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Here I have listed 10 best laptops for blogging and bloggers in 2017, which includes the best laptops that offer bloggers best-suited sites, bloggers generally write articles for their blogs, to maintain their blogs Edit photos and need to work with the internet.For such work and work, there is no need for a very high-performance laptop. The best laptop for blogging should be good performance so that everything can be done faster. Also, the best laptop for Blogger should be multitasking because it usually happens with bloggers, so if you are a blogger and want to make your blogging faster and easier.

Why You Want a Laptop

Let’s get out of one thing. You can work from a desktop at home, a little like Mac Mini, but if you want to work on the road you will need a laptop at your disposal.

Not only will any laptop work, either on a huge 17.3-inch desktop replacement paper, but you can give more than a backache during the trip. In fact, many laptops and accessories are made out of laptops for 15-15.4 inches or less.

A laptop with bad battery life, or an inferior keyboard, would be difficult to be productive on the road. You should get a good solution for many powers, battery life and essential requirements that meet your needs.

 1.HP ProBook 450 G4

Perhaps this is the most suitable laptop for blogging and bloggers because it does not make a big hole in your pocket like Apple’s MacBook Pro. As a blogger, we write a lot of articles and in fact, this is a primary task while running a blog, therefore, you need a convenient keyboard with convenient key traffic and feel premium when typing. This machine comes with a full full-size laptop with full key-to-key location and LED backlit.

HP ProBook has shown the 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7500U processor with 2.7 GHz, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB HDD, and Intel HD Graphics 620. It has a 15.6 “anti-glare full HD display panel that makes your photo or video editing work easy with 1920 × 1080 screen resolution Compare it to many other sleekly designed blogging laptops, including a DVD drive.

Its plastic is finished, the back cover looks just awesome and looks just beautiful with all the chassis. In addition, you can get an extended mouse pad space to use it more efficiently. Using a small mouse pad looks troubling and depressing due to small and insufficient space, but you do not have to face the same problem with a proxy laptop. Various storage options such as i5 and i7 are available in variants such as 256 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB.

 2.Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface is not a cheaper alternative, but if you can not give up on strong performance and extraordinary speed, then this is the best computer for blogging and possibly the perfect machine that money can buy for you. It has recently launched Microsoft’s first Surface Laptop and features featured in 4 colors. There is a back cover matte with Microsoft logo which is right in the center, which looks impressive.

In addition to the killer design and premium look, this latest Intel 7th Gen. Core i5 3.1GHz processor, 256GB SSD storage, 8GB memory, Windows 10S and incredible 14.5 hours of multimedia playback is available. Of course, to move your blogging experience to the next level, pre-installed with Windows 10 S MS Office. You can also downgrade to Windows 10 within a few clicks.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop market has ultra-thin and lightweight laptops with long battery life. Its keyboard is covered by Alcatanda cloth which looks amazing during typing. 13.5 “pixels in display also has a touch screen feature that responds quickly with stunning looking graphics

Total weight 2016 is lighter than the Apple MacBook Pro, which is just 2.76 pounds. Therefore, it fits very easily in your bag and provides better portability. People who like sleek and beautifully designed laptops should buy it one.

 3.DELL Inspiron 5000

Therefore, two models are expensive, not everyone can buy it, and other laptops for blogging in this list are also demanding more investment for killer specifications. But, this Dell Inspiron is the cheapest and is actually the cheapest laptop for bloggers that comes with good configuration.

Dell Inspiron 5000 comes with 15.6 “6 migration Intel Core i3- 6100U processor, with 3 MB cache, 2.3 GHz speed, 6 GB dual channel DDR 3l RAM (1600 MHz), and very large 1 TB hard drive. According to the requirement, you can extend up to 16 GHz of RAM. About GPU, there is Intel HD Graphics 520 processor, which can be used for light-to-middle graphic designing work.

Even at the lowest price range, you will find a premium looking laptop with a standard size keyboard, including a great mouse trackpad. Includes high-speed WiFi 802.11C chip, HDMI, bloodlust, 720p webcam, USB 3.0 port, and DVD drive, which includes a pre-installed Windows 10 Home Edition. In addition, it saves 6 hours of battery which depends on using more power than normal tasks like multimedia; Write or read

Now, the question is, is it worth the price? And I will say a big yes It can handle most of your work like typing your blogging tasks, watching YouTube videos, reading articles, multitasking and photoshop. But you can not play heavy duty games or use extreme editing software because it does not have a dedicated graphics card. Therefore, if you have a tight budget and decide to buy a laptop, then it has to be checked.

