What are Local Listings in Search Engines?

What is Local Listing in SEO?

As often asked, what is local listing? The answer is very simple. It is just like a telephone. directory where we get certain information about a person- his/her name, address and phone number. Unlike a telephone directory, it deals with the information of a person’s local business. It may include the name, address and phone number NAP) of the person.

A number of websites like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Google my Business, Bing Places, Citysearch have come forward to help us to create free local business listings.

Methods of Listing Your Business

As a business owner, one has the very right to add his business to a branded listing website and make it more attractive by adding photos, place of his business, and the various product he is selling. The customers can easily get the information about the product by visiting those local listing sites. So, it is an easy way to make a bridge between the customers and the business owners. What you have to do is simply add your business listing to any of the business listing sites.

As for example if you want to go with Yelp, then:

Firstly login your business account to biz.yelp.com.

Once you are logged in, you have to go to the section called BUSINESS INFORMATION where you have to provide your basic business information like your name, address, phone number and your place of business. Make sure to give the correct information to your customers.

From here get your customers informed about your business hours. Go to edit menu and give the correct business hours to help your customers to know about your business timings Make sure to make it PUBLISH.

Next, go to the SPECIALITY section and let the people know about your product and the special services you offer to them. Let your customers answer the question, why they will buy a certain thing from you? Here you can add up to 1500 characters. Never forget to press the PUBLISH button once you have completed adding all the specialties.

The HISTORY section allows you to add up to 1000 characters. Your customers will know the history of your business. Hit the PUBLISH button to make your yelp listing alive.

As consumers are interested to know about the owner, you can also click on the MEET THE OWNER section to make your consumers informed about yourself. You can also add a photo of yours. After every step press, the PUBLISH button to make all the information visible on your yelp pages.

You can also go to the BUSINESS RECOMMENDATION section where you can recommend about five other like businesses you would do in the future.

Through Yelp you can upload any photos relating to your business. Click on the BROWSE button from where you can add photos directly from your computer. It is better to give recent clicked photos so that your customers will get the latest update on your business.

This site also has a MESSAGING section, from where your customers can directly place orders and give feedback to your product. Yelp will notify the owner if they get any message from the customers. So, the owner can contact the customers through emails.

So, through such local business listing sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, the consumers can be benefitted to a great extent.

Benefits of Local Listing

All these local listing sites will act as an advertising media for your local business. So, when you are listed on a good local directory website your business will quickly get an upliftment. Your business will get a brand name if you are attached to a branded local listing website.

When the customers see your business highlighted in a directory, it gives them confidence that you are a legitimate and reliable businessman. Today, 70% of the population prefers online search for a specific product locally. So, if you
have already listed yourself in a local directory, no one can scratch your success.

This is the cheapest and the most convenient way of advertising your local business. It is also a time-efficient way to boost your online identity. And they don’t require a special skill. Anyone with a minimum knowledge of computer can handle it.


Conclusion: These are some of the advantages that any local business can get from local business linkings. So, advance your business with these business linkings.

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