Top 5 Advanced tools for SEO in Digital Marketing

What are search engine optimization tools? 

These are the tools that help in optimizing the websites which means that your website is going to rank higher if it is better optimized. You will have difficulty finding the website among your market rivals if you don’t pay attention to optimization of the website. 

Why is using these tools important? 

Seo tools are really beneficial as they save the writers from a lot of hard work and much of the tedious work is done by these tools. This on the other hand saves the writers a lot of time. Tons of tools and software that can aid in making the website dominate among its competitors. 

To save your time and labor we have made a list of some of the tools that help in optimization of the website as well as the content. These tools come in handy at different stages of content writing. 


Best seo tools online 

Seo tools significantly reduces the time that it takes to optimize the website. Some of the best content writing tools are listed below: 


Keywords finder 

Digital marketing is all about making the best decision about how to write the content. Content writers should brainstorm about the right keywords to use in the article. If you use the right keywords, only then you can target the right audience. 

Along with the right keywords, there are many factors that make the content accessible to readers. For example, how long the article should be, or how many words it should include. 

Many keyword finders are available online that can be used by content writers to find the exact target keywords. There is a wordstream website which works perfectly fine for this purpose. 

  • Enter the link of the website 
  • Select the category of the content. For example, business, arts etc.
  • Select the country in the next tab 
  • Click on the find the keyword, and it will give you a number of keywords to choose from. 

These keywords are based on the algorithm that gives the keywords searched by most people. 

Other more famous websites or google keyword planner. 


Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checkers are extremely important for you as a content writer. You cannot risk submitting the work that might be plagiarised. It is going to harm the reputation of the writer as well as the website as soon as someone reports it. 

Multiple plagiarism checker tools are available online that you can use without any fuss, because not only are they free of cost, they also do not require any login details most of the time. 

The plagiarism checker has to be one of the most simplified tools available online. 

Firstly, the website takes you to the window where you can copy-paste the text of which plagiarism has to be checked. 

After a few seconds of clicking the “check plagiarism” button, you get the results of your data.

The tool gives you the percentage of plagiarized text and non plagiarised text side by side, so you can compare the original content with the plagiarised one. 

Usually, plagiarism checkers has the following features. 

  • Checks the plagiarism of 1000 words at once for free. 
  • Premium version offers more options for checking plagiarism 
  • Multiple options of uploading the file are available 
  • Plagiarism reports can also be downloaded 
  • Works great for making the content unique by paraphrasing as well 

Grammar checkers 

There is no denying the fact that grammar plays a huge role in good writing. No one is going to give the article a second chance if it has grammar errors. Therefore, we suggest you use the grammar checkers tool. 

You can add the grammar checker tool extension on chrome or MS word. Many tools offer this feature. This way you can rectify the mistakes as you write. 


Paraphrasing tools 

Paraphrasing tools are beneficial for writers who aim to write the content in bulk. It can save their time and energy by a huge margin. Paraphrasing tools make the content unique in one go by changing the synonyms of the words. The general meaning of the sentences does not change. 

You can select the content that you like and enter the text on the website. 

The tool takes a few seconds and gives you the final results of the unique text. 


Google analytics 

Google Analytics is a great website to check the performance of the website. It lets know where the website ranks among its competitors. 

Conclusion : Above are some of the tools that we have considered best for the website owners as well as the content writers. Content writing and website optimization go hand in hand. If you start writing the content according to the SEO tricks, the website automatically appears at the top of the search engine. 

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