 5.Acer Aspire R15 (360 Degree Convertible)

Acer Aspire R15 is an animal in this best laptop for blogging and bloggers’ roundup. It has an artistic looking design and the thinnest 15 “360-degree convertible laptop that limit most users R15 with Intel Core i7- 7500 U with 3.5GHz dual-core processor, DDR412 GB RAM and awesome fast Packed up to 256 GB SSD Hard Drive, backlit LED is there to help you type in even less light in standard full-size keyboards.

You get pre-installed Windows 8 operating system, 360-degree flip and fold design, 3 USB ports, HDMI port, SD card slot, and Acer Example antenna technology for strong connectivity. On its ship, Intel GPU offers full HD IPS display at 1920 × 1080 resolution and also supports 10-point multitouch functionality.

Apart from this, for hardcore gaming and video editing, it is also equipped with an integrated NVIDA GeForce 940Mx 2GB GDRR5 graphics card. It means that there is no stumble during playing or playing velogging video. It works straightforwardly while multitasking without slowing down the display

Blogger and content authors can use this best blogging laptop in 4 different modes; Display, Tent, Tablet, and Laptop modes In short, if you are looking for a high-performance machine with an excellent configuration that can handle all your blogging stuff, Acer’s Aspire R15 is for you, in addition to this, its 4-cell lithium polymer battery is easily 9 hours Can run your laptop for

 6.MacBook Air

A very popular laptop option for bloggers is the MacBook Air right now, it is thin, light, and is equipped with sufficient battery life for a long battery, or a day at the coffee shop. It is also a remarkable screwdriver with a great processor and SSD storage standard.

The MacBook Air is a well-rounded option with enough power to work. It runs Mac OS X as a Champ, despite not being a quad-core processor or retina display in the Pro-Line

In less than 3 lbs, even the 13-inch version feels light in the bag as a feather.

If you do a lot of video editing or want to do something with a lot of RAM, the MacBook Pro might be a better option for you.

 7.Acer Swift 5

Acer Swift is the best laptop for 5 bloggers. It comes with a huge 8 GB RAM and fast 256 GB SSD storage. It has a 2.5GHz 7th generation Intel Core i57272U processor with Intel HD Graphics 620. In addition, it includes 14-inch FHD IPS display with the Windows 10 operating system.

 8.Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba Chromebook 2 is a great option, if only you need your laptop, entering your blog and writing a post on the road is light, compact, and perfect for light work on the web

Chrome OS has become much more than just a glorious browser. It has expanded its offline capabilities, allowing you to write blog posts, create and edit Google Docs, and other basic processes between Wi-Fi hotspots.

It is difficult to beat the price of about $ 250. 13.3-inch screen and excellent battery life make blogger an easy choice for budget. You can not have all the benefits of full-time operating environments, but for mobile bloggers, it will work in a pinch

Keep in mind that if you use a Chromebook as your primary work machine, then you will run into obstacles. Photo editing can be done using a web-based tool, but you will not be able to run a full, native copy of your favorite software, as you would on Windows, OS X or more full Linux-based operating systems.

 10.Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Lenovo today makes one of the most popular variables on the market. The Yoga 3 Pro is capable of being thin, light, and in many situations. Lenovo has taken very literally Yoga branding because this laptop can be used as a standard laptop, a tablet, a stand or a tent, from which you would like to see reading recipes or movies while working. Are there.

This is a mobile version of the Intel Core M-70 processor, its latest generation architecture, which allows for low-powered, fanless design. The downside here is that they are weaker than the core i3, i5, and i7 processors.

If you are using a laptop to push some blog posts off the road, then you probably will not receive a recession notice. If, however, you are using a laptop to edit the HD video, you can be better served by a more powerful machine.

Where Lenovo Yoga’s maximum appeal is in its flexibility it works only with a tablet because it does as a laptop. You do not need to attach or separate auxiliary tool to make a conversion. Just flip the screen around and go about your work.


After this, I have listed 10 best laptops for blogging and bloggers 2017. In addition, the laptops listed above are the best laptops, which will make blogging fast without any problems. If you are a blogger or starting your career in blogging, then blogging is one of the best laptops listed above.

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