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What Is Article Submission in SEO?

Article submission is said to be or rather let’s just say it is the most successful among all the SEO techniques. What does it mean? Article submission generally refers to writing or creating articles that are significant to your business and then submitting them to article submission directories. The main purpose of article submission is to attract a larger audience towards your article, without burning a hole in your pocket, obviously. That’s just the best and you can agree on it. The benefits of article submission include marketing, publicity, and advertising, improving your business rank and establishing your business with worldwide experts. While you write articles to submit it to various article submission directories, you must remember some points to get the best of the process:

Here is Quick Tips:

  • Write and submit original articles. (Remember, plagiarism is not the ticket to climb the success stairs).
  • Make sure that you don’t overstuff your articles with keywords but use them and make the article relevant to the keywords.
  • Not too many words to bore people to death.
  • An astounding and unique title is the way to go.
  • Subheadings, bullets, classification, and categorization whenever necessary in the article.

Article submission can accentuate and improve the ranking of your online business in search engines by increasing the amount of PR and backlinks. This is an era of extensive marketing and many of the SEO professionals prefer article submission. One of the best ways to get your readers educated.

Every day and every second million of people are searching the internet for information. Article writing and submission has become a very successful and fast-growing part of internet marketing campaigns. As a whole article submission is considered to be one of the best methods to get a quick result. It provides almost every desire that you have such as PR, backlinks, traffic, ranking and so on and so forth.

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There are two ways of submitting Articles: Automatic submission and manual submission. There are obviously some differences between Automatic and Manual submission. Automatic submission means submitting the post using the software. One just needs to install the software and it will submit the articles automatically to your website. It saves a submitter lot of time when compared to the manual submission process. Manual submission involves visiting article directory one by one and finding out the best that is relevant to your article. This type of article submission has a higher chance of being accepted and indexed, which will consequently give you a higher quality and number of visitors.

Benefits of Article Submission:

  • Makes sure that your articles get higher rankings.
  • The rat race is cutthroat but with article submission services you get a little low blow of the competition.
  • Direct traffic to your article.
  • Brand equity.
  • Exposure to abundance.

There are services that are free of cost as well as those that require fees for enrollment. Now the paid ones are more reliable than the ones that are free. However, there are certain directories that are absolutely free and the traffic driven towards your articles are insanely high. Not everything that is free of cost should be doubted!

The key points of publishing a good quality article are:

  • Search and dig deep for the article submission website list.
  • Start signing up and register yourself with them.
  • Select categories relevant to your article.
  • Use keywords that have low competition.
  • Take help from legendary Google.
  • Write the body of the article in such a way that it contains the keywords.
  • Maintain the density of the keyword.
  • Before submission makes sure that your article complies with the guidelines provided by the directory.

Article submission is the oldest and most trustworthy method to build backlinks and it generates backlinks from high ranking websites for the long term. However, nothing in this world comes without a disadvantage package. Similarly, some of the disadvantages of article submission are that it is very time-consuming.  Also, it is not necessary that viewers or readers will click on your website. Although these are minimum disadvantages and the benefits have a win-win situation here.


Conclusion: Articles submission is one of the most important activities in off-page SEO  which every SEO person but most of the people miss above-mentioned guidelines. Among the key points mentioned here, the so-called potential readers will come swarming over to your article. So go on jot down and get the best article submission directory to publish your article.

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