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Thrive Comments Review: A Truthful Opinion 

What is the tool all about?

On a website, different elements create traffic and improve its reputation. The most important element is the engagement of the users and visitors on the website. The users can be driven to your website when the content is great and they find a space for interaction to know your website better. With the help of Thrive Comments, the comment section on your website can be enhanced and made more appealing to the users so that they cannot stop to engage in conversation with other users.


How do Thrive Comments improve your website’s comment section?

The comment section is very important for the improvement of traffic as it lets the users talk about the content present on the website. The comment section will be made very advanced for the users by using Thrive Comments. The users will be shown the comment that is chosen by them or finds interesting enough. Once the users have commented on any of your posts, you can take the engagement from one level to another. 

Review of Thrive Comments

When you are running a business using a website, the only way to excel in the field is by understanding the points that create an impact on your reputation in the market. By having more engagement in the form of comments, you can improve your sales and make people aware of your business of line and the products you deal in. Even without logging into their social media accounts, they can comment on a particular post. This saves their time which makes it easy for the website to get the attention of the users. 

Pros of using Thrive Comments

  • Even if the website owner decides to switch the comments plugin, the comments managed by Thrive Comments will not disappear.
  • The words used by the visitors in the comment section will be notified to you so that you can get to the comment without wasting any time. 
  • The users are appreciated because once they have commented on a post; they will get a badge that opens a door for opportunities from the side of the website or business owner.
  • There will be no change after the plugin has been installed on the website. The comments made before the plugin will also be kept to avoid inconvenience.

What are the cons of using Thrive Comments?

  • The comments are shown at the end of the post which might take a lot of minutes to scroll. The scrolling might make the user tired till they decide to leave the website.
  • To get more results from Thrive Comments, you need to invest more money in leads which will generate more traffic on your website.

Analysis of the review

The comment section of a website holds great importance for bringing more traffic and to make a statement in front of other website owners. The website needs to keep the setting of the comment section different than others so that more users are driven to get the content or product provided on the website. Thrive Comments compels the users to comment on the post because it is more than a normal comment section. The comment section has been simplified and made advanced with this tool. 

What are the features provided to the users?

The owner of the website might have to arrange with leads to get the best result from this tool. The budget should be kept in mind while deciding on using Thrive Comments or not. The users are free to choose the people whose comments they want to view. The setting is upgraded to meet the expectations of the users to make them feel appreciated. It also keeps notifying the users when they have commented on a post or if someone has replied to it or liked their comment.


Due to the high features provided by Thrive Comments to its users, it is very easy to manage the comment section according to the planning of the owner of the website. The main target of the website is to grow and invite more engagement on the website. Using the comment section to grow maximum traffic on the website is done efficiently with the help of Thrive Comments. 

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