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A Brief Guide to Google Analytics

  • June 19 2021
  • Shamsher

At present time, it's hard to find a website not using Google Analytics. Every website is using Analytics for better performance.

If you haven't installed google analytics then this guest post is for you. You might have installed it but never saw that data. For this, you can try this website for the top leading digital marketing services in India.

It's one of the most powerful analytic tools available for a website. We will talk about the importance of analytics and how you can get started.

Google Analytics is a free tool for websites. It helps the website owner to view data related to the traffic on the site. It can also give you answers to various metrics.

You will know about the most visited page of your website. The duration they were on the page. Their browser and the device used by them. What brought them to your website. How many users are currently using your website?

All these metrics will help you to understand the website better. You'll know your audience and can create a strategy to target them. You can know about the audience's behavior which is very essential. It will also integrate other google programs like AdSense or AdWord that can help your website grow.

New Analytics 5

The new version of Google Analytics has so many new things. It has custom dashboards, which means you can create a customized dashboard for your website. You have options to see the information in a table, chart, or other graphical ways.

The inclusion of JavaScript makes the look flawless and smooth. All the major changes are in the look of the application. There aren't any major technical changes.

Some features like breadcrumbs and additional links have been removed. But they will not affect the performance of the analytic tool.

A Brief Guide

This is a guide that will tell you about the major features of Google Analytics and how you can use them.

Track Website or App Visitors

A website can only be successful if there are enough visitors on the page. This is hence one of the most impactful features of Google Analytics. You can find the number of visitors, how long they were here, their number of visits, and many more.

VISITORS: To check the number of visitors on your website, you have to select the "users" option. This will show you the number of visitors in a given amount of time.

Number Of Visits: Now you can also check how many times a user visited your website. For this, you have to select "sessions". This will give you the number of visits in a fixed period. You can also select "behavior" and then select "new vs return" to find how many new visits were made.

It will help you distinguish between a first-time visitor and a regular viewer. You can also see the stats for various categories.

Visitors on Different Pages

A website consists of several pages. The traffic can differ on each page. There may be a page that might be getting the maximum traffic. If you know the popular page, then you can also predict the likings of your visitors.

You can see visitors by page. Go for "site content section" the just click on all pages. This will take you to a chart. This chart will tell you pageviews, unique pageviews, average time spent, and many more aspects. You can see the most visited page on the top.

Visits by a Day or Hour

You can see the traffic breakdown on a particular day. This helps you to know what's happening on your website. You can select a date domain that you want to see. You will then see the traffic between those days.

This will help you understand the pattern of traffic on the website. You can also spot days that have an unbelievable amount of traffic.

To see a visit by the hour just click "overview" in the audience section. This will reveal the busiest hours of your website. You can figure out the time at which people visit your website the most You can sync this time by the launch time of any new product or scheme.

How People Reach Your Website

It can tell you how viewers are reaching your website. Which oath they are choosing to be on your homepage. This information is very important.

Search Traffic: If you click on organic search, it'll take you to the page which shows some terms. These are the terms searched by the audience to land on your website. This will help you to analyze the SEO and how well it is working for you.

Direct: Select direct traffic in overview to see this info. It doesn't have much to offer.

Social Media: It is one of the most impactful channels responsible for high traffic. By clicking on social media in overview, you will see from which social media your audience is coming from. This can help you figure out which social media campaign is working effectively for you.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is the key factor to determine the success of a website. It has two categories goals and e-commerce. They can help you track several things.

You can further divide goals into 4 parts. You can set a goal according to your requirements. For this, you just have to select a goal type, name it, and define it. You can set several pages that will take the users to the goal page.

E-commerce can be complicated. You need a lot of effort to set up e-commerce.


This was a guide that included all the key features of Google Analytics. There are some other features like custom reports, content, demographic location, etc. Google Analytics is a free service that you can leverage to enhance the performance of your website.

This is very important to do proper research before integrating analytic with your website. You can also hire professionals to make optimum strategies after collecting the data. Use Google Analytics precisely for amazing results.

At present time, it’s hard to find a website not using Google Analytics. Every website is using Analytics for better performance. If you haven’t installed google analytics then this guest post is for you.

You might have installed it but never saw that data. try this website for the top leading digital marketing services in India.

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