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Tips to Overcome the Unpredictable Nature of SEO

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No one can say with certainty that he or she knows the way to ensure good ranks for the content.  The ever-changing SEO scene is full of uncertainties and unpredictability that keeps marketers on tenterhooks.  Attaining the top spot in search results or at least being within the first ten of the first page is the dream of any marketer but it is the unpredictable nature of SEO that makes things difficult.

Tips that help to overcome the unpredictable nature of SEO and put it on the path of growth

The techniques that might have helped to push up rankings even a few years ago have now become ineffective, as new methods have arrived. However, if you look carefully, you will discover that there is some method to the madness. Although things are unpredictable, you would be able to get a feel for the way things unfold. This helps in repositioning the SEO techniques for more effectiveness.

Dominating a chosen keyword is the recipe for success, and you should know how to do it by taking the unpredictable nature of SEO in your stride. Know the ways of targeting the right keywords and customizing the campaign to reach out to the audience. You could also learn a lot from some visual guide to keyword targeting and on page SEO.  The internet is a huge resource for learning and to make things easy; you can refer to the below tips that have proved to work efficiently for SEO.

Focus on long-tail keywords

To stay away from competing for broad phrase keywords that big companies with financial muscles dominate unquestionably, you have to choose safer baits that await you in the form of long tail keywords.   Broad phrase keywords can do well but would usually remain out of reach, as your small stature does not allow you to compete against the biggies. Like targeting the low hanging fruits, you should target long-tail keywords that are effective but less competitive.  Usually, a keyword that comprises of four words is an ideal long-tail keyword.  Increasing the number of words in the bracket would increase the competition and cost but would also increase the probability of conversions.  Today, almost 70% of the keywords belong to the long tail category.

Pursue low competition keywords

Use the Google Keyword Planner to find out keywords that face low competition hence would cost less. By using keyword filters and choosing low competition, you could populate a list of low competition keywords. The process saves a lot of time, as doing it manually is not only cumbersome but also prone to errors. The keyword planner automates the process and speeds up your campaign as you get access to readymade keywords without researching.  The best choice would be those keywords that receive a fair amount of searches but are well below the saturation level in competition.  It would be easy on your pockets too.

Comprehend user intent

The real power of keywords is that the user intent lies hidden within.  By analyzing keywords correctly, you could discover the motive behind the keyword. It is important to understand user intent because it tells you about what type of content you should serve to the audience to make them happy. Once you create the right content, the work of marketing becomes quite easy. The user intent denotes at which stage of the sales funnel the keyword points.  You would know how much the audience is ready to make a purchase and create the content strategy accordingly. It would help you to decide whether to provide only information in the content or take it much ahead by incorporating CTA in it. Keywords thus determine what kind of approach you should take in content creation.

Create superb content

Having done with the groundwork, you are now prepared to enter the most exciting phase of the campaign by creating content.  You know what the audience wants and aware of the right way to approach them for closer engagement. It is challenging to create high-quality content that has the power to make or break campaigns.  Create the content with the sole intention of making it exhaustive and pack it with information collected from authentic sources that lend credibility to your business.  The audience should gain insight from the content on topics of interest and enjoy the value they derive from it. Combine textual content with visuals to increase its appeal.

Distribute the content

Although you create content for some particular audience, you have to tap into the potential of the huge section of the like-minded audience that you yet do not know. Use social media for spreading the content and creating a buzz.  In the next step, reach out to influencers who can have a lasting impact on the campaign.


Conclusion: By following these steps, you should overcome the unpredictable nature of SEO and reach a stage where you are ready to take it to the next level.

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