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Thirsty Affiliate Review

Affiliate Marketing is a billion-dollar industry and it is estimated that by 2022 U.S. alone will be spending $8.4 billion in it.

Thirsty Affiliate is an affiliate link management plugin that is available for free on WordPress and it is highly equipped with features to increase your affiliate sales. With Thirsty Affiliate, you can easily create affiliate links for your products and manage them easily.

Thirsty Affiliate Features:

  • Automatic Keyword Linking
  • Advanced Statistics Reports
  • Amazon API Importing
  • Link Scheduling
  • Link Health Checker
  • Google Analytics Click Event Pushing
  • Google Tag Manager Compatibility
  • URL Shortening
  • Geolocation Link Directs
  • CSV Import/ Export Tool
  • Export Statistics Reports as CSV
  • High Speed HTAccess Redirect
  • Link Event Notification Emails

Thirsty Affiliate Pros:

  • Free Version
  • Link Scheduling
  • Auto Keyword Linking
  • One-time Payment
  • Advanced Reports with CSV Export
  • Ability to shorten links within the Plugin

Thirsty Affiliate Cons:

  • No integration with plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Downloads.

Thirsty Affiliate Pricing Plans:

  • Free
  • 1-site license – $49
  • 5-site license – $99
  • 10-site license – $149

Free Plan:

  • Basic Statistics Reports.
  • Exclude Known Bots from Statistics.
  • REST API Compatibility.
  • Shortening/Destination Cloaking.
  • Link Categorization.
  • Redirect Types (301, 302, 307)
  • Uses Custom Post Types.
  • Shortcode Link Type.
  • Image Link Type.
  • WPML & Polylang Translation Plugin Integrations.
  • Affiliate Link Picker Tool.
  • Smart Uncloaking (for Amazon Associates Compatibility)
  • No Follow & Open in New Tab Option.

All Paid Plan has the following features:

  • Shortening / Destination Cloaking
  • Link Categorization
  • Choose Your Redirect Type (Enhanced JS Redirect or Server-Side)
  • Affiliate Link Picker Tool
  • Advanced Link Insertion Types
  • Smart Uncloaking (for Amazon Associates compatibility)
  • No Follow & Open in New Tab Options
  • Uses Custom Post Types
  • Basic Statistics Reports
  • Exclude Known Bots from Statistics
  • REST API Compatibility
  • WPML & Polylang Translation Plugin Integrations
  • See Which Pages/Posts Affiliate Links Are Inserted
  • Automatic Keyword Linking
  • Advanced Statistics Reports
  • Geolocation Link Redirects
  • Automatic Affiliate Disclosure
  • Amazon API Importing
  • CSV Import / Export Tool
  • Export Statistics Reports as CSV
  • Link Scheduling
  • Google Analytics Click Event Pushing
  • High Speed HTAccess Redirect
  • Link Event Notification Emails
  • Link Health Checker
  • URL Shortening (with &
  • Google Tag Manager Compatibility
  • Control Plugin Visibility for Multi-Author Blogs
  • WooCommerce External Product Integration

Technical Details:

Supported Devices:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Web-based

Supported Language

  • English

Pricing Model:

  • Free
  • Site-based

Customer Types:

  • Small Business
  • Freelancers

Our Opinion:

An Affiliate Manager needs to have different tools for the measure, analysis to manage their affiliate business. Also, these tools need investment and cost a lot to the user.

Thirsty Affiliate solves this problem and provides all solutions in one place. It is a must to have a plugin for WordPress sites that use affiliate marketing links. It is lightweight and won’t slow down your site at all and fulfills all your needs too.

I recommend you to try this product at once. It’s a complete affiliate marketing suite and after looking at other plugins I can say that it is the best affiliate link clocker and management plugins.


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