15 Article Writing Tips for Professional Content Writer

Want to become a successful blogger, guest writer, ghost writer or just a writer? Do you have a passion for writing, but still not get satisfactory results and response? You really try hard for your writing research and use your excess brain to produce a creative piece of writing, but still not getting enough user views.

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You do not have to be worried because we are revealing some writing techniques and etiquettes used by the professional writers and bloggers. These techniques are actually helpful to make their writing piece more and more catchy. So, instead of underestimating and blaming yourself, concentrate on following writing methods to improve your writing substantially:

  1. Title Should Be Meaningful:

Readers always read the title first. Tell me one thing – what makes your article more interesting and compelling. And with a lame and unattractive title, just forget about attaining views of the readers. The title of your article should be attractive and brief, so that it pulls the readers to your article.


  1. Start With An Attractive Introduction:

Starting para or first para or we can say introduction para should be catchy, informative and clear that the writer wants to deliver. The lead paragraph has various purposes and writer can successfully complete them by writing an interesting one. Usually, every viewer starts with the introduction part. It should be small but compelling.  Writer should target the viewers in a manner to make them read the entire article.


  1. Use Casual Language, Where You can:

Of course not if you are going to write something which is related to formal things, try to make your writing casual and informal. You can also add some humor to your content. In this manner, you can deliver your information and also tackle the readers in a friendly way which is naturally simple to read. Also, you cannot comfortable convey your thoughts and opinions if you are writing in a formal way, so pick casual language instead.


  1. Just Research Can Do Wonders for Your Writing:

In case, you are particularly an online weblog writer, research work is the major thing to an effective writing piece. Instead of spending your time on Twitter and Facebook, try to investigate about the most recent advancements and trends in your field of expertise. This will really helpful in writing effective and accurate article and will also enhance your awareness of the topic.


  1. Regular Breaks While Writing Is Necessary:

Writer is also a human being, so never just sit in front of your laptop and keep on writing like four to five hours and complete a writing piece. Brain also needs rest. Regular break is actually important while writing so as to keep the mind fresh and open. This would help you make it more concentrate on the context and you will write something better, creative and premium quality content.


  1. Do Not Overflow Your Emotions:

While writing, be sure that your mind is open and feel relaxed. Never write anything when you are feeling any stress. Writer should write when their brain is free from any sort of pressure. In pressure, you wouldn’t be able to concentrate and produce premium quality content. Moreover, you cannot communicate your thoughts in a clear manner, so try to control your emotions.


  1. Write Precise and Informative Content:

Do not think that your reader has free time to read your stuff. Always try to write in a precise manner so that readers feel something informative and catchy in your article. You might wish to increase the article length by mentioning unnecessary details, but hey – nobody has enough time for that. Write short, precise and direct and don’t waste the time of reader in wondering what you actually wrote about.


  1. Try to Write Robot-friendly Content:

Today’s writers might already aware of the many SEO techniques that get them more clients. Well, they certainly effective. Writer should try to add keywords that will make the writing piece stand out among the others the SEO processing robot has to process. Write keywords in the introduction, title, and the ending paragraph for most benefit of the trick.


  1. Never Concentrate Only On The Robot:

Yes, it is right that you have to write your articles according to keywords, but it doesn’t mean that they put excessive keywords to make their writing piece useless and meaningless. Yep, keywords are necessary, but overdo can ruin the actual line of your content. Your article should be human-friendly too. Restrict keywords to introduction paragraph, title, and ending only and at the same time, write an effective writing piece.

  1. Try to Be Honest With Your Work:

As we all know “ Honesty is the best policy.” Always remember that your content would be read by thousands of people all over the world. Do not try to mislead the people by writing something which is not true. Write correctly and be honest about your writing what you write. Never try to make readers fool because it can ruin your career.


  1. Try to Write Your Own Unique Writing Style:

Try to write the way you speak the words and language because it makes your task very easy.  And yes, one important thing is that do not forget about the grammar. Experts say that grammatical error in the article is not good as it can destroy the whole meaning of your writing piece. Copying other’s writing style is not a good idea. You should put more efforts on your writing style as compared to the content. A writer should write casually in their own style so as to convey the message in a clear manner.

  1. Approach the Topic From A Different Aspect:

There are many unique angles you can add the detail related to topic from, mainly in technical reviews you can select an aspect of the topic and then give full information about it. But, be sure the aspect you pick is interesting and unique. After selecting the viewpoint, go into deep detail by keep focusing on only that aspect. In case, you are going to write about the form-factor of an android phone, mentioning the density of pixel is best.


  1. Increase The Length of Your Article:

Lengthy article means adding full information to your writing piece. However, the content should  be directly linked to the article you wrote. Writing a long article just to provide a concise overview is an unsuccessful effort to write an effective article. Providing too much information in a short article and giving less information in a big post are two important objects you must ignore. Writer should decide that how much detail he/she wants to provide, by the target words.


  1. Proofread and Edit Your Article:

Nobody is such a brilliant to write a mistake-free article in just first attempt. Numerous writers feel so lazy to proofread and edit, but there are certain errors that you point out only when you are proofreading your article. Moreover, editing and proofreading helps in recognizing if you wrote something wrong and then you can easily add that up.


  1. Concentrate on the Outro also!

When you are completed with your writing, write a good ending, which should either be complimentary or directive or both. Your last paragraph is in fact where you can interact with the viewers and provide them your final thoughts. Try to make it a correct one as most of the article readers jump directly from the introduction to the last paragraph to read what you concluded there.

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