Top 10 Monitoring tools to Search and Analyze Your Social Presence

Social media has changed the face of customer’s relationships. It has connected people and brands. A platform to share your daily life updates, photos, reviews. It has helped all small business and freelancers get more business. But what about tracking those shares, monitoring public attitude towards your company?

In this age of technology, if you don’t have the desire to be involved with social media for your business, you really don’t have any choice. Talking about tracking and monitoring “Social media monitoring” helps in this. It is a tool help in tracking, monitoring, comparing customer’s needs. Most organization has now recognized the growing importance of monitoring social media.


Let’s have a look on the top 10 social media monitoring tools (powerful tools to monitor your online presence more effectively) –

  • Google analytics– It is the most used tool as it helps in tracking parameters through Google’s url builder which will allow you to collect more specific data, it also allows you to see which traffic sources convert best. Its best part is it is free.


  • Addict-o-matic – Scans YouTube, word press and Bing news for mentions. Results are customizable; you can delete a network’s mention feed if you don’t need those mentions. It’s free, go and sign up now for better tracking your social activity.


  • Brand watch– It monitors data from 80 million sources, such as blogs, forums and all social networks such as Facebook. It measures the metrics such as audience interest and gender ratio. It cost varies based on mentions per month and historical data access.


  •– It is one of the easy monitoring tools. It allows you to track as well engage in online conversations relevant to your business. The new option “slacks integration” makes this tool even more useful and helpful. Try a free trial today!


  • Sprout social –If you haven’t check out this, then do it today. My personal favorite, this platform integrates with twitter, Facebook, Google plus pages and LinkedIn. The tool is focused on engagement, publishing and analytics. The publishing feature allows users to quickly schedule a post to multiple accounts at the most important times in reaching your community. It offers a free (no cc) 30 day free trail.


  • Tweet deck – It solely focuses on twitter, helping multi- task between your mentions, lists, performance of certain hash tags and the activity of your competitors, all this from a simple dashboard


  • Plumlytics– It is a predictive analytics based on social marketing. It helps you predict what customers are looking for, talking about, liking, best time to engage and many more. It offers a free trial as well.


  • Hootsuite –It is a free social media listening tool and available, covers multiple social networks, including most famous ones twitter, Facebook, Word press etc. The weekly reports and excellent team management facility can be very useful when there is more than one person handling the social media accounts.


  • Social mention – Quite popular among social media enthusiasts. It monitors over 100 social media sites. It analysis data in more depth and measures. Also display top keywords, hash tags and sites.


  • Quintly– It is a tool where you can try out your primary analysis and afterwards just depending on the number of social pages you want to manage. It is easy to use and give you best overview in a very sphoiscated way. Allows you to tracks the interaction rate of your post, followers rate growth, geographical overview and lot more.


Hope it was helpful for you guys as it is clear now social media monitoring tool space is crowded. Do let us know which tool you are using and your experience to monitor your social media presence!


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