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What is this tool all about?

After creating a website on the internet, there are only two things that can make your website stand out from others. The first thing is the content that is posted by you and your team and the second thing is the number of traffic generated through the content. Website developers try to learn coding and other advanced courses to understand the concept of creating a quiz to make the website fun and entertaining. Thrive Quiz Builder is a tool used by website owners to create quizzes and engage them on your website. 

How to bring more traffic to your website with Thrive Quiz Builder?

After getting good scores on the quiz, visitors might share their results with their friends and family. This will bring more traffic to your website. The task of creating a quiz has been made easier with the help of Thrive Quiz Builder and that is why we have written this review for your to know more about the feature and benefits of this thrive theme quiz builder. The main advantage behind this tool is that no advanced learning is required by the developer to create something on the website.

Review about the Quiz Builder tool

With the help of Thrive Quiz Builder, the task of creating a quiz has been simplified so that different website owners can take its advantage. There have been other quiz building plugins but no one matched the features present in Thrive Quiz Builder. As there are different features expected by different website owners, it can also be seen in the features and details included in the quiz created by them. Thrive Quiz Builder offers a variety of options to the website developer to bring more traffic to their website. 

How Thrive Quiz Builder tool Provide support to the users?

Before starting the quiz building process, the interface checks the system if it will work properly or not. The solution is also provided after detecting the problem by the plugin. Keeping aside the quiz options, there are instructions and support system to make the developer understand the concept of the tool. This will make it easier for the developer to use it for improving the reputation of its website. 


  • The steps to create a quiz have been broken down into four simple steps with proper instructions.
  • As users have access to multiple platforms, Thrive Quiz Builder can be accessed on every device and platform without any inconvenience.
  • To get more engagement, the email address of the user will be asked which will open another door of engagement for the website.
  • After getting the results, visitors are free to share the results directly from the website. This is another way of getting more traffic through sharing on different social media platforms.


  • The number of templates and quiz-style can limit the ideas for the website developers.
Further discussion about the review

The efforts of getting more traffic on your website have become a different yet complex task for the website developers. Thrive Quiz Builder truly makes the concept of engaging the attention of the viewers easier by building different kinds of quizzes. The website developers notice the social media aspect provided by Thrive Quiz Builder which can take their website to another level. By choosing the right kind of quiz, the website can become very appealing to the viewers which improve their interest in the website. The presence generated through the quiz will improve the website and the product or business it is associated with. For the website owners, three different options for pricing are available as per the requirement of the user. With variation in the amount, full support is provided so that the owner can turn their website advanced. 

How to improve the entertainment factor on your website?

As traffic plays a very important role in the reputation of the websites, Thrive Quiz Builder has made the first step to keep its viewers entertained while they are checking out the website. According to the opinion of the website owner, the quiz theme and setting can change for the betterment of the website and its associated business. In the entertainment field, Thrive Quiz Builder has excelled because the quiz can include questions with options in the form of written options or pictures. 

What is the state of Thrive Quiz Builder alternatives?

Due to the growing demand for quiz builder services, the competition has increased in the market. SEMrush is one such tool where the users are free to decide between an annual or monthly paying option. Another tool called Joomag where four different plans are formed to provide different services to the user. To improve the quality of the website along with their quiz, many people also use Tiled and Cohley. The pricing of these tools is provided after discussing with their clients. By using the technological features properly, Kapost offers one single monthly plan to their clients. 


Talking about the connectivity side of the website, viewers are allowed to directly share their results with another person on another social media platform. This brings your website in the limelight as the other person might also get interested in the quiz and visits your website. The websites need to reach more number of people which can be done easily when the viewers share their quiz results with their contacts.

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