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Why SEO and Content Marketing Together is The Best Strategy to Increase Sales.

  • December 27 2018
  • Shamsher

Digital marketing experts mutually agree on the importance of SEO and content marketing but they very seldom occur that they are used in the same conversation.

Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience — with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

There are many moving parts when it comes to content marketing including creation of content, publishing it, and promoting it to your target audience. Sometimes, the content is created purely out for entertainment purposes that gives the brand great mileage.

Most of the small business owners are heavily relying on commercial search terms when it comes to SEO. This is surely helpful within the organic results as well as the placement in the paid search results, but the merger of content marketing with SEO is what makes you really stand out in the search engine results page.

When a customer is choosing between similar businesses and choosing what to opt for at a SERP(search engine result page), it is content marketing that makes your business stand out. The quality of the copy, the word-play, and the creativity would surely make them click on your business page and enter your conversion funnel.

A majority of the content marketing efforts rely on social media or emails to get the message across to the user, but the question you should ask yourself as a business owner is:

What do people use to ask a question?

The answer is a search engine (well, Google mostly). The targeting tools on social media have become sophisticated but that does not compare to the raw power of the search engine. Having the right content at the right place on Google and other search engines is the best way to increase your sales. This is true especially when it comes to organic search results that come without a cost.

You can start by publishing content on high authority websites to get your content ranked or build your site’s authority to a point where the content gets ranked.

If you create relevant content on your website, the content will rank itself without the need for link building. This combination of content marketing and SEO is a sure-fire way to increase your sales. A great example of this is by Offer Factor on their blog on 5 ways to nail your outfit this Thanksgiving.

Traffic and searches during the holiday season are on a rise, placing this kind of content is a great organic way to get to the people who are searching for the Thanksgiving outfit ideas. By providing valuable information to your audience as well as cultivating a sales pitch within the content is surely going to get you the conversions that your e-commerce store needs.

SEO supercharges content marketing and content marketing supercharges SEO. When your content ranks well on SERPs you are definitely going to get exposure. This improves brand awareness and drives more traffic to your website.

For organic search results, there is no additional cost per click involved so that is an added bonus. Content marketing supercharges SEO as the links that contain information are more likely to be clicked. That helps your SEO as your content is going to get published across various platforms and improve your link building.

A great way to go about it to provide answers that people are likely to ask about your niche and cash in the Google quick answers feature. Just as an example, we searched “How to fix my website SEO” and got this result in the Google quick answer snippet on the SERP.


If you are able to provide valuable content that caters to the audience needs, your content will surely be ranked well and generated hundreds of clicks for you free of cost.

Another upcoming and relevant example would be from the Christmas holiday season. We searched “Ideas for Christmas costumes” and got this in the SERP.

This example of content marketing combined with SEO surely brings Oriental Trading a lot of visitors.


The website has its pages optimized for Christmas costume ideas and the results appear on the first page of Google. This means hundreds of clicks for the business free of cost and dozens of sales.

Content marketing and SEO should go hand in hand for any website. The strategies are not easy and not quick but if you manage to nail them, they would bring in results for a sustained period of time.

Conclusion: Mastering the art of SEO & Content Marketing is the holy grail of internet marketing and definitely something that you should look forward to applying in your business strategies.



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