Affiliate Marketing Checklist for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is commission-based marketing in which you promote the product you like and for each sale, you will get paid. The difficult part of being an affiliate marketer is getting it started. When you are clueless it’s a very daunting task to start affiliate marketing. When you decided that you will start affiliate marketing the key for success is to get everything set up in the right way. It’s not easy to make money by telling others about the product of your interest or you promote.
It’s definitely a risk or difficult to start affiliate marketing but with little guidance and this checklist, you can prepare yourself to dive into affiliate marketing and make money.

There are few things in the ultimate affiliate marketing checklist that will definitely help you in long run affiliate marketing:

Determine Your Niche

  • Determine your niche carefully. As much you focus on your products or services you promote the chances will be higher to make money.
  • You should narrow down and choose the product or services of your interest or product you are familiar with.

Choose your product

  • There are two ways to find the product.
  • First, you find an affiliate network and then search for a product.
  • Second, search for a product and then find a network.

Determine How to promote Links

  • The website is the first source to promote your link but there are other options available also.
  • Emails – Start collecting an Email list that people can join for your recommendation.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Youtube Videos – Youtube video is a great platform to promote your affiliate link.
  • Advertisements – paid ads is also a good way to promote your link. It appears as a popup on other sites or social media.
  • Blog Posts – Start your own blog post to promote your link.
  • Viral Marketing.
  • Guest Blogging.
  • Applying content swap or ad swap with other marketers in your Niche.

Determine the Right Programme

Now its time to determine the right affiliate Programmes and network in your Niche. A few factors you should consider before choosing the right affiliate network.

  • The Payout Threshold
  • The cookie Length
  • Customer Service

Many affiliate marketer makes the mistake that at one time they choose many affiliates program. It’s better to take part in two affiliate program that fits into your niche than trying to get many affiliates network.

Conclusion: This is the checklist for affiliate marketing that I learned. I hope this will help you to start your affiliate marketing program and start earning. Check out this and let me know you get the best out of it or not.

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