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Thrive Apprentice Review

  • November 29 2020
  • Shamsher

Thrive Apprentice Review: A Must Read For Beginners

What is the tool?

As technology is creating a new record every day, it can be often seen that people are using it for their advantage and setting up a business to gain popularity in the market. Knowledge about a certain topic to be taught to someone online is popularly known as courses. This allows the viewers to understand the topic by looking at a screen and learning the elements at their own pace. With the help of Thrive Apprentice, it is easy to create an online course with unique features and services for the viewers. To make the course more real-like, there are features like homework and quizzes. 

How is Thrive Apprentice different from other plugins?

Along with meeting the standards of teaching, it is also important to raise the traffic on your website. Different plugins allow the developer to create online courses but with limited options and several courses. By creating an online course with Thrive Apprentice, the developer can begin any number of courses. The tracking of the students getting enrolled in your online course would be updated every minute. The setting and concept of Thrive Apprentice are very simple so that everyone understands it without any higher knowledge about creating an online course and implementing it.

Reviews regarding the tool

The process of sending the information from one screen to another has been done efficiently with Thrive Apprentice. The main focus of the online teachers is that their students understand the concept that they are learning in the course. They can make learning easier by using the features provided in this tool. The most important feature is signing up the form for accessing your online course by the users. You can get direct access to the students once; they have completed the sign-up process. 

Its Pros

  • The solution to creating an effective platform to provide knowledge through the online course has been done by Thrive Apprentice.
  • Due to the enrollment done by different kinds of students, the user-interface has been made simple yet with classic features.
  • The process of using Thrive Apprentice for creating an online course is very easy and quick so that any person with a teaching enthusiast can use it.
  • The course does not only allows the user to show the content to the students but also manages the study material according to the developer.

Its Cons

  • The software in Thrive Apprentice does not protect the content posted by the teachers in their online courses.
  • To get the full benefits of this tool, the user has to pay extra money.

Analysis regarding the review

As the teaching industry is evolving with time and technology, the method of teaching has also been upgraded. The introduction of online courses has become trendy and effective because of its different yet effective ways of teaching students. Thrive Apprentice has provided the tools and resources to create online courses to meet the basic teaching standard and adding more elements to it. Thrive Apprentice would be an amazing choice when you want to spread knowledge to other people. After taking care of the set-up, it is important to look at the features so that you can compare it with other tools or plugins.

What makes Thrive Apprentice so popular?

People who are dedicated to teaching their students about a particular topic can take advantage of Thrive Apprentice and create the perfect course. There are changes made in the online course so that it feels like a normal class like adding homework or checking the attendance of the students. This will make them popular in their field and let their students get familiar with the topic they are getting taught. Just like other Thrive plugins, this tool also provides customer support throughout your journey with it. Even though there are multiple sources for starting an online course, Thrive Apprentice is the simplest and cheapest option for everyone.


Any person with a non-technological background can understand the concept of Thrive Apprentice. This makes it easy for content creators to work on their content instead of worrying about technological features. Thrive Apprentice can make the process of starting an online class without any complex issues in your way. When a creator is capable of conducting classes for students but is short on money, they can choose to use Thrive Apprentice because it offers some free courses. 

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