What is Blog Directory Submission in SEO?


What is Blog Directory Submission in SEO?

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As the name suggests blog directory submission means submitting your blogs to different blog directories. This activity increases the visibility of your blogs in various search engines and keeps the natural traffic intact to weblogs. Now if you may ask, what is the use of blog directory submission? The answer is your blogs are limited to your own blogging circle, a nation, or another country as your circle could be out of your realm. That is when you need blog directories to help you out and take your blogs to circles far and near. Blog directories help you by generating various backlinks for your blog or site; you can enhance your web traffic over and above the volume readers of your blog or website. Isn’t that a lucrative process?

Is it the best thing to do for your blogs? To answer that let’s take a tour of the advantages of blog directories.

Advantages of Blog directory submission:

  • You get quality and safe backlinks.
  • Spam free and are a potential source of building SEO friendly backlinks.
  • You get massive exposure.
  • You cross the limited audience hurdle and reach a larger audience.
  • Blog directories display your site for every related search query on their database.
  • Chances of getting paid post opportunities.
  • Chances of getting review requests. (review requests could make you rich in no time, mark these words)
  • Increase in the blog’s overall earnings.
  • Easy and hassle-free, unlike other paths to build links.

Apart from all these points about how blog directories are the best for your blogs and sites, you must also remember to submit only the best and high-quality ones. That will not smash your SEO curve. Good links and juicy blogs always will help you to reach new heights. It is best explained as a give and take system. Where you give amazing blogs to the directories and they create valuable and effective backlinks that will improve the number of inbound links for your website. And if you look at it, you give a lot less than you actually take.

How easy is it to choose a blog directory?

Actually, it is not. Not even close to easy in fact, because not all blog directories are genuine. It is an essentially tedious task to find the right blog directory.  The internet is full of spams and blog directories are overlooked quite often since they are thought to be spammy. But if done carefully they are great for your blogs. Most of the blog directories are free to enroll but there are several blog directories that require a fee to enroll. Obviously, they have their perks of their own and also there are many seo directories are built using wordpress and in fact they share different SEO Strategies for WordPress website.

Now, you must be utterly sure to submit your blog under the most appropriate category to take full advantage of a blog directory submission. Find out some brilliant and huge lists of blog directories related to your blog. Choose the blog directories according to your choices considering PR of the site, domain authority, number of blogs associated etc. Once you are done with choosing the directory, choose a relevant category for your blog. And once you are through with that dig as much as you can and find out a preferable sub-category.

Points to play safe:

  • There will be certain directories that are alluring and has amazing listings but do not give away your blogs to wrong and no- relevant directories.
  • Never spam a directory.
  • Always submit it to the correct category/subcategory.
  • Do not submit to a site that requires reciprocal backlinks or banners on your site.
  • Be careful, spam and unauthentic directories may harm your SEO score.
  • Include Meta description and Meta keywords to help search engines to index your submission correctly.


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Bloggers know how to write with valuable information, which is their forte. What they do not know is the path that will get traffic towards their blogs. Blog directory submission plays an important role in SEO and getting traffic to your blogs.

Conclusion: Blog directory is a very helpful and essential carrier that delivers your blogs to the reader’s doorsteps. In fact, some blog directories can land your blogs in the lap of giant search engines such as Google and Bing. With blog directory holding your hand the internet sphere is pretty much yours and words are how you mark your territory!

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