What is the Press Release in SEO?

The usual way of issuing information from the press is done mainly by writing a press release. It is an official, authorized statement about the policies and the activities of the organization. The press release should be factual, correct and the project policy should be clear without any ambiguity because the company or the government has to stand by it.

It should not leave any scope for misreporting. It is then sent to various newspapers, periodicals and even to the radio and the television news offices. They should also have to communicate with the news agencies, which have direct contact with the teleprinter of the main newspaper offices in the country. The news agencies then will edit it and will not send out it entirely, so it is always important to send out the full release as widely as possible.

How to Write a Press Release?

The press release is mainly written in a journalistic style and it should follow the principles of news reporting. The introduction or lead should in summary format. They should answer the five W’s and one H as it includes in the news story. In the second paragraph, they should elucidate and elaborate on the points.

It should contain facts and information so as to grow the interests of the readers and it should try to cover all aspects of the specific subject or topic. It should not be lengthy, concise and to the point. The piece of writing should be clear without having any ambiguity. As far as possible each story should try to complete within itself. The memory of the public is short and they would not go to remember what had been said about a subject a couple of months ago.

They should main a consistent format. The name of the agency from where it is going to release should be given on the top. The date and place are given on the top right side. It should also have a title or subtitle. In case of release from a non-official organization, it is important to mention the designation and the telephone number of the person during release.

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Quick Tips to Write  Good Press Release

Press releases are an important part of any public relations strategy. It is a short compelling document detailing the product releases, event announcements, and other newsworthy items including company products.

There were few basic things required for a great press release. And it will make the company look more professional, accessible and attractive for the writers who were looking for stories.

  1. GET RIGHT TO THE POINT IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH: The reporters are nowadays busy, so the readers assume the story by reading the first line and then they scan the rest of the story even if it is a general assumption. One should get the message of the press release quickly. Each and every important point should be addressed in the first few sentences. The rest of the paragraphs should be written for supporting the information.
  2. IT SHOULD INCLUDE HARD NUMBERS: It is quite easy to fill up a page with a creative and colorful narrative. The artistry was done by the writers and they pack the press release with hard numbers supporting the significance of the product or the announcement. If they are claiming something then they had to prove it as a backup. If they quantify their argument then it will become much more compelling.
  3. IT SHOULD BE GRAMMATICALLY FLAWLESS: Let other people read the press release before letting it out because a single mistake can dissuade the reporter from taking the thing seriously.
  4. QUOTE SHOULD BE INCLUDEDWHENEVER POSSIBLE: There is a source of natural color that cannot be replicated and i.e. quote. When a good quote is included for some company, or close to any product or event gives a human element to the press release. It is a source of information in its own way.
  5. ONE SHOULD INCLUDE ONE’S CONTACT INFORMATION: A common thing which press release lack is the source of contact information for the reporters who they follow. When the workers or someone else of the company is the source of contact then they should not forget to include their email address and contact number on the press release.
  6. FOR WRITING ONE PAGE IS BEST BUT MAXIMUM TWO PAGES: While most of the writing which is shorter is usually the best. One should limit their quantity of writing to one page through two pages is acceptable. It will force the writer to condense the more silent information into a readable document, something which journalist always looks for.


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Conclusion: Press Release is an important document in SEO that needs to be published while launching any new business or you are looking forward to bring any new product to the market. It helps the people to recognize you well as the information released through the press release has genuine resources attached.

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