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Introduction to Thrive Optimize

The marketing department is evolving at a great speed to give new ways of changing the scenario of businesses running online. Earlier business owners used to try different methods of testing which showed them which version of the website created by them is liked by the viewers. Through this process, the website owners become aware of the things that sell in the market and what are the things that should be avoided. After the introduction of Thrive Optimize, it is easier to judge the website based on the liking and traffic generated among the users. 

How does Thrive Optimize clear your mind about your content?

The impact of the website should be big so that the customers are motivated to use the services or products provided through your website. After becoming aware of the best version of the website, the content can be created by keeping this in mind. Your website must be having a goal for getting more traffic which creates an impact on the kind of audience and a ratio between the two versions of the website. There is no limit on the number of testing done by a particular developer so that they do not have to engage in a different payment until they are satisfied with their testing result.

Reviews about the tool

After a business website is established, the main motive of the website is to attract more views and traffic for the benefits of the business. Eventually, there are more opportunities opened for the business when they start to drive traffic from the viewers. Thrive Optimize is a great way to convert mere guests to permanent subscribers on your website. The traffic option provided in Thrive Optimize targets the audience that you want for the benefits of the websites. During the A/B testing, the number of people clicking on the websites, and how the two versions are performing can be easily tracked with Thrive Optimize. 


  • As there are many themes available in WordPress, this tool can work without any technical issues. The developer can create a collection of themes that they would like to keep for further use.
  • The setting of Thrive Optimize is very easy and the content or pictures can be dragged and dropped from one place to another with ease.
  • The set-up process takes a few clicks which can be done easily. There is no requirement of high coding knowledge to begin the use of Thrive Optimize.
  • Every website owner is using this tool for A/B testing and to get the results that will make the future of the website.


  • If the website developer is accessing some other platform than WordPress, then, they would not be able to access this tool. 

Further discussion about the tool

The performance of the website is measured by many points that have to be kept in mind while developing the website. The features present on the website are polished to boost the business and conversion rates of the website. To make Thrive Optimize accessible to every website owner, the advancement quality of the tool is lowered. The only thing that is required from the website owner is the version planned for the main look of the website. 

What is the support system provided by Thrive Optimize?

Thrive Optimize is very helpful for website owners who want to test the future outcomes of the website so that it grows in the right manner. Even if the developer faces any problem with the setting of the tool, there is a support system that is available all the time. Even if you are a small business owner, the prices will not affect your business and financial levels. The way this tool works will only make the future image of your website clear. The integration process for getting the most of Thrive Optimize does not take much time. 


Due to the high pricing of A/B testing on other platforms, website owners hesitate in using the online services for the betterment of their website. Some business owners also use a website as a means to create awareness about their products or brand. This tool informs them about the version that will work for the advantage of the business. The distribution of traffic between the two versions is also handled by Thrive Optimize. 

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Landing Pages for WordPress

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