Udemy Review

Udemy is an online learning platform and is amongst the topmost in their field. It has over 130,000 courses and millions of learners on it. There are courses related to every genre on it and anyone can upload or subscribe to courses on Udemy. Also, the best thing about online learning is that you can gain it at a very affordable price.

Udemy Features:

  • Wide Range of Course Offerings
  • No prequalification necessary to take any course
  • Free or low-cost tuition
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Immediate access
  • Lifetime access to the enrolled course
  • Certificate of application
  • Access to prior students reviews and ratings
  • Instructors have Practical, Professional knowledge
  • Self-paced

Udemy Pros:

For Instructors:

  • Aggressive Revenue sharing of tuition fees
  • Creator pricing control
  • Access to an established customer base
  • Brand building and tie-ins
  • Proprietary technology for publishing

For Students:

  • Ability to Test drive
  • Discounted and low-cost courses
  • Instructor and students’ feedback
  • Extensive course offering dwarf competition

Udemy Cons:

For Instructors:

  • Uncertain quality of Udemy Courses
  • Lenient Return Policies
  • Reliance on Personal Marketing Efforts
  • Competitive course offerings with Udemy

For Students:

  • Lack of Academic Credit
  • Variability of Production Values
  • Lack of Course Mastery Validation
  • Overlapping Course content

Udemy Pricing:

On Udemy you can opt for courses with a one-time payment and for the business partnership it has the following plans:

  • Free Trial
  • Udemy Team
  • Udemy Enterprise

Udemy Team: $360 per user per year

  • 5-20 users
  • Unlimited, on-demand access to 4,000+ top-rated courses
  • Branded dashboard & custom URL
  • iOS and Android app for offline viewing and casting capabilities

Udemy Enterprise: Quote – based

  • 21 or more users
  • Unlimited, on-demand access to 4,000+ top-rated courses
  • Branded dashboard & custom URL
  • iOS and Android app for offline viewing and casting capabilities
  • Create and host custom content
  • Create and share customized learning paths
  • Custom categories
  • International Collection: Native courses in French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese

Technical Details:

Supported Devices:

  • Web-based
  • IOS
  • Android

Supported Language:

  • English

Pricing Model:

  • One-time
  • Annually


  • Cloud-hosted

Customer Types:

  • Students
  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise
  • Freelancers

Our Verdict:

It is very difficult for a working professional or a business owner to find time for classroom learning and many times it is too expensive and too theoretical to deliver knowledge that benefits students in their profession.

Udemy is an interesting platform to look at in the field of learning. It has transformed the way of pursuing an educational course. Now people look for knowledge rather than a diploma.

Udemy is a platform whose idea is very innovative of the video learning platform and surely, the competitors will arise but Udemy will keep on maintaining its lead.

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