Using Twitter to Sell Products

Having a hard time selling your product? Looking for an easy alternative to market your goods? Selling that product has never been this easy.

All you need to have is a personal computer/laptop/smartphone, or any Twitter-capable gadget, a Twitter account, a reliable internet connection, and a good and catchy description of your product.

Over the years, marketing strategy has evolved in many forms. One of the commonly used measures is social media.  In our present technology-driven generation, social media has become one of the leading sources of information.

Now you could have access to worldwide topics, celebrities, and products in no time. With this type of innovation, you could easily engage in online marketing and feel free to advertise your products.

One social media that is accessible to almost everyone in the world is Twitter. It is a type of social media service that enables users to create and read messages called “tweets”. With the growth of Twitter, you could now express your thoughts through posting tweets on the said website.

It is a great online marketing strategy that is free of charge. Now let us enumerate some tips for using Twitter to sell products:

  1. The use of hashtags. Hashtags (#) are a number sign that precedes a certain word to identify a topic. With the use of hashtags, you could immediately see posts related to the hashtagged topic or phrase.

For example #forsalecheap, implies any product that is sold at the lowest price possible. Incorporating hashtags would increase the search possibility of your desired product. Also, this would increase your number of followers which in turn would be essential viewers to your page.

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  1. Follow a lot of people. This would entail that people are aware of your products or service. Also, it helps in filtering a more detailed search of people related to your products.

Like when you are selling a car or vehicle, searching for car enthusiasts or car collectors, you would be able to follow individuals in the same field as you.


  1. Follow celebrities. Following certain celebrities would be helpful since celebrities are known to have a lot of followers. Many social media fanatics could get in touch with your page through a celebrity and you might as well get instant endorsements.


  1. Make a catchy “tweet”. Making a catchy tweet could attract readers and in turn, could be retweeted by your followers. This would increase the marketability of your products since more people would be able to view your tweets.


  1. Find the perfect time to tweet. Make sure that when you tweet, many of your followers are up so that many could read your message.

Don’t make tweets wherein most people are asleep like midnight or during busy times like office hours. Tweet during break time like lunch or dinner or on weekends to make sure many followers could read your tweet.

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  1. Use Products Card. The Product Card is a great way to represent products and retail items on Twitter. This Card type is designed to showcase your products via an image, a description, and allows you to highlight two other key details about your product.


Conclusion: These are just a few tips for using Twitter to sell products. You could also think of more creative ways to an effective online marketing strategy. Think out of the box and explore the web and apply its advantages to our everyday lives. Indeed, selling that product has never been this easy with social media and Twitter.

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