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Top 7 Free Website Analysis Tools for SEO

When you drive all that traffic back from Social Media channels is your website ready to accept that traffic?

Every so often we need to step back to review our website to see how it is performing and see what improvements we can make. Here are Top 7 Website Analysis tools that are useful and worth exploring.  Most are free and some have a free component to them.

1.  Quicksprout Website Analysis

Neil Patel from Quicksprout recently released a tool that does a full analysis of your website for free. Just enter your website address and it will display a series of results and recommendations.

The tool is completely free and very useful. Here’s an example, which is a speed test on your website.

How I Beat Google's Core Update by Changing the Game


What’s good about the tool is that you can view an overview and then drill down into more detailed information. For example, in the report above you’d like to know what elements are taking the longest time to download.

You’ll see one image that nearly takes .5 of a second to download


2. Understand your website visitors using Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange provides a 7-day free trial that is worth checking out.  When you install the software it starts tracking visitors to your website. You can monitor visitors in real-time, see what pages they are on, where they are navigating to, and even where their mouse movements are.

If you want you can interact with them while they are browsing by sending them a message.  You know what country they are from and what pages they have browsed to so you can strike up a conversation with them!

Understanding your visitors is extremely important and trying out the 7-day trial will help.

Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Live Chat Software ...


3.  Understand the optimization of your site for Social Sharing

When someone shares content from your website to social channels there is additional information you can provide that is sent to the relevant platform that improves how the information is shared.

Is this the new SEO?  i.e. SMO? (Social Media Optimization).  I don’t know about that but it is something certainly worth considering.

Know. em has provided a useful utility that analyzes your website for these tags.  Just enter your website address and it will show you your results.

KnowEm Username Search: Social Media, Domains and Trademarks

In one area we scored 0% because we don’t have twitter card information on our site. Twitter card information is additional tags you add to content to describe what it’s about.

When you view the tweets shared on Twitter more information can be displayed about the links that are included. This means you have a better chance of the tweet standing out and getting more clicks on the links.

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Your developer can add this content manually or you can use some plugins. For example, if you are on WordPress then you can use the WordPress SEO plugin to add Twitter card information.

4.  Check your Domain Authority using Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a tool provided by Moz and displays details of how well your website is ranked using a proprietary ranking system developed by Moz.

One key area is your domain authority.  This is a ranking system where your site is ranked out of 100.  The higher the number is the better and the easier it is to rank for content that is relevant to the services you provide.

So it’s important to know your domain authority.  To increase it you need to focus on getting links from other sites that have a high domain rank that is in your industry.

The image below it shows the following (which are all relevant)

  • Domain Authority – Rating out of 100 for your domain
  • Page Authority – Every page on your website is ranked out of 100 also.
  • Linking Root domains – This shows the number of unique websites that link back to your website.

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5.  Check Website on various browsers

There are so many different platforms and browsers you can’t assume that your website will work correctly on them all. Browserstack lets you pick a selection of browsers and platforms (over 200 available) and displays a screenshot of what your website looks like on each of these platforms/browsers.

When you enter your website address there are 20 browsers already selected.  You can continue your test using these browsers or select whatever you want to display.

When you run your test you’ll see a screenshot for each of the browsers.  As you can see below our site has an issue on Windows XP Internet Explorer 7 which is worth exploring.


6.  Check current ranking for keywords with rank checker

Rank checker is a free Firefox extension that allows you to check where you are ranking on Google for particular keywords. You enter your domain and keywords you want to check and the Rank checker will display results for Google and Yahoo.

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You can also save these keywords in a file so you don’t have to type them in the next time you are running a test.

7.  Analyze your website with Neustar

Neustar provides a free website speed test that shows you the speed of downloading a page on your website from multiple locations around the world.

If you find that the download speeds are all very high you’ll need to start talking with your hosting provider or developer.  You may also find that it’s high for one location but not another.

 This would mean that you might need to consider a CDN (Content distribution network) that distributes your content around the globe.

Free Load Testing and Website Performance Test | Neustar Tools


Conclusion: It’s important to step back every so often and do an analysis of your website. Would you use the tools above?  What other tools would you use?
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