What Are The Impacts Of Examination Monitoring Software?

The value of the traditional way of doing exams versus online monitoring and exam assessment software has often been debated. And many studies conducted with their advantages and disadvantages explored. But, the overwhelming conclusion does find online exam monitoring benefits outweigh the traditional examination methods and processes.

But, what are the impacts, you ask? Simple, online examination software accelerates the examination process regarding space, time, format, distance, and how exams are controlled. Here are some of the benefits in detail. Examination monitoring software;

Improves Exam Flexibility and Accessibility

Unlike in a traditional setup where only those students in the class could participate in exams, examination software allows students to take tasks from anywhere.

In other words, the exam-taking is not restricted to the “four walls.” Students can access and complete their examinations on their own time. Also, teachers no longer have to include students in scheduling exam time and venue to ensure everyone is content.

Ensures Hassle-Free Exam Preparation and Assessments

The paper-based process of preparation and administering exams was very lengthy. It could take several months to complete the entire examination cycle, from manual typing, printing, administering the papers, monitoring to collecting, analyzing, and sharing the results.

There is a hassle-free process with no more time-consuming processes like manual creation of tests, room allocation, supervision, and record management. The online examination monitoring software has multiple features that ensures faster and easy exam management.

To further allow the assessment and exam creation process, educators can create faculty question banks for different units and upload questions, files, media, and various essential documents under them. This also saves time as you click to share or upload tasks for students to complete.

Promotes Examination Security and Integrity

One problem that is common with the traditional is how to maintain confidentiality or prevent exam irregularities. But, the most outstanding benefit of using examination monitoring software is its level of security.

With artificial intelligence (AI) proctoring, the software ensures no exam malpractices. It captures the students’ real-time activities through audio and video monitoring features. Also, remote proctoring features like webcam and screen recorder help educators watch over the students’ monitors throughout the entire examination period.  

The software also can reshuffle questions in a different order to catch cheating students. And since all the exams are digitally stored and encrypted, students have no chance of accessing the exams before the exam day, thus no exam leakages.

Ensures a Cost-Effective Process

One common disadvantage with traditional examination or paper-based assessment is the cost associated with producing and managing exams. You have to allocate funds for printing, scanning, and hiring supervisors. Also, marking, filing, or archiving results can be very costly.

However, using online examination software saves you a lot of money. Since everything happens online, you won’t have to deal with the printing and scanning, distribution, and supervision costs.


The conventional examination process includes using a lot of papers, which after use are burnt or disposed of. Plus, so many trees are cut to process the documents, which goes against various environmental institutions’ goal of planting trees.

However, with examination software, there is no paper used; everything is digital, thus making it a more eco-friendly means saving environmental resources.

Instant Evaluation and Feedbacks

With traditional examination methods, students could even take several weeks or months before getting their results.

However, the online examination software ensures immediate feedback. Besides, the entire process is automated; thus, educators take less time to understand, analyze, evaluate and rank students’ performances. Teachers can channel most of their time, energy, and resources into other processes.

Ensures Exceptional Accuracy

To effectively rank your students, you need to be accurate, and that’s what examination software offers. With exam management and evaluation solutions, the software can quickly and accurately obtain valuable and precise results.

Ensures Automated Data Back-Up

With cloud storage option, examination software helps rule out the issue of storing tests in hard copies, thus reducing downtime. It also saves on storage space as all the files and documents can be stored in a single location or server.


For educators to stay with time, every stakeholder must be aligned or adopt the evolving educational technologies. So, consider using online examination monitoring software for accurate, timely, and cost-effective exams that are eco-friendly and confidential.

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