10 Free & Paid Useful Tools to Improve Content Writing: Worth To Try

10 Useful Tools to Improve your Content Writing Skill: Worth2Try

If you are a blogger, content marketer or writer, then adapting new technologies and on-the-go exceptions from audience become a critical aspect and such technologies help to systemize business and increase efficiency.

Here the meaning of business’s effectiveness and productivity related to the effective writing. We all know that there are numerous of tools are available in the market at low cost or for free.

Here, with this post, I am going to list 10 very useful content writing tools. They help you serve better content to your targeted audience.

Here are 10 Useful Content Writing Tools for You.

#1. Focus Writer

Focus Writer focuses on an organized interface which has a hidden menu that you can access by hovering your mouse over the edge of your PC screen. It supports 20+ languages and features daily goals, alarms, times, customizable themes, auto save, and spellcheck.

Pricing: For Windows, this tool is available at the cost of $5.

#2. Calmly Writer

Does too much chaos distract you? Then maximize Calmly Writer writing tool, and you will be presented with a sea of the white and blinking cursor. The feature of hidden in menu helps you estimates the reading time.

Pricing: This tool is available as a Chrome extension and as a website for free.

#3. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is a customizable browser extension that increases your productivity by restricting the amount of time that you can spend on certain websites. Once your assigned time has been used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible for the rest of the day. So basically this free to use Chrome extension allows you to block entire sites or specific subdomains and a lot more.

Pricing: This free tool is available as a Chrome extension.

#4. Ilys

Ilys is one of the most useful contents writing tool; that asks how many words you need to write. Based on that, it forces you to work on your content progressively until you achieve the word-count goal. Then only you can return to the text for editing purposes. With this tool, you have 3000 free trial words to play with.

Pricing: This tool costs you $10.08 per month.

#5. Otranscribe

We all know that transcribing is time-consuming. But to make your transcribing easy, there is an amazing browser-based tool presented called Otranscribe dedicated to making the process as painless as possible. This tool allows you to upload your video or audio file and supports a word processor with commands for the audio on the same page.

Pricing: This tool is available for free.

#6. EduGeeksClub

EduGeeksClub is a great assistant to create great content for your blog. This tool provides all the goods which you need like it features professional writers which can cover more or less any topic. Even with this tool you can edit or proofread your content. On the web, this is one of a complete online writing platform.

Pricing: This tool costs $19.99 for 2 months.

#7. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a fantastic little tool that highlights typical problems in weak writing. Apart from that, it identifies issues and categorizes them into different categories so that you can get the idea to fix them all. Once you solve the issues, it gets automatically graded and highlighted.

Pricing: This tool is free to use.

#8. WebSpellChecker

WebSpellChecker allows you to find and correct misspellings while typing. If there is any issue with the spelling in your content, those words will be underlined. To correct those misspelled words you can just right click that marked word and select a suggestion to replace the word with.

This tool comes with two version one is hosted WebSpellChecker and another is Licenced WebSpellChecker. This tool supports multiple language support, customized user interface, and thesaurus for the English language.

Pricing: The pricing of hosted version is $250 per year, and $500 is a starting plan for the licensed version.

#9. SlickWrite

SlickWrite is the best free online tool. This tool reads all the errors and recovers and also analyses your writing and will provide you the suggestions so that your writing skill can be improved.

Pricing: This tool is free to use.

#10. AtomicWriter

AtomicWriter is yet another easy to use the tool. This tool accurately tells you who your reading audience is, reading level of audience and most importantly which content they relate to the most. This tool adapts your writing to your target audience. This tool even can help you improve your writing by analyzing the Google analytics and social media accounts.

Pricing: This tool is available as a Chrome extension, so this is free to use.

Generating best content possible for your reads should always be your top priority. However, producing a sufficient amount of high-quality content on a daily basis, you need help, and that is content writing tool. Here I have listed 10 useful content writing tool above that you can take advantage of.


If I have missed any tool that you love, please let me know via comment.


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