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Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

If you are planning to make your own site to earn profits from the Internet boom but do not familiar with website hosting and other services that are necessary for making and hosting a website, this piece of writing is actually very useful for you. There are loads of basic queries about website hosting whose responds are required for the beginners.

Here we try to sort out problems all such regularly asked queries on site hosting to guide the beginners.

What Do You Mean By Website Hosting?

Hosting a site means creating a site available to public globally. When you make a new site, it is composed of web pages having videos, images, text and other important content for users to view them. However, individuals can view your site only when it is accessible on the Internet. Making your site accessible on the net, you have to save it on a PC known as a web server. When you purchase space on a web server and save your web pages there, your site turns into hosted and can be viewed by everyone.

Do You Know What is a Web Server? 

It is the processor on which the web pages of the site are saved. It ‘serves’ or delivers the content of the site to the viewers through the net. The processor, which proceeds as a server has to contain extremely high specifications. It is joined to the net through the extremely powerful connection. The web hosting organizations or web hosts work with the help of their own servers on which they rent out space to you so that you can host your website and make it accessible to the general public.

What Is The Meaning Of Web Host?

Any organization or person who owns a server and provides web space for a site for website hosting can be known as the web host. Several web hosting companies do not have their own servers but they rent out a server from a big web hosting organization and then resell the space under the umbrella of their own brand. You can call it reseller hosting service. The big web hosting organizations, even own their data center where they people can host over thousands of sites. Data centers have various computer servers attached with the net with high security, quick backup, and connections. A large number of web hosts provides web space and lots more other services associated with the website hosting and are thus also known as web service providers.

Some Important Basic Features to Know of a Web Hosting Plan:
Just read the following list of basic features that various good website hosting plans offer:

Disk Space:

The meaning Disk space is the quantity of storage space or capacity given to you by your web hosting service organization. You require disk space to save your web files composed of audio, video, images, text, etc. Do you know that disk space is considered in megabytes and a reputed hosting organization will offer packages with differing space amounts to cater to the requirements of all sizes of sites- from larger company sites to smaller personal sites?

Customer Service:

This is the most essential and basic feature that a person should seek while choosing site hosting services. Options of Customer support those offered through email, phone, chat etc. are very helpful in the result of every technical or other trouble linked to your website.


The meaning of Bandwidth is the quantity of data that a site can move over a period of time. Bandwidth determines the website speed. Extra bandwidth means more and faster speed. The less bandwidth means the slower speed. Several hosting service organizations offer limitless bandwidth, whereas a few have different rates according to the amount you utilize. In case, your site has heavier pages like with lots of videos, images and other content, then you will require higher storage capacity along with superior quality bandwidth.

Programming Services:

The packages of site hosting also let you make web pages with programming languages including ASP, PHP, HTML, and  databases as. The great offers can be known as those providing MySQL database and PHP language.


The meaning of Uptime is the time percentage that a hosting server running or stays up. 99.99 percent uptime would indicate that your site will go off for about eight hours in a year, while 98 percent uptime would signify that your site may continue with downfall for about 7.3 days in a year. In case, your site is an eCommerce site and your clients pay online or you obtain any sort of business via your site, more downtime can indicate greater losses.

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