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Understanding the Domain Authority for Better Rank

Until only recently, SEO experts have been heavily relying on Google’s metric called PR (page rank) to establish the position of the site in the digital realm. However, many reporting services have emerged and presented their own metrics. The one that stands out today is the Moz Domain Authority (DA) score, which became very prominent very quickly.

It’s widespread use as a competitive metric has allowed it to become a historic measure of SEO endeavors, and it also become one of the things that changed the face of SEO.

Principles of authority

Moz developed DA metric in order to calculate the position of a certain site in Google SERPs (Search Engine Resuts Pages). The goal is to access the value of a certain domain, and compare it to others. This required a thorough understanding of the way the search results are generated and an immense amount of data, which comes from the Mozscape web index.

The Book of the Internet

It is not hard to grasp the importance of the DA in the SEO world. After all, we all use search engines to get the data we need, and find crucial information. Internet deities such as Google are enormous digital libraries, and like in the real ones, the key is to be on the right shelf.

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The holy trinity

Although DA is only one of many ranking factors, it does seem to stand out from the rest of them. It is based on the holy trinity of factors: Domain’s age, popularity and size. Under that surface lies a complex matrix of on-site and off-site factors, which give resourceful online marketers an edge over the competition.

A learning curve

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To make the ranking prediction, a machine learning process is used. It’s not like we could look in a crystal ball and find out the future. To be more precise, DA metric searches for an algorithm that best correlates with the rankings across the search engine landscape. A single score is then formed, which is a product of factors like total number of links, linking root domains, MozRank, MozTrust, etc.

Signal fire

A total of over forty signals determine the outcome of the calculation and the score is presented on a 100-point scale. Much more in-depth than the PR scale of 1-10. DA is an aggregate of metrics, and each component has its role to play. Also, its logarithmic nature means that it is easier to move up while you are ranked lower, and much more challenging as you move up, step by step.

Raw quality

Some specific metrics like MozRank give you a clear idea about raw link popularity, while high-level ones provide you with an answer to the bigger question. Namely, it is the ultimate dilemma in the digital realm: How powerful is the website in terms of ranking position in search queries?

Tools of the trade

You can come across these parameters in many SEO and digital marketing platforms. Those who want to take advantage of the DA metric can do this using an Open Site Explorer or the MozBar, a free SEO toolbar. However, you may find out that it is quite difficult to directly influence the DA and boost the rankings that way.

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Peaks and valleys

One of the key applications of these findings is for making a comparative analysis of the website’s strength. The fact that the score fluctuates constantly, DA is great for tracking the ups and downs of the ranking roller coaster in a way that it signals the good and bad factors of your SEO campaign.  Thus, considering the volume of factors in play, the best way to achieve a better position is to constantly work on your SEO efforts.

A level playground

So, it is clear that with the arrival of the DA, the playing field has been leveled. Yet, the game has remained complex, and the rules do tend to change. And considering that the regular updates make the score fluctuate, it is essential to track data and to monitor the DA on regular basis. Giving in to the notion that anything good can be done overnight and that spammy techniques are good for you will still make you very wrong.

Nothing but DA

However, solely working on your domain authority through the exploits of your SEO efforts such as creating a ton of backlinks, will send you falling backwards. Even faster than you went up. Don’t forget to add enough interesting material to your site – work on your content, do some on-page optimisation, don’t frighten your visitors with flashing ads and pop-ups, incorporate your brand design into the wordpress theme you’re using, engage visitors by using appropriate wordpress plugins, become prominent on social media, etc.

Now that you’ve come to grasp the importance of DA, you should definitely look into ways of improving it in the most natural way. Contact your
trusted SEO expert and start rising to the top!

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