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Top 5 External Scholarships In Canada For International Students

Canada is among the best study destinations for international students today. However, depending on the course you take, studying abroad can quickly become financial baggage.

Tuition fees alone can set you back over $20000 per year. Keep in mind that there are other expenses included like accommodation, utility costs, transportation, and books. All these can drive that figure a lot higher, making it impossible for some dreams to be nurtured.

Therefore, looking for a scholarship should be one of your top priorities as an international student in Canada. Most financial aid awards are merit-based, which means you must demonstrate high academic competence for you to be considered.

You can either get a full or partially funded scholarship depending on the duration of your degree program and the organization offering the support.


We have compiled a list of five external scholarships in Canada that might interest you in this article. Read on to learn more!


#1. Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Pierre Elliot Trudeau scholarship is the most prestigious of its kind in Canada. It provides scholarships to international Ph.D. students every year.

As a beneficiary, you will be awarded up to $40,000 annually to cover all the necessary personal expenses and your tuition fee. It’s worth noting, though, that anyone who qualifies for the scholarship is expected to serve in the community as a volunteer. You should also be ready to attend any related conference or event.

Applicants are expected to serve in the communities as volunteers. They will also be expected to organize a conference aimed to impact the lives of people in society. At the end of the day, you will not only be able to complete your studies, but you’ll also receive enough leadership training to help you in your career.


#2. African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Program

This program was created to honor the late Nelson Mandela by awarding African students with financial help. ALT program awards scholarships to students pursuing master’s degrees.

It is primarily aimed at the public administration and public policy disciplines. Therefore, if you are an African student in Canada looking for a scholarship that suits the bill, ALT is one of those options.

Apart from the tuition fees, the award also includes airfare for all students who qualify. This includes travel expenses to Canada and back home. Accommodation, utilities, books, and other relevant costs will be taken care of during your stay in Canada.

Remember, since this is a popular scholarship award among most African students, the assessment criteria can be somewhat competitive. Therefore, make sure you meet all the requirements and submit your application as early as possible.

Also, if you are really interested in studying at one of the institutions located in Canada, you can find more information on this post called 10 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students.


#3. Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship

You have probably heard of Surfshark, an internet security-oriented company. Well, it has a fantastic scholarship opportunity for international students looking to study at Sheridan College, Canada. The selected countries include South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, European Union, the USA.

As a beneficiary of this award, you will receive $2000 for your personal use, including accommodation and food. You can also use the same to cover part of your tuition fee. Of course, it’ll not cover all your educational expenses, but that’s a step towards easing your financial baggage.

On top of the cash award, you will also enjoy a 12-month subscription to Surfshark VPN. As such, you can browse and do your online studies without worrying about your internet security.

The company expects you to express your opinion on a given topic regarding cybersecurity. This submission will be posted on the Surfshark website, which can be a great addition to your resume.


#4. Vanier Canada graduate scholarships

Vanier scholarships were founded to help world-class doctoral students. They solve student financial problems by providing a $50,000 annual award to these scholars. The target group is usually students enrolled in research humanities, engineering research, and social sciences.

Keep in mind that the accommodation costs, depending on the city, can even exceed the $10,000 mark every year. Therefore, receiving this scholarship will help you offset both tuition fees and personal expenses without straining your financial muscles.

It’s also worth noting that this financial aid program is open to any international Ph.D. student admitted to a university in Canada. To avoid the expected competition from other students, you might want to complete your application way before the deadline.


#5. Canada Memorial Foundation

Are you a United Kingdom citizen looking to study in Canada? The Canada Memorial Foundation scholarship has got you covered. This program comes with some excellent benefits to any scholar who qualifies for it.

In as much as the scholarship is merit-based, any student who demonstrates exemplary leadership skills is given priority. Nevertheless, you will still need to prove your academic prowess and other supporting documents from your country and former school.

The beneficiaries of the Canada Memorial Foundation scholarship receive about $18,600 to offset their financial issues. In addition, one will also be supported in terms of airfare and other pre-admission expenses. Depending on the city and university of choice, this scholarship can clear a significant percentage of a student’s annual expenses.

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