Top 10 Modern SEO techniques to explode your search Traffic!

SEO is no less than a daily meal for your website. It is the marketing strategy that can take you from the depths of the ocean to the top of the mountain. Now, if you have plans to reach your audience through the proper channel and generate better leads, here are the modern SEO techniques to help you get through the year. 

First of all, you must know why SEO is important for your website? 

Yes, the answer is simple and that is to get more VISIBILITY. Ask from anyone, check it out with the top SEO experts, and you will always get the same answer. 

It is right, the more attention your brand catches, the chances of getting more leads are higher. So, here a short guide for modern techniques of SEO and get ranked on the first page of the search engine. 

Yes, it is a daily battle, but you have no option other than just to fight hard!!


Complete SEO Audit of the on your website

The foremost step you need to take before going on creating links and backlinks is to have the complete SEO audit of your website. Find out the things you need to improve and any technical mistakes that can cause you a visitor. So, hire an audit expert to analyze the website and approve it is ready for the SEO or need some changes to proceed further. It will include the content, the performance, and overall response of the website impacting the traffic. 


Learn the market demand in your industry

Marketing was always about the customers. So, even after all these years of conventional marketing or unconventional marketing, the one thing that stays common is the demand of the customer. If the visitor lands to your website, but you are not offering a user-friendly interface along with the accurate products or services, it might take just a half-minute for them to leave. 

And visitor leaving this soon from your website can cause huge damage to you. So, always learn about the market and customer needs and match your pace with them under any circumstances. 


Create SEO optimized Landing pages

The best way to increase the leads is well-designed landing pages. Most companies might disagree with it and say that you can catch more attention from the visitors from the homepage. Surely, the homepage reserves its value, but the landing page with accurate and precise information can leave a huge impact on the customer or a visitor. So, design the landing pages you need by adding relevant information and keywords to get a better ranking on google. 


Make mobile-friendly website

More than half of the business is now shifting to mobile devices. People are dependent on their phones for almost everything. So, if you want to reach the maximum audience, you need a mobile-friendly website. So, if you want to make a web app that is customer-friendly, you need to make it for everyone. 


Add visuals to your website

Adding visuals can give your customers insightful information and a quick review of the product and services. It is essential as most people are now in a rush and they don’t want to read long posts or watch videos with long durations. So, adding infographics or short posts can create a different impact on your visitors. 


Create content for Algorithms and humans 

Algorithms are getting smarter. Google has changed a lot in the past years and it keeps changing. So, if you are creating content for your website, it has to be for both humans and algorithms. Therefore, write the content that is serving both and bringing you the desired results. 


Create a diverse backlink portfolio

Backlinking is also essential even in 2020. Just remember that it should maintain quality because spamming will only hurt your website. However, you have to be a little strategic with the linking portfolio as google is not going to make it easy and might flag your profile for a manual review. Well, to bring the value, you can try the smaller sites too as they might give you better results than the huge targets. Also, keep the links simple, precise, and only share the quality or it can damage the SEO of your website. 


Post valuable content on social media

Social media can play a vital role in getting eth traffic on your website. It is always a better choice to go with the latest happenings and create something meaningful and viral content to spread the word about your brand and product or services. 


Keep up with the latest trends

The latest trends about the changing algorithms of google are most important. Moreover, the content you are creating should be according to the new and latest trends. It means that you need to catch up with the ongoing trends to fulfill the needs of your customers and make a strong relationship with them. 


Keep updating old content

The practice of updating the content is never old, in fact, it is important to stay in touch with your visitors. If a visitor finds a post that is 3 years old, they might lose interest. But if you update the content with the latest information, they can go through t and learn more than just old information out there. 

Key takeaways:

As a final say, you must follow the following key points to do the SEO right.

  • Always update the content and keep up the pace adding interesting and informative content.
  • An SEO audit of the website is necessary.
  • Make sure, there are no technical mistakes on your website. 
  • Use the latest tools for keyword research. 
  • Maintain the quality profiles for backlinks.
  • Always maintain social media with the latest posts and content.
  • Create infographics for quick insights and always update the content.

All you need is the focus, the latest information and new techniques for marinating the high-quality SEO for your business.

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