eBay and CNN also run on WordPress you can check here WordPress showcase.

Along with that, the support system on WordPress doesn’t let the user face any of the adversities alone. Whatever glitches or bugs may arise during website development, the solution is only a query away. The bug would be fixed and you would be supplied with ample personal experiences and expert knowledge to deal with such issues on your own.

It is Open Source

Open source is basically any program the source code of which access to the general public to read, study, and change according to one’s requirements and preferences. WordPress is open source.

This means users can report bugs as well as test the code and improve it by submitting patches when using WordPress. Software developers can have quick access through this to rectify any of the bugs in the software. Also, WordPress, being an open source platform, makes it easy for people to contribute to the site by adding patches, creating themes and introducing plugins to it; thus making it a rich platform for webmasters.

Free Support by Volunteer

When looking for help and assistance while setting up your WordPress website, the good news for beginners is that the platform provides them with help and assistance pertaining to the program and the setup issues one might face when creating a site or a blog on WordPress. WordPress provides free support and assistance to the users and the beginners by allowing the users on the forum using it as a platform to attend to different questions and issues regarding the setup and other installation problems faced by beginners.

Start by searching for the tags related to the issue you are facing and you’ll get to read the related posts by different users and there is a chance you’d be able to find the solution there. If not, then you can always post your own query by adding a subject to it and explaining in detail the problem.  It is also advisable to add the link to your site so that the individuals trying to help you out may have some idea about what the problem is all about.

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Landing Pages for WordPress

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